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I Want to Be a Mechanical Engineer By: Josh Outten.

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1 I Want to Be a Mechanical Engineer By: Josh Outten

2 I Want This Career Because I want to help advance modern technology I like new inventions and building things I want to be well off financially

3 My job will be to: Design mechanical equipment Inspect installation, operation, and maintenance Interprets mechanical drawings Use computer design programs Field test designs, operation, and performance

4 To Become An Engineer I Have to: Graduate high school able to go to a four year university Get a Bachelors degree in Engineering Practice the trade

5 My Income and Outlook Will Be: There is an estimated 5% growth of employment each year In California my hourly wage would be from $30 an hour to $40 an hour. My annual salary could be anywhere from $50k to $80k.

6 OR a Paramedic By: Josh Outten

7 I Want This Job Because I can do it anywhere I go I like helping people when they need it It makes you feel like you accomplished something And I get to speed through town legally with people getting out of my way

8 My Duties Will be: Give first aid and treatment to sick or injured patients. Transport injured persons to facility(hospital) Makes sure that the patient gets proper treatment at the hospital Maintains vehicle and medical equipment

9 The requirements are High school diploma One to two years of training Valid E.M.T certification

10 The Pay Will Be Paramedics pay depends on location and experiance From $15 an hour to $20 Or $20k to $30k a year

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