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America As a World Power Chapter 10 Section 4. Quick Write  Write how you would resolve a conflict between two friends. Then write how the US would try.

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1 America As a World Power Chapter 10 Section 4

2 Quick Write  Write how you would resolve a conflict between two friends. Then write how the US would try to resolve a conflict between two countries.  Share with a partner when you are done.

3 Standards  Discuss America’s role in the Panama Revolution and the building of the Panama Canal.  Explain Theodore Roosevelt’s Big Stick diplomacy


5 Teddy Roosevelt  Against Europeans interfering in American affairs  Did not want Europe to control the worlds political and economic destiny  Why do you think Roosevelt was so popular?

6 Roosevelt the Peace Maker  War between Russia and Japan broke out in 1904  Japan was winning war but also running out of supplies and men  Japan secretly approached Roosevelt and asked to negotiate peace  In 1905 both countries met in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

7 Roosevelt the Peace Maker  Roosevelt’s charm helped to make things more relaxed  Roosevelt successfully negotiated a peace treaty  Won him the 1906 Nobel Peace Prize  Helped to set role for US in East Asia  Japan agreed to respect US interests in Asia and Pacific

8 Treaty of Portsmouth: 1905

9 Panama Canal Roosevelt in Panama

10 Panama Canal  Many American felt that the US needed a canal to cut across South America  Would greatly reduce travel time  Hay-Pauncefote Treaty of 1901, Britain gave rights to US to build canal through Central America

11 Panama Canal  French sent Philippe Banau-Varilla to Washington to try to sell the French route to US  US bought for 40 million in 1903  Had to get permission from Colombia before starting  Banau-Varilla helped organize a rebellion against Colombia when they failed to agree

12 Panama Canal  November 3, 1903 nearly a dozen US warships were present as Panama declared independence  15 days later Panama and US sign a treaty to build canal  $250,000 annual rent, $10 million upfront  Payments start in 1913


14 Constructing the Canal  One of the world’s greatest engineering accomplishments  Builders fought disease such as yellow fever and malaria  Work began in 1904  By 1913 more then 43,000 worker, some came from Europe however most were black  More then 5,600 workers died

15 Constructing the Canal  Total cost to United States was about $380 million  August 15, 1914 canal opened for business, more than 1,000 merchant ships passed through during first year  US-Latin America relations damaged  1921 Congress pays Colombia $25 million for lost territory


17 The Roosevelt Corollary  Financial factors drew US into Latin America  Roosevelt feared Europe may interfere since many had borrowed from Europe  Roosevelt wanted US to be dominant power in Latin America  Reminded European powers of Monroe Doctrine which was issued in 1823  “Speak Softly Carry a Big Stick” was Roosevelt’s way of handling things

18 Monroe Doctrine

19 The Roosevelt Corollary  Warned that the disorder in Latin America might force the US to exercise international police power  In other words it said that the US would now use force to protect economic interests in Latin America

20 Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick

21 Dollar Diplomacy  1911 rebellion almost bankrupted Nicaragua  President Taft arranged for American bankers to loan Nicaragua enough money to pay its debts  In return Nicaragua customs duties were collected  Gained control of railroad and national bank  Citizens revolted against this in Nicaragua

22 Dollar Diplomacy  US sent 2,000 marines to Nicaragua to keep Diaz in charge  Some marines stayed till 1933  Dollar diplomacy was using the US government to guarantee loans made to foreign countries by American bankers  Was often justified by saying it kept European powers out of Latin America and Caribbean

23 Taft’s Dollar Diplomacy

24 Wilson’s Missionary Diplomacy  US had moral responsibility to deny recognition of any Latin American government that was oppressive, undemocratic or hostile to US interests according to the United States  Mexican revolution would test Wilson’s Policy

25 Mexican Revolution  Mexico ruled by dictator for 3 decades named Porfirio Diaz  He was a friend of the US because he encouraged investors to invest in his country  1911 Mexican peasants and workers led by Francisco Madero overthrew Diaz  Madero promised reform but was unable to satisfy

26 Mexican Revolution  Two years later General Victorian Huerta took over government  Madero was murdered within days  Wilson refused to recognize government calling it “a government of butchers”

27 Intervention in Mexico  US waited for opportunity  April 1914 Huerta’s officer arrested a small group of American sailors  Mexico released and apologized but it was too late  Wilson used as an excuse to intervene and sent marines to occupy Veracruz a important port city  18 marines and at least 200 Mexicans died

28 Intervention in Mexico  Argentina, Brazil and Chile stepped in to mediate conflict  Neither side agreed to terms drew up  Huerta regime soon collapsed  Venustiano Carranza became president and Wilson withdrew troops and recognized new government

29 Rebellion Again  Rebels led by Francisco “Panch” Villa and Emiliano Zapata oppose Carraza’s government  Villa tried to get US to side  January 1916 Villa’s men took Americans off a train and shot them  Two months later raided Columbus, New Mexico and killed 17 Americans

30 Chasing Villa  General John J. Pershing and 15,000 soldiers sent to capture Villa  A year later Wilson called on 150,000 National Guardsmen  Border conflicts occurred between Mexico and US deaths on both sides made war look inevitable  Fear of war in Europe caused US troops to withdraw in 1917


32 U. S. Interventions in Latin America: s


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