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Renaissance & Reformation (14-17th Century)

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1 Renaissance & Reformation (14-17th Century)
Unit 3

2 Part I The Authors

3 The Renaissance Period
REBIRTH of a Focus on Arts and Culture Mainly in Europe Inspired by the Ancient Greeks & Romans Medici Family Wealthy Bankers Who Ran Italy & Supported Arts qA&index=8&feature=plcp 3

4 Niccolo Machiavelli Italian Author of “The Prince”
Believed a Ruler Must Be RUTHLESS Gain Power By Any Means Necessary

5 William Shakespeare English Author of “Romeo & Juliet” & “Hamlet”
Wrote Over 37 Plays Famous for Comedies & Tragedies

6 Johannes Gutenberg German Inventor Created The Printing Press
Helped Increase Number of Books, Readers, & Ideas

7 Machiavelli Debate Answer the Following Questions in 3/4 Sentences EACH 1. Was Machiavelli Right? Should A Leader Gain Power By Any Means Necessary? Why or Why Not? 2. Is It Better to be Feared Than Loved? Why? 3. Can You Name Any Leader Who Ruled Like Machiavelli Suggested? Was It Effective For Them? Trade Your Papers; Another Person Must Respond to Each One Of Your Answers Saying Whether They Agree With You Or Not And Why (2 sentences)

8 Part II The Artists

9 Leonardo Da Vinci Painter and Inventor Vegetarian, Very Private Life
What is MOST Interesting About This? Created the Mona Lisa & Last Supper

10 The Last Supper

11 The Mona Lisa

12 Michelangelo Painter & Sculptor Arrogant, Loved “Male Beauty”
What Does This Imply? Sculpted the David & Ceiling of Sistine Chapel

13 The Sistine Chapel

14 The Statute of David

15 Raphael Painter & Architect Died After a LONG Night of Partying
What Happened? Created “The School of Athens” and Called Himself One of Histories Greatest Minds

16 The School of Athens

17 Donatello Sculptor & Artist Discovered, Worked As Goldsmith
What Was This? Created statues; perspective illusionists

18 Donatello’s Statutes

19 Other Renaissance Artists/Authors
Botechelli (Italy) Dante (Italy) Van Eyck (Belgium)

20 Art of The Renaissance Analysis
Groups Use Paper and Describe in a Sentence/Two Bullet Points Each: Describe The People In Picture/Expressions What You Think May Be Happening? What Is Going On In The Backgrounds? Anything That Stands Out That Is Interesting/Strange Put Check Mark If You Come To The Same Conclusion for More Than One

21 Renaissance Authors & Artists Chart
Name Country Major Accomplishment Interesting Fact

22 Your Account must include the following information:
Renaissance Man Twitter Page Create a Paper Twitter Account on a Renaissance men (Da Vinci, Machiavelli, Gutenberg, Raphael, Michelangelo, etc.) Your Account must include the following information: Person’s Name (plus Their Twitter Handle/Name) Location Bio Explaining Who They Are & Listing 2 Major Contributions 2 Followers (Who May Have They been Friends With Anytime In History) 2 Tweets That Represent Some Of Their Views or Feelings on Certain Things

23 Essential Questions How is art an expression of the events and culture of a civilization throughout history?

24 What role should religion play in politics?
Essential Questions What role should religion play in politics?

25 Part III The Protestant Reformation

26 The Reason for Reformation
Catholic Church was Mistreating of Members Wars, Money, Etc Indulgences Fees to Get Rid of Sins Priest Charged Money for Forgiveness of Sins

27 Martin Luther Founder of Protestant Reformation
-Lutheran Church Salvation Through ONLY Belief and Faith in God, Not Doing Good Things Edict of Worms Luther Defended Beliefs Against Church

28 Luther’s 95 Thesis Nailed 95 Thesis on How to Change the Church ON a Church Goals Printed Bible for Everyone Wanted Priests to Marry No INDULGENCES

29 John Calvin French Founder of Calvinism - Presbyterians
Believed in PREDESTINATION Your Fate is Determined Before You Are Born People Are NOT Saved by Belief or Acts, But God’s Mercy

30 King Henry VIII English King
Anglican Church Left Catholic Church b/c it Wouldn’t Let Him Divorce Executed Any Catholics in England

31 Counter-Reformation Catholic Attempt to Stop Losing Members
Council of Trent Decide no more indulgences More freedom

32 99 Problems But The ____ Aint One
Write Down 5 Problems Your Group Has With Knightdale and/or Wake County Schools Include WHAT The Problem Is, WHY It Is a Problem, HOW It Should Change

33 The Scientific Revolution

34 Science Over Religion Came AFTER Catholics Counter-Reformation
NOT a Change But an Overthrow of Religion HUMANISM Focus on Individual Seek Answers For Yourself NOT God

35 Astronomers Galileo Copernicus Astronomy Created Telescope
Heliocentric (Sun-Centered Universe)

36 Geocentric (Earth-Centered) Catholic

37 Heliocentric (Sun-Centered) Scientific

38 Scientists Isaac Newton Frances Bacon Rene Descartes GRAVITY
Scientific Method Rene Descartes Geometry

39 Other Discoveries Kepler Leeuwenhoek Harvey Planetary Motion
Microscopes Harvey Blood Circulation

40 Non-Christian Reformers
Accused of Being Witches & Worshiping the Devil BURNT at the Stake by Church

41 Essential Questions How did Europe change politically, socially, economically during the Renaissance?

42 English Wars During Renaissance

43 English Civil War Cavaliers Roundheads Supported the King
Support Parliament (Representatives) Less Power for King Charles

44 Fall of Monarchs Oliver Cromwell William & Mary
Took Power from King Charles I Tried & Executed Charles for Crimes Against People William & Mary Replace James I During the Glorious Revolution Given power by Parliament

45 English Bill of Rights Limit King’s Power; Power to People Just Like…?
NEW Rights: Trial by Jury No Cruel & Unusual Punishments Habeas Corpus Monarch CANNOT be Catholic

46 Thirty Years War War Started by Fight b/t German Protestants & Catholics NEW Powers Emerge Austria & Prussia

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