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Bakersfield College Nursing New Student Orientation Fall 2012

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1 Bakersfield College Nursing New Student Orientation Fall 2012
Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Nursing School But Were Afraid To Ask! Bakersfield College Nursing New Student Orientation Fall 2012

2 The First Day of Nursing School!!
How can those six little words cause so much fear, panic and excitement? Why does everyone else in this room look so confident and I feel so scared? You are not alone, everyone in this room is either feeling like you do or has experienced it during their lifetime!!

3 Nursing School Realities – Have Real Perceptions!
Our goal over next few days is to: Identify the reason or reasons that you made the decision to go to Nursing School Discuss the realities of Nursing School Explain the purpose of Nursing School Reveal strategies for working with Nursing Faculty Provide you with Tools For Success

4 Why Did You Make the Decision to go to Nursing School?
You want to help others You want to make a difference in people’s lives You’re a caring person The public loves nurses Job security The variety of opportunities and choices Flexibility Monetary benefits

5 Yes it’s true, Nursing School is much like pregnancy…..
You will realize you are embarking on a life-changing experience You will wonder if you made the right choice You will realize that you’ve gone too far to turn back now You will hope you make it to term You will tell your significant other, “I really need your support and understanding” You will be prone to emotional outbursts and be tired all the time You will crave unusual foods at unusual times and you will satisfy these cravings “because you deserve it” You will gain weight You will fill the need to delegate household chores You will sometimes feel unappreciated and unloved You will swear you will never do this again, but other people who have been there will laugh and vow that you will You will sometimes yearn for the life that was, your family will definitely do so But when it is all over, you will forget the hard parts of nursing school and will really believe that it was all worth it!!

6 My question for you is it accurate?
Just like you have thoughts and beliefs on why you chose nursing, you probably have a perception of what it is that Nurses do. My question for you is it accurate?

7 Nursing Realities – The Public’s Perception!

8 Nursing Realities – The Public’s Perception…..
The public doesn’t have a “real understanding of who Nurses are or what we do”. They believe that: Nurses are any female in a hospital setting who is wearing something that resembles a uniform (scrubs) All we do is give medications We only do what doctors tell us to do Anyone can be a nurse Nursing isn’t stressful They believe, at least on a subconscious level, what television and other media has told them

9 Nursing Realities….What We Really Do!
Nurses make up the largest single component of hospital staff and are the primary professional providers of patient care. Television gives the impression that great doctors make the difference between life and death in a hospital. In reality, it is the Nurse that makes the biggest difference in a patient’s care.

10 Why Nursing School is Different From Any Other College Program

11 Nursing School Realities – Have Real Perceptions!
Nursing School is like learning a foreign language. You can’t expect to be good at Spanish just because you know English. So don’t expect to be good at Nursing just because you successfully completed your pre-requisites. The pre-requisite courses only told you about the human body and how it works – not how to care for it!

12 Nursing School – An Art and a Science!
Nursing School will take you out of your comfort zone! Some students will struggle with the theory courses but will have no problem in the clinical setting, and for others the situation is reversed – this is normal! However, you must remember it is all about using the information in both so that you become a successful Nurse!

13 Nursing School Realities – Program Goals!
The Goal of the Nursing Program To have our students pass the licensure exam on the 1st attempt; and, For our students to complete the Program on-time Our Boards of Nursing “grade” the quality of a Nursing Program on these standards only and failure to meet the acceptable rate means the Program loses it’s accreditation So even though it may sometimes “feel” like the faculty are being extra hard on you, it is only because they want you to be the best that you can be!

14 Tips For Success!

15 The Qualities We Are Looking for in Nursing Students!
Ability to communicate effectively Inquisitiveness Ability and desire to solve problems Ability to reflect Self-awareness: Understanding your strengths and weakness and how this effects Nursing care Ability to accept constructive feedback, even when it isn’t what you want to hear Honesty and integrity

16 The quicker you realize that nursing courses are more demanding than other courses you have taken, and that you must prioritize your studying, the better you will do!

17 Nursing School Realities – What You Need to Know About Your Faculty…..
The Bakersfield College Nursing Faculty are some of the best Nurses in this community and they are here because they want to teach and show you the reality of what it means to be a Nurse! They are passionate about quality nursing care, which means safe nursing care will always be their first priority! They have high standards of care and will always push you outside of your comfort zone so that you will develop these same high standards! They want you to become great nurses! They care about your success!

18 Nursing School Realities – You Are Not Here To Become Your Instructor’s Friend!

19 Nursing School Realities – Don’t Harass Them About Your Grades!
Your instructors understand that you want to know your grades as soon as possible, but remember that they are analyzing all aspects of the exam or assignment so that they can give you the highest grade possible, and this takes time.

20 Nursing School Realities – Classroom Etiquette: The Best Way Not To Avoiding Creating Friction Between You And Your Instructor Don’t arrive late to class When student’s arrive late to class, it’s easy for the Instructor to lose their train of thought and to lose the audience’s attention Turn cell phones off and never read or send text message during class Don’t use any electronic devices to to check or browse the web Don’t talk to other students while the Instructor is lecturing Don’t do other course work while in the classroom or clinical setting Choose your words carefully, make sure your comments are never disrespectful to your Instructor or other classmates

21 Nursing School Realities – Why The Internet Is Dangerous!!
Use legitimate sources Use common sense Ask questions Talk to the Experts - your Faculty

22 Nursing School Realities - Student Beliefs Regarding Exams…..

23 Nursing School Realities – Things Your Instructors Don’t Want To Hear You Say!
Remember – For the Faculty it’s not about the grade, it’s about whether you mastered the material!! Practice, practice, practice!! You won’t gain skill or confidence by only doing it a couple of times – use the Skills Lab and your classmates!

24 The Clinical Setting, We Know You’re Learning….

25 Nursing School Realities – Getting The Most Out Of The Clinical Rotation!
The clinical component is designed to compliment what is learned in the classroom and the clinical skills lab. Get a good night’s sleep the night before clinical – don’t work the night before Eat breakfast – student who don’t tend to pass out Know the rules and regulations of the facility you are attending clinical Don’t just plan on arriving on time – show up early Be prepared and eager to learn – the day of clinical is not the time to be researching what is wrong with your patients

26 The Clinical Setting – Ask Your Instructors!!!

27 Nursing School Realities – Communicating With Your Instructor
The most common problems arising between nursing students and their Instructors are lack of communication and misunderstandings.

28 Tips For Effectively Communicating With Your Instructors…..
Seek them out – Don’t wait until you’re doing poorly in class to ask for help. Keep your Instructor in the loop – Communicate with them when problems arise, by doing so they may be able to be more flexible. Show them respect – Even though you are a nursing colleague in training, respect the fact that they are experts in their field. Listen to them – You will get frustrated with them from time to time, but keep in mind that they have been nurses for a long time and really do know what they are talking about, even if you don’t understand it right now. Don’t be intimidated – Nursing Instructors always prefer that a nursing student fully understand concepts and techniques rather than risk patient safety by guessing the appropriate course of action.

29 Other Ways of Communicating With Your Instructors…..
is an acceptable form of communication, but s to your Instructors should not be composed the same way s to family or friends. Use proper spelling and punctuation it says a lot about your professionalism Do not your Instructor to tell them you will be late or missing class, unless they specifically tell you to do so. Do not expect an immediate reply (this applies to text messaging as well) Even though text-messaging is a popular method of communication, do not do so unless your Instructor allows it Do not text late at night or early in the morning

30 Assuming the Professional Role Of Nursing Student!
Understand that you will not know or learn everything Begin by watching – take every opportunity to observe, listen and experience nursing Find time to laugh Master the knowledge Come to class; Complete the assigned reading before class; Take Notes; Study for tests; Be prepared for the Clinical Setting Use your resources – you will be surprised by how many things are out there to help you succeed!

31 Take Charge of Your Nursing School Experience!
Be An Active Participant!!!

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