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Where Am I? By Marybeth Leak.

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1 Where Am I? By Marybeth Leak

2 My School My name is Marybeth Leak.
I work at Etiwanda Colony Elementary School.

3 My City My school is in the city of Rancho Cucamonga.

4 My County My city is part of the county called San Bernardino County.

5 My State My county is part of the state I live in.
I live in California.

6 My Country My state is one of the 50 states that make up the country I live in. My country is called the United States of America.

7 My Continent My country is on one of the seven continents. It is called North America. The continent that my country is a part of is the United States of America.

8 My Planet My continent is one of seven continents that are all on the planet Earth!

9 Comprehension 1. What is the name of your city?
2. What county is your city in? 3. What state do you live in? 4. Your state is in the country of ______________________________. 5. How many continents are there? 6. The name of the planet we live on is called _____________.

10 Fun Facts

11 Works Cited Schecter maps Seven continents picture
Maps of North America California Website Maps of California Wav-ics Map of Rancho Cucamonga Fotosearch Picture of Earth

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