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Presentation of Survey Results for the Jurupa Unified School District July 28, 2014.

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1 Presentation of Survey Results for the Jurupa Unified School District July 28, 2014

2 July 2014 Slide 2 Survey Methodology Jurupa Unified School District Survey among 300 Likely November 2014 Voters; Fielding conducted July 15-22, 2014, using live telephone interviewers calling both landlines and cell phones. o Interviews conducted in English and Spanish Overall Margin of Error is ± 5.6%.

3 July 2014 Slide 3 Local Schools 21 st Century Readiness Job Training, Upgrade and Repair Measure: Shall Jurupa Unified School District upgrade career training and instructional technology, repair aging classrooms, roofs, restrooms, electrical systems, improve school safety and security, construct vocational facilities and science and computer labs to meet current academic standards, by issuing $144 million of bonds, at legal interest rates, with annual financial audits, and an independent Citizen’s Oversight Committee, with all funds staying local and no money for administrators’ salaries or pensions? Language of Bond Measure Tested

4 July 2014 Slide 4 Solid Majority Supports Bonds to Improve Local Schools 62% 24%

5 July 2014 Slide 5 Lower Bond Amount Increases Chances for Success Undecided Definitely no Probably no Lean no Lean yes Probably yes Definitely yes $98/Year or $8/Month ($176,300 Median AV) $56/Year ($100K PV) Total Yes: 63% Total Yes: 63% Total No: 33% Total No: 33% Total No: 30% Total No: 30% Total Yes: 59% Total Yes: 59% $55/Year or $4.5/Month ($176,300 Median AV) $31/Year ($100K PV)

6 July 2014 Slide 6 %10 Top Priorities for a Bond – Train Students for Good-Paying Jobs Dominates Now I am going to read you some elements that may be included in a bond measure for the Jurupa Unified School District. On a scale of ONE to TEN, please tell me how important the element is, with a TEN being VERY important and a ONE being NOT AT ALL important. You can use any number from ONE to TEN. (READ AND RANDOMIZE) 35% 34% 41% 50% Make sure schools have the facilities to train students for careers in good-paying jobs of the future. Construct vocational labs and technology to train students in skilled trades. Update science labs and improve classroom instructional technology. Improve security and safety in every school, including upgrading fire systems, lighting, fencing and alarms and adding cameras.

7 July 2014 Slide 7 Preparation for the Future, Keeping Funds Local and Accountability Messages Resonate with Voters (LOCAL FUNDS) This measure makes sure that our tax dollars will go directly to helping local schools. Every penny from this measure will stay local and benefit local students. And all spending decisions will be made by our local community and Sacramento will have no say in how our money is spent. Now, I’d like to read you some statements made by SUPPORTERS of the proposed bond measure in the Jurupa Unified School District. After you hear each one, please tell me how convincing each statement is as a reason to vote for the measure. Do you find the reason to be very convincing, somewhat convincing, a little convincing, or not at all a convincing reason to vote for the measure? Very ConvincingSomewhat Convincing (ACCOUNTABILITY) This measure has tough accountability requirements. By law, no money from this measure can be used for administrator salaries. And mandatory independent audits and a citizens’ oversight committee will ensure the money is spent as intended. (PREPARE) We need to give our students the resources they need to make sure they graduate high school and are prepared for college and good-paying jobs. This measure will invest in science, technology and other areas to ensure our students can compete for 21 st century jobs. (GET WORSE) It will be less expensive to upgrade and repair aging school buildings and classrooms now than in the future. If we don’t do something now, the problems will only get worse and the repairs will be even more expensive to complete.

8 July 2014 Slide 8 Initial Vote to Final Vote Comparison After Information Suggests Opposition Can Have Impact Initial Vote ($144 Million Bond) Final Vote ($144 Million Bond) 24% 62% 32% 57%

9 July 2014 Slide 9 Support For School Bond by Gender & Age MenWomen Gender Age 40-4950-6465+ +36+38 NoYes 18-39 +23+69+45+30 55%

10 July 2014 Slide 10 Support For School Bond by Party & Ethnicity DemocratsInd.Republicans PartyEthnicity WhiteLatino +63+8+45+28 +57 No Yes 55%

11 July 2014 Slide 11 Support for School Bond by Parents and Homeownership +47+34+57+28 No Parents of Children Under 18 Homeownership Yes 55%

12 July 2014 Slide 12 Recommendations and Next Steps Recommendation: Move forward with a school bond for the November 2014 ballot o A 55% supermajority needed to pass, bond measure currently polling at 62%. o Good support at $144 million dollar amount, but a lower dollar amount (i.e. $85 million bond) increases chance of success, especially if there is opposition to a measure. Finish remaining focus group presentations to key stakeholders and leaders to ensure all concerns and questions related to the bond measure are addressed Finalize project list, authorization amount, tax rate and 75 word ballot statement Board votes to place measure on the ballot prior to August 8 th deadline.

13 July 2014 Slide 13 For More Information About This Poll, Contact: Ben Tulchin and Corey O’Neil (415) 874-7441 182 Second Street, Suite 400 San Francisco, CA 94105 Follow us on Facebook and Twitter

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