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A.V.I.D Advanced Via Individual Determination

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1 A.V.I.D Advanced Via Individual Determination
Avid is a program that helps every student tremendously to succeed and achieve and to go to college!

2 Writing Writing is a form of communication
A learning tool & a lot more Charles f. Blackstock Jr. High School 701 E Bard Rd Oxnard CA, 93033 Governor Jerry Brown c/o State Capitol, Suite 1173 Sacramento, CA 95814 Phone: (916) Dear Governor Jerry Brown, I have been informed that the AVID elective class may be taken away from us. This is a big mistake, avid has helped everyone so much. For example, 89% of Hispanic California- high school avid student complete a-g requirements. You must be thinking the other students are doing just as well as the AVID kids, they will make it to college…. well think again. Only 22% of Hispanic California high school students complete a-g requirements! That a HUGE impact compared to AVID students. What I really don’t understand why are you taking away OUR EDUCATION instead of taking money away from other thing like cell phone bills or anything else because if you think of it avid will help us get into college and get a good job, and you never know you might get people wanting to join your business. Do you really want to take away the chance of kids being able to follow their dreams!!! Avid has helped keep California up a bit but if AVID is taken away then our state will drop tremendously in the education meter. Our future depend on avid and on your decisions, if you take away avid and make that bad decision your just letting our future go, your just letting it drop to a million little destroyed pieces. This wont just effect students this will affect teachers too. If avid is eliminated many teachers will lose professional development opportunities sponsored by AVID. AVID is also a way for children to become determined and maybe it will help them not drop out. There are kid in the AVID program who THINK of dropping out of school but they don’t and that’s because the AVID program not only helps them in school but also in their private life.  if I didn’t have avid I would probably be a straight f student and I would probably later on drop out, but I did and I wont because why? I wont because AVID will be there to help on with school well it might be there, if you take it away I will fail in life and I really hope that never happens! Do you really want to destroy kids` dreams? Sincerely, Melissa Cantu

3 Writing 2 What we learn from college quick write is that colleges have a grate educational value to everyone who go to any college I would love to go to college to become a doctor. I would love to go to college because it will give me a bright future. It will open up more doors for me such as being able to have a good career with better insurance etc. Also because of the exciting things I will get to do if I go to college such as being able to travel the world or experience new things. Finally I want to go to college and make myself proud to accomplish such a great task as to go to college. College Dream What I would do with my education is travel the world and help the sick. Also I would like to make my own clinic and take it up as my business. Then I would like to maybe work at a hospital for a while just to see how it feels. After I would like to enlarge my clinic and make it into a miniature hospital and I would get more employees to help me with the patients. Finally I would like to retire and sell my little clinic so I could relax for the rest of my life. My parents might not be able to afford my tuition. They might not be able to because they might need to help my older brother pay for his tuition and my sisters tuition as well. Also because my brother my sister and me were all born at about the same time. So when they’re finally finishing paying my brothers tuition there going to have to help us but that might be hard since they might not the money we need. They might not be able to pay all our tuition but with a little help I think we might be able to get all the money saved up. My parents might not be able to afford the college tuition but I would be able to sacrifice a few things such as having a room all to myself. Also I am already saving up for college I already have about four hundred dollars saved up in the bank. I would also work a night shift to be able to help pay for the rent and other necessities. Then maybe my parents will be able to pay for my tuition but it’s a small price to pay for such a big award. Finally I do think my parents will be able to afford my tuition if I help them with a few arrangements. Having an education is important because without an education you will not be able to get a secure job. Also because if you had a job that only thrived with doing physical work you would be exosted every day just ask the people who work on the fields. Another good reason to have an education is you will be able to retire at an earlier age than most people and you will be able to have all the fun you want. You will also have better life insurance than most people which is really important if you ever want to have a family. Finally its important to have an education because it will make your future brighter.0

4 Writing 3 Smart goals are important because they help you think ahead and plan your future

5 Inquiry Inquiry is asking critical question to engage in thinking, learning and discussions. Mr. Martineau's interview What do you think of the avid program? Mr. Martineau: The avid program is an awesome and brilliant idea and also helps increasingly in college! 2) How important do you think the avid program is to you and the school? Mr. Martineau: In my opinion the avid program is very important to Blackstock. 3) What are/is the most important WICOR concept ? Mr. Martineau: Writing, reading, and collaboration 4) If the government removes avid what will you miss most about avid? Mr. Martineau: The greatness of the avid teachers and students.

6 Inquiry 2 Guest speaker notes are important and helpful because we learn how jobs and how other peoples lives are like. also if we have any critical question about their job or life then we can ask them.

7 inquiry3 Inquiry 3 TRFs help us by letting us ask question on subjects we do not understand, we discuss our educational problems and find smart response

8 Collaboration Socratic seminars are important because they help use understand avid weekly articles in a different perspective

9 Collaboration 2 In philosophical chairs we debate about our opinions and beliefs, we experience how to express ourselves in a professional way.

10 Collaboration 3 Peer editing helps use view our mistakes from another persons eyes, it helps correct important things so we can achieve a good grade.

11 Organization Binder checks help remind us that we must be organized in order to be successful in school

12 Organization 2 portfolio keep our past work in an organized way, that way if we are ever to review any old work we may find it very fast.

13 Organization 3 A clean backpack is helpful to us because it takes away the struggle from looking for work, and if you keep it organized it will be much lighter.

14 Reading AR goals are important because they let you keep your reading organized and help you be responsible and confident.

15 Reading 2 Avid weekly articles are important because they expose you to different things that happen in the world and teach us about outside problems

16 Reading 3 Note taking Is important because it help us review and understand what we read or what our guest speaker tells us.

17 Conclusion Avid was an awesome experience and we learned a lot of new strategies, new experiences, and important political issues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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