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Community Differentiated Instruction Unit By Marie Hayes & Claudia O’Neill.

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1 Community Differentiated Instruction Unit By Marie Hayes & Claudia O’Neill

2 Classroom Community Interdependence of Communities

3 Essential Questions Why is community important? What is a role in a community? How do people in communities support each other?

4 As a result of this unit, student will K NOW… All members of community are important. Understand the terms role, job, community helpers, responsibility and community Interdependence of communities…i.e. PPS - classroom

5 As a result of this unit, student will U NDERSTAND Everyone in a community has a job and a role. Each role is important to the functioning of a community. A change in one part of the community can impact other parts. All people have a responsibility to cooperate in order for a community to run effectively. Everyone in a community depends on each other.

6 As a result of this unit, student will be able to D O Discuss the roles of community members. Write about a role in the community that they might like to be in the future. Design a community their own community. Discuss how helpers are vital to a community through their roles. Explain what a community is. Compare classroom community roles. Work cooperatively. Work independently. Analyze problem and come up with viable solutions. Role play. Identify one’s own role in the classroom community.

7 Differentiated Instructional Strategies used in the unit Read Aloud Brainstorming Flexible grouping Stations/centers Whole group Turn and talk to neighbor Role playing Sorting Writing Readiness grouping Interest grouping Scaffolding Anchor activities

8 Anchoring Activities Word / picture sorts Coloring Independent/Buddy reading about jobs in communities Writing a puppet show Create collage out of magazines etc. Find pictures of people working together. Draw and label parts of classroom Draw and label parts of a community Build with Legos something you find in our community Play a cooperative game Interview different people in school community Rap song about roles / jobs … responsibilities Create riddles about…guess my job Dot to dot Cloze activities

9 Lesson One: School Community Content: basic information Whole Class Activities Pre-assessment: What is a community? WHOLE GROUP DISCUSSION

10 Lesson Two : Classroom Community Content: basic information Who is part of our classroom community? What does it mean to be part of our classroom community?

11 Differentiated Activities Draw a picture of themselves in the classroom community. Work cooperatively on a puzzle.

12 Lesson Three: Identifying roles and jobs in the classroom community Content: defining jobs and roles in terms of community Look at ‘Helping Hands’ chart. Discuss what each of those jobs looks like. Discuss why each student has a job and why it is important.

13 Differentiated Activities Draw a picture of job they like - individual Write a few sentences about a job they would like – individual or with partner Act out a job they would like – flexible grouping based on interest

14 Lesson Four: School personnel comes to class and explains job. Principal Administrative Assistant Nurse Cook/ lunch lady Guidance Counselor

15 Tiered lesson Advanced learners: Write about why school personnel roles are important to our school community…make into book. Mid-level learners: Create a PPS community helpers poster. Work in pairs or individually to choose someone from PPS and make a poster with that person’s picture, name and job title. Below grade level learners: Identify school personnel and their jobs through a picture sorting activity. Work in a group to tell who is who and each person’s job.

16 Lesson Five: Concluding activity Final assessment: Demonstrate cooperation Demonstrate understanding roles and responsibilities Show interdependence (community helpers) Model how we act in the classroom is how we act in school

17 Differentiate final activity by interest. Have celebration to show what they know…must chose 2 activities to demonstrate understanding:

18 Tiered learning assessment Advanced: Write how classroom is community Write about what if someone doesn’t do their job? Write a rule for working together in a community and tell how it would be useful in the classroom and at PPS. Mid level: Make a list of community helpers in the classroom Make chart about jobs in the classroom Role playing…choose one role and act out a scenario. Below grade level: Build a classroom model showing some important jobs in our classroom I have a job in school. I am ________. I help my class by ________.

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