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Business Communications Done By: Rainy Sturgeon and Josh Cohen.

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2 Business Communications Done By: Rainy Sturgeon and Josh Cohen

3 What is Business Communications? Business Communications is a form of communication used to promote a product, service, or organization; relay information within the business; or deal with legal or similar issues Business Communications is commonly referred to as E- Business (Electronic Business) E-business methods enable companies to link their internal and external data processing systems more efficiently and flexibly, to work more closely with suppliers and partners, and to better satisfy the needs and expectations of their customers.

4 Methods of Communication There are many ways of communication in the electronic world, so we’ll try to be as brief as possible. There are four different types of e-commerce. They are; 1. Consumer-to-consumer (C2C) 2. Business-to-consumer (B2C) 3. Business-to-business (B2B) 4. Business-to-government (B2G)

5 Methods of Communication (Continued) Consumer-to-consumer e-commerce is mostly used in online auctions. Business-to-consumer e-commerce is used by business entities to sell the products and services to the consumer. Business-to-business e- commerce is generally used when a business deals with another business such the placement orders with a supplier. Business-to-government e-commerce is a derivative of business-to-business, in which businesses market their products or services to the government

6 Methods of Communication (Continued) The term "business-to-business" was originally coined to describe the electronic communication relations between businesses or enterprises in order to distinguish it from the communications between businesses and consumers (B2C). It eventually came to be used in marketing as well, initially describing only industrial or capital goods marketing. However, today it is widely used to describe all products and services used by enterprises.

7 Methods of Communication (Continued) There are many different type of communication that businesses use. The three main forms of communication that a business may use are the Internet, phone and mail. Of those three the phone and the mail are becoming more obsolete and are being replaced by the internet. Companies are still using telemarketers and sending out newsletters and flyers in the mail to help sell their services or products.

8 How does it work? Business communication works by allowing two or more parties to communicate thorough various methods There are many different types of business communication. They are; Web-based communication - for better and improved communication, anytime anywhere... E-mails, which provide an instantaneous medium of written communication worldwide; Reports - important in documenting the activities of any department; Presentations - very popular method of communication in all types of organizations, usually involving audiovisual material, like copies of reports, or material prepared in Microsoft PowerPoint or Adobe Flash; Telephone meetings, which allow for long distance speech; Forum boards, which allow people to instantly post information at a centralized location; Face to face meetings, which are personal and should be succeeded by a written follow-up.

9 Connection to E-commerce How do business communication and e-commerce connect? Business communication plays a vital role in e-commerce in our society. There are many tools that a business can use to help them reach their current customer's and any other consumer that is looking for a product or service that they sell. So, the most used tool, by far, is the Internet Since 1998, the Internet has grown immensely. So what does this mean for businesses? This means that businesses are now able to expand their reach all around the world to cities and countries that they wouldn't have been able to before. This has helped businesses to increase profit and lower their production costs

10 Connection to E-commerce (Continued) The Internet has also allowed businesses to setup direct high- speed fiber or satellite links from their corporate headquarters to other office locations within the same city or in other cities around the world. With this link it allows the corporate headquarters to update product databases with new information for existing products or to add new products. It also allows them to exchange customer databases, their current product stock, the daily/weekly/monthly sales totals and many other things The phone also plays a vital role in business communication. It allows employees who are on business trips or live in another country to have meetings with their managers or supervisors and to give them updates and receive feedback without having to wait. Video conferencing can also accomplish this but sometimes there are problems with the hardware or software used.

11 Thank you We thank you for your time and we hope that you enjoyed our presentation.

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