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Warm Up #7 Please Answer in complete sentences Describe an aspect of Charlemagne’s rule in Western Europe. How did Irene of Athens become Empress of the.

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1 Warm Up #7 Please Answer in complete sentences Describe an aspect of Charlemagne’s rule in Western Europe. How did Irene of Athens become Empress of the Byzantine Empire? Why did the Vikings target monasteries during their raids on England and Ireland?

2 European History: 845-936 AD Fury of the Norsemen, The origin of Russia and some great nicknames

3 Key people/events Novgorod Rurik Ivar the Boneless Alfred the Great Iceland Kiev Charles the Fat Normandy Fatimid Caliphate Althing

4 I wasn’t paying attention yesterday because I was too busy talking to my neighbor… The Franks invade Italy, ally with the Papacy and starting with Charlemagne become the new Holy Roman Emperors Charlemagne expands his Empire into Germany, Italy and Spain, re-establishes an emphasis on education in Europe and makes peace with the Byzantine Empire Vikings begin to raid the coasts of Britain, Ireland and Northern Europe Saracens, who were Islamic pirates, establish control of the Mediterranean sea Irene of Athens gains power as the Empress of the Byzantines at the expense of her son The Reconquista continues to gain ground in Iberia

5 845 AD Paris is sacked by Viking raiders who collect a huge ransom in exchange for leaving. The Vikings also sack Hamburg and Melun. Count of Vannes, Nominoe, defeats the king of Francia Charles the Bald at the battle of Ballon near Redon. No more toll is taken on Brittany, and it becomes an independent state lasting for seven centuries.

6 859 AD Iberian peninsula: Battle of Abelda: the Asturians defeat the Muslims. The same year, Viking raiders attack the region and burn the mosques of Sevilla and Algesiras, they also sack the western coasts of Spain and the Balearic Islands. The University of Al Karaouine is founded in Fes, Morocco (recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest university in the world).

7 860 AD First siege of Constantinople by the Rus.

8 862 AD Rurik gains control of Novgorod.

9 863 AD At the Battle of Lalakaon, the East Roman (Byzantine) Empire annihilates an Arab force led by Omar, emir of Melitene. In conjunction with another victory over the Arabs in Armenia, it marks the beginning of the Empire's resurgence, and its counteroffensive against the forces of Islam.

10 864 AD Edict of Pistres: Charles the Bald orders defensive measures against the Vikings. Louis II marches against Rome but, getting ill, decides to make peace with the Pope. Alfonso III of Leon conquers Porto from the diminished Umayyads. This is the final act of the direct Muslim domination of the Douro region. The Christianization of Bulgaria begins: Khan Boris I of Bulgaria is baptized an Orthodox Christian.

11 866 AD Louis II beats the Saracen invaders in Italy. Ivar the Boneless crosses over to England and beats and captures king Aella of Northumbria, thus avenging his father Ragnar Lodbrok. A "great Viking army" captures York. Harold Fairhair (850–933) wins a decisive battle in his quest to become king of all of Norway.

12 871 AD Nine battles are fought between the Danes and Wessex. Alfred the Great succeeds as king of Wessex after Ethelred's death. After the battle at Wilton, peace is made, with the Danes and Alfred each governing part of England. Rhodri Mawr ('the Great') of Gwynedd inherits Seisyllwig, thus uniting most of Wales under his rule. Louis II captures Bari, the headquarters of the Saracens.

13 874 AD Ingólfur Arnarson arrives as the first permanent Viking settler in Iceland, settling in Reykjavík.

14 882 AD Oleg of Novgorod takes Kiev and makes it his capital.

15 884 AD Charles the Fat becomes King of Western Francia, thus for the last time reuniting the Frankish kingdom.

16 885 AD The Vikings besiege Paris.

17 886 AD Alfred the Great captures London and renames it Lundenburgh. Charles the fat of France purchases peace with Vikings. Rollo of Normandy then lifts his siege of Paris.

18 888 AD With the death of Charles the Fat, the Frankish kingdom is split again, and this time permanently. Odo, Count of Paris becomes King of the Western Franks, Berengar of Friuli becomes King of Italy and Arnulf of Carinthia becomes King of Eastern Francia.

19 895 AD The seven tribes of the Magyars settle in the Carpathian Basin under the leadership of Árpád. People think of them as returning Huns, thus the Magyars come to be known as Hungarians.

20 907 AD Oleg leads the Kievan Rus' in a campaign against Constantinople.

21 911 AD The Treaty of Saint Clair-sur-Epte is signed between Charles the Simple of France and Rollo, leader of the Vikings, allowing the latter to settle in Neustria, the origin of the Normans. The Fatimids begin the conquest of Sicily over their Aghlabid arch- rivals.

22 914 AD The Fatimid Caliphate, founded in Tunisia, invades Egypt held by the Abbasid Caliphate and fight over the city of Alexandria. Ordoño II, king of Galicia, becomes king of Leon after the death of his brother, García. He settles his court in León. The Vikings conquer much of Ireland.

23 927 AD After a long process of annexations, the various small kingdoms within what is now England are unified by King Aethelstan, creating the Kingdom of England.

24 929 AD Emir Abd-ar-Rahman III of Cordoba creates the Caliphate of Cordoba to compete with his Fatimid rivals who had assumed the title in 910.

25 930 AD With the establishment of the Althing, now one of the world's oldest parliaments, the Icelandic Commonwealth is founded.

26 935 AD Córdoba, capital of Al-Andalus, becomes the largest city of the world, taking the lead from Baghdad, capital of Abbasid caliph Ar-Radi.

27 Log in to your laptops Windows Login = spt26Password = Pinto1 Go to, use your login and password that you created last week. Access the timeline that you started last week. If you did not get to create one last week, go to my timelines and create a new one. You will add 6 events to your timeline for each period of notes we have taken so far. That is 5 days x 6 events, or 30 total events so far. Don’t worry if you aren’t able to get them all in today, we will have a few more weeks to complete this assignments. Make sure you name your timeline “first name”, space, “last name”, space “timeline1” (ex. Susan Duran timeline1)

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