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 Rules  Respect  Responsibility  Reciprocity.

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3  Rules  Respect  Responsibility  Reciprocity

4 You already know the rules. Consequences: You know those, also. Warning, disruption or disrespect paper conference, time-out, phone home, referral, etc. Rapid Exit for Disruption of the learning environment



7 No cell phones or IPODS (or earbuds) may be visible in the classroom. If you must have either for use outside of the classroom, it must be turned OFF and remain in your backpack. You and your device will be sent to OCD.

8 Tardies to 1 st or 2 nd period report to the attendance office. Student must have a pass to be admitted. You will not receive warm-up point. If you are tardy to 3 rd, 4 th, 5 th, 6 th, or 7 th, you will find this classroom door locked, will be caught in a tardy sweep, and will spend the entire period in OCD, missing 100 minutes of valuable instructional time that is gone forever.

9 Demonstrate respect for yourself, your teacher, your classmates, and your education by getting to class on time.

10  Esteem for or sense of the worth or excellence of a person or considered as having rights or privileges (noun)  To show regard or consideration for (verb)

11 Synonyms: Esteem, high regard, honor, approval Consideration, thoughtfulness, attentiveness, good will, courtesy, etiquette, politeness, deference, compliance

12  Show regard  Show courtesy  Be polite  Be considerate  Be thoughtful  Pay attention to instruction  Keep your head up and stay alert  Keep your hands and heads off the fresh paint!!!

13 Teacher:  Show up regularly and on time  Be prepared for class  Have materials ready

14 Student:  Show up regularly and on time  Be prepared for class  Have materials ready

15  Mutual exchange of privileges  To give and receive equally


17 The first few days of high school can be a frightening time. Although you may have a day or two of experience, you may still feel, or remember feeling some anxieties or fears. Address these fears in a correctly formatted five paragraph essay. If you know no fear, write about your expectations for high school. Freshman Writing Prompt #1

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