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Dr. Wayne Cooper and Mr. Dan Kimball

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1 Dr. Wayne Cooper and Mr. Dan Kimball
Careers in Chemistry Dr. Wayne Cooper and Mr. Dan Kimball

2 Is Chemistry For You? Do you like challenges?
Do you like to solve problems? Do you ever wonder about what things are made of and why things change? Do you like to apply mathematics to real situations? Do you like energy (heat, explosions, light, colors, etc.)? Do you like working in a lab (or shop)?

3 The Scientific Method The Scientific Method is used to solve mysteries regarding science or the world around us. It involves wondering why something exists or happens, formulating a question, researching and experimenting to find an answer and, hopefully, being able to arrive at some sort of conclusion based on your experience.

4 By applying the Scientific Method!
If these questions or the Scientific Method capture your interest, perhaps you should explore the sciences as a field of study. How can you explore? By applying the Scientific Method! Take some science classes Talk to professors and/or other professionals Read material on various topics

5 Careers in Chemistry Industrial Careers Academia Manufacturing
Quality Control Product and Process Research Management Safety Officers Academia Teaching secondary schools (junior high or high school) (require single subject teaching credential) University or College (require Masters or PhD) Lab Technicians

6 Careers in Chemistry Biochemistry
Forensic Science (Chemistry and Crime) Medical Fields Doctor, Veterinarian, Dentist or Nurse Clinical Laboratory Pharmacist Anesthesiologist Petroleum Industry Fuels Polymers/Plastics Food Science Agriculture Food Processing Dieticians

7 Careers in Chemistry Chemical Engineering Business Materials Science
Manufacturing Process Design Programming Machinery (PLC’s or programmable logic controllers, Data Base programming, Instrument programming) AutoCAD design of equipment and processes Business Sales and Marketing Technical Service

8 Careers in Chemistry Government and Legal Fields
Patents and Intellectual Property National Labs and Organizations Regulatory Agencies Waste Management and Treatment Plants English Field, Science Writer, Librarian Archaeology/Anthropology Museums Artifact Composition Dating Techniques

9 What should you do now? Chemistry 2A (Introductory Chemistry)
Nursing majors-gets you into your program For those who have not had chemistry before Chemistry 11 (General, Organic and Biochemistry) Satisfies organic chemistry requirements Chemistry 1A (General Chemistry Part 1) For all Engineering and Science Majors Chemistry 1B (General Chemistry Part 2) For all Science Majors Chemistry 18 (Organic Chemistry) Satisfies Nursing organic requirement with Chemistry 2A Counts as 1 quarter of organic chemistry at any U. of California

10 Chemistry Faculty at BC
Richard Wise-Physical Science 12 Kenward Vaughn-Chemistry 18, 1A Wayne Cooper-Chemistry 1B, 1A Dan Kimball-Chemistry 2A cell Michael Daniel-Chemistry 1A Julie Lowe-Chemistry 11 Part Time Instructors Dennis Harvey-Chemistry 2A Berhrang Mandani-Chemistry 11 Jennifer-Chemistry 11

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