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Mind Mapping Borrowed with permission from Mrs. Sonny.

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1 Mind Mapping Borrowed with permission from Mrs. Sonny

2 What is a mind map? A mind map is a a graphic technique that helps to improve understanding, create clearer thinking and boost memory. You can create a mind map about any topic or subject. A mind map allows a person to use a range of cortical skills (word, image, logic, rhythm, color and spatial awareness) to help review a concept.

3 Supplies Needed Blank unlined paper Markers, colored pencils and crayons Your brain Your imagination!

4 7 Steps of Mind Maps There are seven steps to making a mind map....

5 Start in the Center Start in the center of a blank page Turn the page sideways (landscape) Why?...Because starting in the center gives your brain freedom spread out in all directions

6 Central Picture Use an image or a picture for your central idea Why?...Because a picture is worth a thousand words and helps you use your imagination A central image is more interesting, keeps you focused and helps you concentrate

7 Color Use color throughout Why?...Because colors are as exciting to your brain as pictures Color adds more vibrancy and energy to your mind map

8 Connect Main Branches Connect the main branches to your central image Connect the main level branches to the 2nd level branches; 2nd level branches to the 3rd level branches etc... Why?...Because your brain works by association If you connect branches, you will remember things more easily

9 Curve the Branches Make the branches curved rather than straight Why?...Because having nothing but straight lines is boring

10 One Key word per line Use one key word or a short phrase per line Why?...Because single words or phrases gives your brain more power and flexibility

11 USE Images Throughout Use graphics throughout your mind map Why?...Because a picture is worth a thousand words. 10 images = 10,000 words!


13 Harry Potter

14 Mind Map Examples...

15 Queen Elizabeth 2


17 Solving Global Warming


19 William Shakespeare


21 Chemistry


23 Exam Tips


25 YOUR Mind Map Create a mind map about ancient Rome

26 You MUST include the following... At least 15 pictures At least 6 colors At least 6 main branches At least 2 sub-branches for each main branch

27 Possible Topics Roman Republic Government Choose an emperor Religion Architecture Roman Army Battles or wars Entertainment Artists Early Christians Fall of Rome Legacy of Rome

28 Mind Map Hints Use color for symbolism Maps are good illustrations You may cut out pics or draw them on your mind map Use your IB Design Cycle - MAKE A PLAN!

29 Any Questions?GET STARTED!

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