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Summer Institute: AP Japanese Language and Culture

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1 Summer Institute: AP Japanese Language and Culture
Your leader: College Board Consultant Hiroko C. Kataoka California State University, Long Beach Most handouts adapted from Kataoka & Tohsaku, and Kataoka

2 Goal of the Institute To prepare participants to teach an AP Japanese Language and Culture course by writing an AP Japanese curriculum, examining sample test items, and developing sample activities for the course.

3 Logistics Agenda for the week (Schedule) Computer use Handouts
Assignments Daily Announcements

4 Tentative Schedule


6 AP Program AP Japanese Language and Culture Course and Exam: Overview
College-level studies at high school Developed and administered by the College Board since 1955 34 courses in 19 subject areas AP Courses and AP Exams Close to 60% of U.S. high schools and over 90% of U.S. colleges and universities participate College credit, advanced placement, or both for qualifying AP Exam grades

7 AP Courses Course descriptions developed by a committee of college faculty and HS teachers Covers the breadth of information, skills, and assignment in the corresponding college course Usually equivalent to second-year college-level course Taught by highly qualified high school teachers

8 AP Exams Administered in May, each year
Developed by committees of college faculty and AP high school teachers Free-response section (scored by exam readers) and multiple-choice questions (scored by computer) Modern languages – speaking and listening components On average, 62% of the exams receive a grade recommended for college credit, advanced placement, or both.

9 Benefits of AP Program for Students
Saving on college tuition Higher GPA (HS) Early graduation (College) Taking more advanced courses(College) Double majors (College)

10 Benefits of Japanese AP Program
Raising the quality of Japanese education Articulation between high school and college programs More enrollment in Japanese courses Highly motivated, excellent students Professional development activities for teachers

11 AP Japanese Language and Culture:Timeline
Spring 2003: Board of Trustees resolution Fall 2004: AP Japanese Task Force Fall 2005: AP Japanese Development Committee Fall 2006: First AP Japanese Course May 2007: First AP Japanese Exam

12 AP Japanese Language and Culture: Contents
Standards-based: 5C’s; Interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational communications 4 language skills Equivalent to 300-hour college-level instruction Target Level:ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines Intermediate Low to Mid Range Authentic task-based questions No discrete measurement of grammatical knowledge Online test Developed by ETS

13 Test Takers Those who complete an AP Japanese course in high school
Anyone over 14 years old including those who have NOT taken an AP Japanese course (e.g., native speakers and learners of Japanese as a heritage language)

14 AP Japanese: College Perspectives
Qualifying AP Scores (3, 4, and 5) College credits Advanced placement College credits and Advanced placement Nothing

15 Student Grade Distributions AP Examinations May 2005



18 AP Policy Different from school to school
More than 90% US colleges and universities participate in AP Program Refer to your school catalog, web site, or College Board site You may be asked to make a decision on AP Japanese




22 College Board’s Equity Statement: Equity and Access
What do you know about CB’s Equity Statement? In pairs read take notes on “Equity and Access” in AP Japanese Language and Culture Teacher’s Guide. If you’re interested and would like to know more about it, go to <,3045, ,00.html> and read articles. Discuss what we can do.

23 Resources Available for Teachers
General information about the AP AP World Languages AP Japanese Language and Culture Send an to Provide your name, school affiliation, mailing address, and address, and ask for information.

24 Resources Available for Teachers
Course Description Teacher’s Guide AP Central Teacher’s Resource Catalog Electronic Discussion Groups College Board Store Pre-AP world language workshops Books and materials (no single text will teach the course)

25 AP Japanese Language and Culture: Professional Activities
National Conference (July) Workshops (Pre-AP, AP Japanese) Weeklong Summer Institutes (AP Japanese) AP Central--> Professional development-->

26 Other Issues Building/District level decisions on taking /requiring the exam Cost and fee reductions; exam dates for 2007 Special needs students Make-up exams Security issues Test day administration/proctors/equipment/ language labs Grade reports July, September statistical reports Grades by phone-July 1

27 AP Japanese Language and Culture Course and Exam: Specifications
• Specifications and format • Kanji list ここではこの3つを見ることを言う。

28 Inter-personal Mode Inter-pretive Mode Present-ational Mode Listening
Activity 1 Exam Format: Which part of the exam tests each of the following? Inter-personal Mode Inter-pretive Mode Present-ational Mode Listening Speaking Reading Writing この後の3ページをみながらそれぞれのセルににsection, part, #of questions, percentage, allocated timeを入れてもらう。5分。(教師用ファイルPPT2参照。)





33 AP Kanji List (As of March 2006)
日 行 本 人 生 学 時 何 中 田 道 八 駅 雨 子 一 大 来 先 今 十 会 見 山 朝 六 明 休 国 月 小 語 文 書 話 物 思 言 曜 安 名 待 気 部 二 第 食 年 出 入 京 校 工 試 地 七 三 分 間 木 上 事 作 方 前 帰 好 着 切 音 車 社 電 者 五 強 東 手 業 林 問 母 合 料 新 村 勉 員 聞 度 少 自 外 店 記 字 理 花 読 四 屋 場 使 円 家 買 高 友 九 海 発 持 動 所 教 私 知 川 習 都 天 後 毎 多 近 楽 ここで言うことは、 1、漢字のリストがあり、読み物に使われる漢字はたいていこの中から出ること、 2、もしかするとこれ以外の漢字もテストに出るかもしれないけれど、それは読めなくても内容理解には支障をきたさないこと( 見たことがない漢字が出てきても 生徒がパニックしないように言っておく必要あり。) 3、書く時にはこの漢字を使うのが適当な言葉は漢字変換をする必要があること、などを言う。 漢字の取り扱いに着いては翌日もっと深く見ていくので今はどのようなものがあるか、さっと見ておくだけでいいことを言う。

34 週 金 院 医 経 機 立 長 送 世 取 式 北 若 室 紙 仕 元 題 心 全 口 変 降 台 青 正 次 活 写 男 考 達 町 古 歩 早 画 英 夕 万 火 化 病 公 願 雪 説 終 親 実 味 半 以 様 風 父 百 遠 旅 土 飲 館 初 集 野 足 失 兄 白 千 水 意 映 品 番 春 夜 働 運 夏 治 有 夫 泣 払 点 背 氷 犬 未 鼻 笑 関 階 予 暑 茶 不 宿 石 美 売 受 空 目 体 下 乗 赤 色 向 結 園 止 漢 便 池 女 験 始 用 起 広 住 通 弟 登 急 伝 歌 晩 開 西 同 頭 術 的 門 計

35 調 線 婚 練 続 橋 寒 引 号 究 午 内 礼 個 遅 利 服 表 特 定 成 市 回 横 贈 末 非 指 婦 肉 顔 荷 界 熱 然 神 落 悪 低 南 期 枚 両 数 要 飯 洗 辞 静 図 姉 最 注 反 短 左 魚 専 現 別 寝 寺 困 法 歳 速 力 森 答 貸 進 決 和 庭 昼 授 去 絵 族 置 係 右 絡 鳥 卒 残 科 重 島 付 冬 対 打 忙 商 局 温 節 必 飛 相 牛 遊 妹 配 転 晴 身 組 黒 難 単 泳 平 痛 州 昨 冷 由 酒 主 際 薬 面 側 走 形 皆 祭 忘 接 昔 雑 港 制 秋 育 洋 選 信 無 太 暗

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