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EL Civics Conference January 24, 2014 Jan Forstrom.

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1 EL Civics Conference January 24, 2014 Jan Forstrom

2  We develop all our own curriculum; most objectives are Option 2  Curriculum is designed to meet student needs, program needs and CASAS requirements  All curriculum is specific to levels ◦ 1 booklet per level ◦ Some objectives have 6 booklets ◦ Some objectives only serve one or two levels

3  Affords outside examiner for level completion oral assessments  Allows teachers to fulfill two requirements at the same time (EL Civics and level completion)  Aligns two important elements of our program, EL Civics and SLO’s  Elevates the rigor of EL Civics curriculum which promotes transition  Aligns EL Civics instruction with ESL course outlines

4  Created to meet needs of level completion assessment  Six levels of booklets/assessment tasks  Includes both oral and written tasks that are appropriate for level completion assessment tools

5  The student will: ◦ Answer questions about a cultural event in a country other than one’s own based on pictures provided by the examiner (BL) ◦ OR ◦ Make an oral presentation on a cultural event in a culture other than one’s own (BH- Adv)

6  The student will write about a cultural event in another country: ◦ four sentences (BL) ◦ a loosely organized paragraph (BH) ◦ a paragraph with topic/concluding sentences (IL) ◦ a two-paragraph composition (IH) ◦ OR ◦ write an essay (Advanced) about an American cultural value and compare it to a value in another culture in response to articles presented in student booklet

7 EL Civics examiners score oral and written tasks for EL Civics purposes Score oral task thoroughly Score written task until passing points are reached Teachers score written task for level completion  EL Civics examiners report scores to teacher for oral task for level completion purposes (Passing requirement for level completion = 70%) 

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