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My Animal Report Cover Page Title of the report Author

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1 My Animal Report Cover Page Title of the report Author
Picture of animal by Isaac j. rogers

2 Table of Contents Introduction …………………………………p.3
What Do rhinos Look Like?………p.4 What Do rhinos Eat? p.5 Where Do rhinos Live? p.6 Do rhinos Have Predators? p.7 Interesting Facts About rhinos …………p.8 Conclusion …………………………………p.9

3 Rhinos are a endangered animals in my opinion they should make it.
illegal to hunt rhinos. Rhinos are hard to find but a rhino is something you don’t want to find. Animal Reports

4 What Do rhinos Look Like?
Rhinos have thick skin that makes you not want to mess with them they also have a horn that is pretty cool there looks dangerous and they are dangerous they have lack teeth They can be black or white 5700 pound is the most a adult can way.

5 What Do rhinos Eat? A rhino eats meat and dear the
Kind of meat is from dear a rhino Will rage at a dear just to eat!

6 Where Do rhinos Live? They live in Africa and zoo-
s apparently there is nothing r- ealy to tell about it

7 Do rhinos Have Predators?
Well the only predator of a rhino is a hunter zoo workers Hunt rhinos but no they don’t kill them the put the in the zoo

8 Interesting Facts About
Well there are multi interesting facts about rhinos they are a endangered animal so if you’re a hunter do not hunt there are about only Jauba rhinos but they are very dangerous they also do not have good vision a mom rhino stays with a baby rhino for FIVE years talk about moving out early.

9 Conclusion Well this is the end of the report and rhinos are good animals And do not harm them there just hungry for dear.

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