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Fantastic Mr. Fox Acrostic Poem

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1 Fantastic Mr. Fox Acrostic Poem
By: Josh

2 Badger Best friends with fox Always nice to his family. Digger Goes looking for food Everyone in his family starves because of Mr. Fox Runs around trying to find food.

3 Rat Ratty Ate lots of apple cider. Tantrum

4 Boggis Bean is his friend Onto Mr. Fox Goes and tries to dig fox out
Greedy Is very mean Stinky and smelly

5 Bean Boggis and Bunce are his friends.
Everyone thinks his ears are so dirty they make him deaf Always drinks apple cider. Never nice

6 Bunce Bean and Boggis are his friends. Under the weather always.
Not nice Cut his geese to eat them. Eats his own geese and ducks.

7 Mrs. Fox Miraculious Runs away from the farmers. Sometimes is really
Onto Mr. Fox if he gets hurt X-traordinary

8 Mr. Fox Miraculous Runs from the farmers Fantastic plan On the run
X-ample for his kids to teach them how to escape the farmers.

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