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M ENTAL H EALTH P ROGRAM IN THE J URUPA U NIFIED S CHOOL D ISTRICT Michelle L. Johnson, Administrator, Education Support Services Amita Cloke, Coordinator,

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1 M ENTAL H EALTH P ROGRAM IN THE J URUPA U NIFIED S CHOOL D ISTRICT Michelle L. Johnson, Administrator, Education Support Services Amita Cloke, Coordinator, Special Education

2 Assembly Bill 114  Made significant changes to the CA Government Code  Effective on July 1, 2012  LEAs responsible for special education psychological counseling services that are mandated under IDEA 2

3 Assembly Bill 114 continued…  Districts were required to minimize disruptions and maintain the quality of mental health services previously provided to special education students under AB3632.  Districts also became responsible for all aspects of residential care, usually provided in out-of-state locked-down facilities. 3

4 Assembly Bill 114 continued…  Districts had the option of contracting for mental health services from appropriately licensed organizations (such as the Dept. of Mental Health) or developing the capacity to provide those services internally.  In the last year that the Dept. of Mental Health provided services, less than 10 district students met their qualifications for service. 4

5 School Psychologists The California Education Code 49424 defines their services to include:  Consultation to overcome learning & behavior disorders  Consultation with community agencies concerning pupils who are served by those agencies  Psychological counseling and other therapeutic techniques with children and parents. 5

6  School psychologists have expertise in understanding the needs of the whole child, which requires the thoughtful integration of both the child’s educational and mental health needs.  School psychology training programs are the longest of any CA service credential, and both state and national accreditation agencies have mandated training in mental health support. 6

7  School psychologists are familiar with all parts of an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and the legal requirements of special education.  School psychologists are able to focus on mental health concerns that impact the student’s ability to learn. 7

8 Current Staffing:  Elementary: 1 psychologist for every 2 schools  Middle School: 1 psychologist for each school  High School: 1 psychologist and 1 mental health counselor (also a psychologist) at each school  Staff follow students who move to alternative settings. 8

9 Psychologist Responsibilities  Pre-referral counseling or social skills training  Direct counseling services  Progress monitoring  Writing IEP mental health goals  Maintaining therapy notes  Serving on Crisis Team  Attending IEPs  Consultation with outside agencies  Assistance in determining the need for wrap or residential services  Case management  Risk assessment  Parent training 9

10 Key Curriculum Materials Skillstreaming Skillstreaming employs a four-part training approach: modeling, role-playing, performance feedback, and generalization— to teach essential pro-social skills to children and adolescents. 10

11 Why Try  The Why Try program consists of ten visual analogies with solutions and questions to help students gain insight into how to deal with daily challenges.  The program stresses to students that although making good decisions can be difficult, doing so results in more opportunity, freedom and self-respect. 11

12 12

13 Boys Town The Boys Town model has four components:  Social skills curriculum: skills which are important for effective adult and peer relations as well as classroom and school activities  Teacher interaction: proactive teaching, corrective teaching, and crisis teaching  Administrative intervention: consistent and supportive response to serious discipline problems  Positive motivation system. 13

14 Resisting Peer Pressure (intermediate skill) 1.Look at the person. 2.Use a calm, assertive voice tone. 3.State clearly that you do not want to engage in the inappropriate activity. 4.Suggest an alternative activity. Give a reason. 5.If the person persists, continue to say “No.” 6.If the peer will not accept your “No” answer, ask him or her to leave, or remove yourself from the situation. 14

15 Strong Kids Strong Kids integrates social and emotional learning into the curriculum with 5 age- appropriate, evidence-based books. Each book includes brief lessons that help students develop empathy, solve interpersonal problems and deal appropriately with negative emotions. Lessons are designed to help students understand the link between the way they feel and the way they think and behave. 15

16 Jurupa Educational Assistance Programs  The J.E.A.P. Programs consist of services provided by non-profit and grant-funded programs within our community.  The programs utilize a variety of evidence based curriculums.  All programs are free to both general education and special education students and families. 16

17 Educate, Equip & Support (EES)  Presented by Riverside County Department of Mental Health  Consists of 10-12 two-hour sessions offered to parents raising a child with mental health and/or emotional challenges  Provides education on mental health illnesses, parent support and community resources. 17

18 Educate, Equip & Support (EES)  Classes started at Pacific Avenue in August.  Discussion topics included are: coping with grief, brain development, medication, depression, anxiety, attention deficit disorder, conduct disorder, bipolar & schizophrenia, eating disorders, accessing mental health treatment, special education, child welfare and probation information. 18

19 Mourning Star Center  Non-profit organization dedicated to providing support to children who are experiencing grief  Grief groups at Jurupa Valley High School, Patriot High School, and Stone Avenue Elementary  Support students, staff and families coping with grief at other school sites upon request 19

20 Cognitive-Behavioral Intervention For Trauma in Schools (CBITS)  Catholic Charities grant to provide the evidenced-based program for students ages 10-15 years old  10 one-hour sessions with 6 to 8 students in each group  Includes additional individual, teacher, and parent sessions  Reduces emotional and behavioral problems and assists in developing healthy, pro-social relationships with adults and peers 20

21 CBITS continued…  For students who have experienced community violence, school violence, divorce, medical trauma, abuse, fatal loss, or natural disaster  School-wide screenings with parent consent at middle schools  Example: 966 Jurupa Middle School students screened 21

22 CBITS continued…  Resources provided to assist students and families, even if they are ineligible for the CBITS group  51 Jurupa students participated in intense CBITS intervention program (2013-14) 22

23 The Dina Dinosaur School  Research-based pro-social group promoting social/emotional, academic readiness and behavioral skills of children ages 3 to 5  Funded by First 5 grant and facilitated by Victor Community Support Services  Two classes of 12 students  Program runs 2 hours for 14 weeks  Graduation ceremony to celebrate their success 23

24 Incredible Years Parent Program  Focused on strengthening parenting skills to promote children’s academic and social competencies and reduce problematic behaviors  2 hour weekly group at the same time as the Dina Dinosaur School  Two graduation classes (2013-14)  Offered in Spanish and English for parents by Victor Community Support Services 24

25 25

26 Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT)  Research-based intervention to assist parents of children ages 2 to 7 with behavioral difficulties  Mobile offices currently parked at Pacific Avenue  Serves students and families district-wide through Family Services Association 26

27 Triple P Parenting Classes  Riverside County Mental Health staff provide services under the SET-4-SCHOOLS funding.  Classes are held at various sites within the area and are open to all interested parents and caregivers. 27

28 Seeking Safety Program  Targeted for adolescents with a history of trauma or stress, placing them at risk for substance abuse  Operates under a grant funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse through Family Services Association  Groups at all three comprehensive high schools 28

29 El Sol-Neighborhood Educational Center  Support groups in English and Spanish to assist expected mothers  Links families to medical providers to assure health and medical services are available  Links families to mental health, financial, food, housing assistance programs, child care, domestic violence shelters, and substance abuse treatment program 29

30 Riverside Regional Medical Unit  The medical unit is located at Ina Arbuckle Elementary School.  Riverside County Mobile Health Clinic (MHC) is a 40 foot long clinic on wheels.  The unit is equipped to handle drop-in care for non-emergency medical conditions, follow-up care and basic laboratory tests for purposes of completing medical screening examinations. 30

31 Riverside Regional Medical Unit  Program services include healthcare education, general medical exams, preventive screenings, immunizations, physical exams, vaccinations, screening and treatment of chronic health conditions for adults, children and families.  This program targets families who do not have insurance or the ability to pay for medical services. 31

32 Families and Schools Together (FAST)  Evening program for the whole family provided by Family Services Association  Empowers parents to be the primary prevention agents for their children  Family-style meals  Helps families with at-risk youth  Currently at Van Buren and Troth Street Elementary 32

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