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1 Rocks

2 Coco pebbles! Pebble Beach! What is a rock’s favorite cereal?
What’s a rock’s favorite golf course? Pebble Beach!

3 Melted & cooled together
Types of Rocks Metamorphic Rocks Igneous Rocks Squeezed & heated together Melted & cooled together Sedimentary Rocks Cemented together

4 Sedimentary Rocks How are they made?
Wind and water break down the earth Bits of earth settle in lakes and rivers Layers are formed and build up Pressure and time turn the layers to rock


6 Sedimentary Rock clastic non-clastic
Classification of Sedimentary Rocks Sedimentary Rock clastic non-clastic broken pieces of rock chemical (created when water evaporates) organic (created from remains of plants & animals) eg. limestone

7 Where do you think sedimentary rocks would be formed/found near?
streams beaches rivers deserts oceans glaciers coral reefs

8 Types of Sedimentary Rocks
Sandstone Limestone Shale Conglomerate

9 Metamorphic Rocks How are they made?
morphic means “change” so these are rocks that have changed. They were once igneous, sedimentary, or other metamorphic rocks. Pressure and heat cause the change.

10 flattened & layered minerals
Classification Metamorphic Rock foliated nonfoliated “leafy” flattened & layered minerals no banding slate quartzite These rocks are physically deformed and chemically changed due to temperature and pressure changes but the rock does not melt!

11 Where are metamorphic rocks likely formed/found near?
In fault zones Mountain belts Mid-ocean ridges

12 Types of Metamorphic Rocks
Schist Gneiss

13 Igneous Rocks What are They?
Ignis is Latin for “fire”-igneous rocks are fire rocks Formed underground by trapped, cooled magma Formed above ground when volcanoes erupt and magma cools

14 Igneous Rock mafic felsic intrusive (plutonic) extrusive (volcanic)
light colored eg. quartz dark colored eg. Iron & magnesium containing mafic felsic Igneous Rock intrusive (plutonic) extrusive (volcanic) Glassy/smooth & small crystals usually not even visible large crystals & coarse texture

15 Where are igneous rocks likely formed/found near?
Mid-ocean ridges Subduction zones volcanoes

16 Types of Igneous Rocks Scoria Granite Pumice Obsidian

17 Idioms and Expressions to Ponder
Heart of stone Head full of rocks Stuck between a rock and a hard place unaffectionate, unforgiving, cold acted without thinking intelligently in a situation where you have to make a decision that has no good options or solution

18 Every rock tells a story about:
how it formed the environment where it has been what it has experienced Each of these stories is an adventure. We need to learn how to read a rock like we read a book.

19 Roundness and Sorting Roundness – presence or absence of corners and sharp edges Particles get rounder as they are transported. Sorting - is a texture that indicates how long the sediments have been in the water system. Poorly sorted sediments show a wide range of grain sizes; well-sorted ones have similar sized grains. Sorting increases with transportation.

20 High Energy low energy


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