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“We didn’t start the Fire” Alex Gormley & Charles Sidiodti 5/12/2011

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1 “We didn’t start the Fire” Alex Gormley & Charles Sidiodti 5/12/2011

2 Little Rock The desegregation of public schools began with a public school in Little Rock, Arkansas 9 colored students went to the school Day one they were turned away; violently Day two went to school with an armed guard

3 Pasternak Russian poet Mysteriously murdered Lived in america

4 Mickey Mantle New York Yankee’s baseball player Won 3 american league mvp titles Won 7 world serieswon triple crown

5 Kerouac Author Wrote: “The Dharma Bums”, “The Subterranean”, “Big Sur”, and “Desolation Angels”

6 Sputnik Russian satellite It was feared that it was a spying satellite during the cold war Never proven nor disproven.

7 Chou En-Lai October 1 st 1949 the peoples republic of china was formally established with the national capital as Beijing 1950 national recognition of the communist government had increased considerably but was slowed by involvement in Korean war

8 “Bridge on the River Kwai” Movie in 1957 about British POW and their Japanese jailers who are forcing them to build a bridge, however unaware that the allies plan to destroy it.

9 Lebanon Country of Lebanon formed in the time period of the 1950s Created due to the wars in the area of Syria

10 Charles de Gaulle Political figure of France, during and after WWII Career was of a soldier in French army was captured He escaped and broadcasted to the French to resist

11 California Baseball Jackie Robinson debuted on the dodgers on April 15 th, 1947 April 15 th 2004 marked beginning of annual tradition, of Jackie Robinson day Due to it was his first day playing

12 Starkweather, homicide Went on a murder spree that terrified the country Was only nineteen, and did it to bust his jailed girlfriend out. Multiple movies were made from his deeds

13 thalidomide Was introduced as a sedative drug in the late 1950s Withdrawn in 1961 due to teragenicity, and neuropathy Caused birth defects, and named one of the tragedies of modern times

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