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Who converted to Catholicism on 12/25/496 AD?

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1 Take out a piece of paper, put your name on it and write your answers in complete sentences
Who converted to Catholicism on 12/25/496 AD? Describe the relationship between the Ostrogoths and the Byzantine Empire How did Justinian plan to circumvent the Silk Road? Warm Up #3

2 The Spread of Christianity, The Dark Ages and the rise of Feudalism
European History AD The Spread of Christianity, The Dark Ages and the rise of Feudalism

3 Take out your notes, do not use the paper you just did your warm-up on!
The Lombards (Langobards or Longbeards) Pope Gregory I Augustine of Canterbury Muhammad Mayor of the palace Major Events & Figures

4 Mr. Morrow what did we learn again yesterday?
Clovis I became King of the Franks, converted to Christianity and expanded his Empire in Western Europe. Justinian I became Emperor of Rome (Byzantium) and re-established control in Italy, the Balkans, North Africa and Spain. The Lombards migrated from Pannonia to the Italian peninsula. The Angles, Saxons and Jutes began their migration into Britain. Mr. Morrow what did we learn again yesterday?

5 Byzantine Emperor Justin II breaks peace with Persia and invades Nisibis
Lombards take the Byzantine stronghold of Pavia and establish the Kingdom of the Lombards in Northern Italy 572 AD

6 The Visigoths, under King Liuvigold continue to expand their power in the Iberian peninsula, establishing their capital at Toledo Gokturks under Tardu cross into the Crimea and besiege Panticapaeum 576 AD

7 583 AD April – Fire devastates Constantinople
May – Earthquake strikes Constantinople The Avars advance from the Danube to the walls of Constantinople 583 AD

8 The Lombards, Avars, Slavs and Visigoths all win military victories over the Byzantine Empire and gain territory at their expense. 584 AD

9 586 AD Constantine of Kernyw converts to Christianity
Dumnonia is the Southwestern most peninsula of Britain 586 AD

10 Reccared, King of the Visigoths, renounces Arianism and adopts Catholicism

11 The Lombards convert to Christianity
588 AD

12 The plague reaches rome, killing Pope Pelagius II
589 AD

13 The Byzantines push back the Slavs, Avars & Gepids and cross the Danube into Wallachia
593 AD

14 Pope Gregory I sends Augustine of Canterbury to England to convert the Anglo-Saxons to Christianity
596 AD

15 600 AD Smallpox arrives in Europe for the first time
Augustine of Canterbury converts King Ethelbert of Kent to Christianity 600 AD

16 The Pantheon in Rome is converted into a church
607 AD

17 The city of Edessa is taken from the Byzantine Empire by the Sassanids (Persians).
609 AD

18 Heraclius overthrows the Byzantine Emperor and changes the official language from Latin to Greek
The Avars attempt and fail to invade Italy 610 AD

19 613 AD Clotaire II reunites the Frankish kingdoms under one King
Muhammad begins preaching Islam in Mecca 613 AD

20 The Persian Empire sacks Jerusalem; sets fire to the church of the Holy Sepulchre and captures the True Cross. 614 AD

21 The Edict of Paris grants extensive rights to the Frankish Nobility.
Pippin of Landen becomes Mayor of the Austrasian Palace The Turks invade China 615 AD

22 Kubrat, ruler of the Bulgars, is baptized in Constantinople
619 AD

23 Medina is converted to Islam
620 AD

24 The Visigoths recapture Andalusia from the Byzantine Empire.
624 AD

25 The Byzantines defeat the Avars, Slavs and Persian army that attempted to besiege Constantinople.
626 AD

26 627 AD Emperor Heraclius defeats the Persians at the Battle of Nineveh
Paulinus, a Roman missionary, baptizes King Edwin of Deira The western Goturks storm and sack the Caspian Gates at Derbent 627 AD

27 The Byzantine Empire and the western Gokturks take Ctesiphon, Tbilisi and Jerusalem from the Persian Empire AD

28 Croats and Serbs settle in the Balkans, invited by the Byzantine Emperor, Heraclius
Muhammad sets out to capture Mecca by force 630 AD

29 Muhammad dies 632 AD

30 The Rashidun Caliphate starts the Islamic conquest of the Byzantine Empire
634 AD

31 The Muslim forces of the Rashidun Caliphate defeat the Byzantine army at the battle of Yarmouk. This completes the muslim conquest of Syria 636 AD

32 The Rashidun Caliphate conquers Ctesiphon, Jerusalem, Aleppo and Antioch from the Persian and Byzantine Empires 637 AD

33 Prince Porga of Croatia requests Christian teachers be sent to his provinces from the Byzantine Empire Muslim armies invade Egypt, controlled by the Byzantine Empire 640 AD

34 Alexandria and Caesarea are both surrendered by the Byzantine Empire to the Muslim Arabs
Arabs also conquer Persia 641 – 642 AD

35 After briefly retaking Alexandria, the Byzantines are ousted from Egypt by the Arabs, ending 1,000 years of Greco-Roman rule. 646 AD

36 The Muslims invade Carthage and kill the local Byzantine governor, Gregory the Patrician at the Battle of Sufetula 647 AD

37 Khazars defeat the Great Bulgarian Empire and the Rashidun Arabs, establishing a Kingdom in Southern Russia 650 AD

38 Cadwaladr launches the last Welsh offensive against the Saxons in Britain

39 Pair up with a neighbor (A pair is 2, not 1, not 3, unless otherwise instructed)
Discuss at least 3 significant events that were taught today, and how you think they changed the world. Discuss 2 people from today’s lecture, focusing on what they did that was important. Discuss 1 place that we talked about today, where it is located and how it must have felt to have lived there. When you are finished discussing, each person will write down a summary of their discussion on the paper that they did their warm-up on. Be sure to include the points highlighted in blue for each topic. You have 12 minutes! Be productive with your time. Pair Share 3-2-1

40 Major Ideas from today’s lesson
Instability leads to a power vacuum New threats from the East place a large burden on the Byzantine & Persian Empires Christianity is spread through conversion of leaders Warfare and plague keep the population of Europe in check Islam changes the balance of power Major Ideas from today’s lesson

41 Write the # of the question and the letter of the answer on your warm-up paper.
1. In 583 Constantinople was hit with: A plague, A fire and A famine A fire, a famine and an earthquake An invasion, a fire and an earthquake An earthquake, a plague and a famine Quiz Time!

42 The plague reaches Rome in 589 and kills this significant person
The Pope The Patriarch The King The Emperor Question #2

43 A new religion began on the Arabian peninsula called _______.
Islam Buddhism Shintoism Catholicism Question #3

44 In the Byzantine empire, the official language is changed from:
Greek to Latin Latin to English English to Greek Latin to Greek Question #4

45 What major empire disappeared into the pages of history after its defeat to the arab caliphate in 642 AD? The Kingdom of the Vandals The Sassanid Empire The Macedonian Empire The Kingdom of Mali Question #5

46 Tomorrow you will have a substitute. Yay for you
Tomorrow you will have a substitute! Yay for you! Make sure you are respectful, and complete the assignment that will be left for you. Make sure you write down your name on your warm-up/pair share/quiz paper. When the bell rings, turn it in to the basket. Remember your assignment on the spread of Christianity in Europe is due on Friday. Reminder

47 Log out of your computer and take out your agenda!
You are receiving assignments 6.2, 6.7 & 6.9 6.2 is due on Friday 1/11/2013 6.7 is due on Thursday 1/24/2013 6.9 is due on Friday 1/25/2013 Make sure you write these dates down in your agenda! Now let’s go over each assignment. Log out of your computer and take out your agenda!

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