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Introduction to MDS Leadership Program Details Lisa Rechisky Manager- MDS Leadership Programs.

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1 Introduction to MDS Leadership Program Details Lisa Rechisky Manager- MDS Leadership Programs

2 2 Introduction l ELP vs. PAL ä Engineering Leadership Program ä Product Assurance Leadership l Locations ä Four Locations n Greensboro – 3 ELPs n Florham Park – 5 ELPs n Pittsfield 41 ELPs/ PALs n Fair Lakes – 3 ELPs

3 3 View of the Program l Honor to be selected for this program l It is a tremendous personal commitment l You are considered to be the future leaders for the business l The current program members are thought very highly of

4 4 How the program works l Types of people hired ä Work well on teams ä 3.5 GPA ä Extra activities while in school ä Leadership n President of Clubs n Eagle Scout ä Good communicators ä Most are hired straight from college – program is geared towards new hires. l Each student is on program for approximately three years

5 5 How the program works (continued) l During 3 years ä Cross Functional Rotations n 3 – 6 Rotations n Expand base of knowledge n Rotations in relevant areas of the business ä Rotations are identified by technical managers in need of help. ä Rotations can also be defined by a critical skill necessary for a program or the business ä Program members can seek out rotational opportunities. ä Clear lists of tasks in rotation plans are defined before the start of the rotation. n Carefully measured performance and goals on rotations n Performance in a rotation is expected to be at a level higher than peer group. ä Obtain extra business training and leadership classes n Defined Training Plans for each year n Example courses ä Team building ä Finance for non-financial managers

6 6 How the program works (continued) l During 3 years (continued) ä Are briefed on senior level issues n QBR n Score card n Engineering Metrics ä Asked to participate in committees and teams pulled together by senior management n Engineers Week n Project Manage Deres Senior Leadership Meeting ä Obtain a prepaid graduate education n Prepaid by semester by LOB n Including fees, registration, GRE, tuition, books n Given 1.5 hrs per course per week for studying, exams, classes, homework

7 7 A, B and C Course l A Course ä One semester of highly technical classes ä Weekly classes taught by a GD employee related to technology of the business. ä ELPs broken into teams for the work ä Classes are the same throughout MDS. n Classes are taught in one location and VTCed to other locations n Most classes were created in Pittsfield but working towards creating more based on other LOBs. ä Weekly lecture with homework ä Final project – high level of difficulty ä A course dinner upon completion with senior management

8 8 A, B and C Course l B Course Project ä Helps to improve business (technically or from a leadership perspective) ä 50 hour project l C Course Project ä 200 hour project ä Must show a benefit to business ä Can be an extension of the B Course project l Both B and C Course are presented to senior management upon completion of project.

9 9 How they are measured l Grades ä GPA 3.5 desired 3.0 required l Rotations ä Plans in Place ä Mid and Final Evaluations ä Expectations to be performing and doing tasks above individual contributor level.

10 10 How they are measured (continued) l Leadership Performance ä How well they work with a team ä How well they lead a team ä Presentation skills ä Understanding of business needs l Community Service/ Activities ä Give personal time for community service ä Time given for internal activities

11 11 Graduation Requirements l Successful and on time completion of: ä A Course ä B Course ä C Course ä Graduate Degree ä ELP/PAL program Projects ä Training ä 6 Sigma Project l Attendance at ELP/PAL events l Commitment to community service l GPA minimum 3.0 desired 3.5 l Working towards gaining leadership qualities l Strong commitment to the program l Above average performance on rotations

12 12 Time Charging ä Education Hours n 1.5 hours of chargeable time per class per week. n Only when class is in session

13 13 Schools l Current schools ä USC ä Purdue ä NC A&T ä Stevens ä RPI ä WNEC ä GWU ä VA Tech NVC ä NJIT l Distance Learning vs. On Campus

14 14 Other Activities l Outdoor Team Adventure – Lakeville, CT ä Team Building Experience n 1 st year ELPs and PALs meet n Two day excursion ä High Ropes ä Team problem solving l Lunches ä VIP/Program Lunches n Program members are often invited to special lunches when customers or other VIPs are in town.

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