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Extended Essays Maths SL and Maths HL.

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1 Extended Essays Maths SL and Maths HL

2 Myth 1: It’s Too Hard The difficulty is the same as the Maths course you take: A Maths SL student is expected to use Maths SL level skills A Maths HL student is expected to use Maths HL level skills If you aren’t capable of this, how are you taking the course?

3 Myth 2 :Nobody Gets ‘A’s Few people get grade ‘A’s in any Extended Essay World average (all groups) is 12% 12.5% of Group 4 students get an A 9% of Group 3 (Geo, History, etc) students get an A…

4 Myth 3: It’s Too Theoretical
The EE does not need to be confined to the theory of mathematics itself. It can be written on any topic with a mathematical focus including fields like engineering, the sciences or the social sciences

5 Myth 3: It’s Too Theoretical
Example topic areas: The applicability of mathematics to solve real and abstract problems Role of mathematics in the proving of theorems (e.g. number theory) The origin and development of a branch of mathematics over time The way a branch of maths has been born, or flourished, as a result of technology.

6 Examples 1 The Geometry of Navigation
What was the role of mathematics, and geometry in particular, in navigation when we relied on the stars? Does it still play a part now we have man-made satellites? Using one of the two geometric representations of the earth (spherical or ellipsoidal), describe how maps and charts were produced to assist navigators in the past. The exponential function and the measurement of age and growth How does the exponential function, and its calculus, inform areas of science such as nuclear physics, geology, anthropology or demography? Use one of the settings where exponential growth applies, perhaps modelling the world’s population, to describe the phenomena. Show how it is applicable in mathematical models of other real situations.

7 Examples 2 Archimedes’ calculations of areas
What is the legacy of Archimedes’ calculations of circular and parabolic areas in today’s methods of integration? Describe how Archimedes determined the area of a circle by using inscribed polygons, leading also to his measurement of pi. Continue with a description of his method of discovery for calculating the area of a parabola.

8 Facts All Extended Essays require hard work
All Extended Essays are difficult All students should consider all subjects before making a decision The EE is highly valued by universities across the world

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