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City of Salinas Housing Element Update Planning Commission June 3, 2009.

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1 City of Salinas Housing Element Update Planning Commission June 3, 2009

2 Meeting Agenda Overview of the Housing Element Update and Process Review of New Legislation Policy and Program Discussion  Adequate Sites Requirement  Emergency Shelters- SB 2 Next Steps

3 What is a Housing Element? One of the Seven State-Mandated Elements of the General Plan Plans for the Provision of Housing for a Variety of Income Levels Assesses Housing Needs at the Local Level Requires Review and Certification by the State

4 Housing Element Contents Needs Assessment Resources and Constraints Analysis Review of Past Performance Policy Program

5 City of Salinas 2007-2014 RHNA Allocations (Growth Needs) Income CategoryAnnual Income RangeSalinas Regional Share (units) Extremely low- income <30% MFI*<$20,190**456 Very low-income0% - 50% MFI$20,191 - $33,650911 Low-income51% - 80% MFI$33,651 - $53,840686 Moderate-income81% - 120% MFI$53,841 - $80,760773 Above-moderate income >120% MFI>$80,7601,706 TOTAL4,076 *MFI= 2009 Median Family Income ($67,300 for Monterey County) **Regional share of extremely low-income units is assumed to be 50% of the very low-income units

6 Housing Element Update Process Phase 1: Public Participation Program Phase 2: Review Existing Conditions Phase 3: Prepare Draft Housing Element Phase 4: Environmental Analysis Phase 5: Housing Element Adoption Phase 1Phase 2Phase 3Phase 4 Winter 2009Winter/ Spring 2009 Phase 5 Spring/ Summer 2009 Winter 2009 Summer/Fall 2009

7 Public Participation Program Community Workshop  March 18, 2009, City Council Rotunda  Key Comment Topics Housing Availability and Affordability Infill and Redevelopment- Downtown Special Needs Groups Homeownership Challenges and Opportunities

8 Recent Legislation SB 520- Reasonable Accommodation SB 1818 / AB 2280- Density Bonus AB 2634- Extremely Low-Income SB 2- Emergency Shelters AB 2348- Adequate Sites

9 Policy and Program Discussion

10 Adequate Sites Program

11 Remaining Regional Housing Need Allocation Housing need in Moderate and Above- Moderate income categories met Remaining housing need of 1,230 Very- Low and Low income units Zoning Code amendments and/or rezoning required to meet remaining need

12 Adequate Sites Requirements Sites must permit rental and owner-occupied multi-family residential units by-right Default density standard of a minimum 30 du/ac At least 50 percent of lower income need accommodated on sites exclusively for residential use Sites identified to meet the lower income housing need must have density and development standards that permit at least 16 units per site

13 Considerations to Meet Adequate Sites Requirements Amend land use and development standards in the Downtown Core to permit by-right residential development with a minimum density standard of 30 du/ac  Approximately 9.4 acres of underutilized land with capacity for 281 units

14 Considerations to Meet Adequate Sites Requirements In addition to Downtown Core, rezoning to  Permit by-right residential development with a minimum density standard of 30 du/ac on a minimum of 31.6 acres  A minimum of 14.4 acres of the rezoned land must permit exclusively residential use

15 Considerations to Meet Adequate Sites Requirements Rezoning other Areas of the City  In the vicinity of the multi-modal transportation center;  At the perimeter of the downtown;  Contiguous with Focused Growth Areas; or  As a part of areas that have been designated for mixed-use development Overlay zone in the New Urbanism Interim District

16 Zoning for Emergency Shelters (SB 2)

17 SB 2 Requirements Identify a zone or zones where emergency shelters are permitted by-right, without a conditional use permit or other discretionary action Must have capacity to accommodate the identified homeless need and in any case accommodate at least one year-round shelter City can adopt objective development and management standards

18 SB 2 Requirements 495 unsheltered homeless persons in Salinas (2009 Homeless Count and Survey) Staff has identified the Public/Semipublic (PS) zone as a candidate zone to meet requirements

19 Next Steps City Council Study Session- June 23 rd Draft Housing Element will be submitted to HCD for compliance and review HCD reviews for compliance and provides City with letter of suggested revisions to comply with State law

20 Next Steps City will address HCD comment letter and consider third party comments Upon satisfying statutory requirements, HCD will provide a letter of “substantial compliance” Planning Commission will recommend adoption of the Housing Element to City Council

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