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The “Me” Decade: Life in the 1970s

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1 The “Me” Decade: Life in the 1970s
Chapter 19, section 4 Many Americans were optimistic about moving beyond Watergate and the Vietnam War.

2 People sought to cope with what was going on in our nation through,

3 Fads

4 Entertainment

5 Spiritual movements

6 I’m OK, You’re Okay: How to be your own best friend
Tom Wolfe coined the phrase the “Me” decade to refer to American’s attitude in the 1970s. Popular books of the day: I’m OK, You’re Okay: How to be your own best friend Looking out for #1.

7 New Age Movements: Zen Martial Arts Tai chi Yoga Crystals

8 Transcendental Meditation
One fad of the day was transcendental meditation – a way to meditate and seek release from the grind of life. The most well known gurus was Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

9 The Beatles followed him for a while, which made it even more popular.

10 Changing family dynamic:
One of the most significant cultural changes of the day was the changing role of women. In the Work force: 1970 – 60% of women between the ages of 16 and 24 joined the workforce. 1970 – Women between the ages of were the largest annual percentage of growth in the workforce.

11 The impact of the more women in the workforce:
Lower birth rates Children spending less time with their parents – babysitters, latch-key kids Increased divorce rate.

12 Television: TV began to portray women in a different light, more modern, less traditional roles. Independent Single mothers Mary Tyler Moore show - single women, making it successfully in the workforce.

13 More uncomfortable “issues” were dealt with on television. Topics like:
Abortion Racism Poverty The ground breaking sitcom to deal with many of these issues with a funny “in-your-face” approach was All in the Family.

14 Spin-offs from All in the Family

15 Music Hard Rock John Denver Barry Manilow The Eagles Jackson Five The Bee Gees

16 Disco

17 Personalized Messages on T-shirts
Fashion and Fads Personalized Messages on T-shirts

18 Mood Rings

19 Skateboards


21 Fitness – Aerobics and gyms

22 Cultural Trends Of the 70s

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