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AP Statistics 1 Welcome to AP Stats Teacher: Ms. Patricia Horvath Room: 55 School Year: 2011-2012 (Stats Textbooks) My avatar.

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1 AP Statistics 1 Welcome to AP Stats Teacher: Ms. Patricia Horvath Room: 55 School Year: 2011-2012 (Stats Textbooks) My avatar

2 AP Statistics 2 Supplies CalculatorTI-83 Plus, TI-84, TI-84 Silver Addition NOT TI-85 or 86. These are not designed for Statistics work. NOT TI-89--too advanced & uses different Commands BUY: Extra AAA batteries Calculator Cost: About $85-$100 Sources: Office Depot, Office Max,, Save and give to me the back sheet (with the POINTS on it). I can use them to buy TI supplies for the classroom

3 Other Supplies A binder Binder paper Pencils Eraser Calculator as described AP Statistics 3

4 End of 1 st Part of Supplies for Intro Stats AP Statistics 4

5 Begin 2 nd Part of Organizing for AP Stats AP Statistics 5

6 Who Should Take AP Stats? You actually like math You like to write You like a true challenge Applied math is sure to be interesting. The real world as it applies to math is something worth learning about You fully intend to take the AP test in May 2012 You want a 5 on the AP test You likedoing math homework You don’t mind taking notes everyday, reading power points and working hard AP Statistics 6

7 Who Should NOT Take AP Stats? You want math, but you don’t want to work You want to ‘goof off’; You like long lunches You don’t want to do math homework You want an easy Senior/Junior year You think this is a push-over class You like to talk and socialize in class You hate taking notes You don’t like to write You don’t want to take the AP test in May 2012 For any of these reasons, DROP this course immediately. You will NOT be happy here. Take something else. AP Statistics 7

8 8 Textbook Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis by Peck, Olsen and Devore –It is the ultimate reference for us –It contains most HW problems –It can left at home as we should have a class set delivered to the classroom

9 AP Statistics 9 Getting Started Get your textbook from the bookroom Get your supplies now—the calculator TI 83 or 84 (84 is slightly better). Be prepared to start working & doing homework immediately Get started NOW with your purchases.

10 Everyday in Class Class lecture with notes provided Keep lecture notes organized in your binder Participate in class by completing the lecture note, asking questions, volunteering, working at the board, participating in discussions, working in groups AP Statistics 10

11 Quizzes & Tests Tests are both multiple choice and free response, similar to those on the AP exam All tests & quizzes completed in pencil Graphing calculator allowed on all tests but the first one Quizzes & tests available for review during and after class, but I will collect them and retain control of them Cumulative midterm and final for each semester Cheating will not be tolerated, results in a zero and potential failure of course AP Statistics 11

12 Make Up Quizzes & Tests Making up possible with an excused absence. Make up any missed quiz/test as soon as possible THERE IS NO EXTRA CREDIT AVAILABLE FOR THIS CLASS! AP Statistics 12

13 AP Test This year’s AP test will take place in May 2012. Cost is approx $90. Everyone is expected to take the AP test as this is why you’ve signed up for the course Besides work in class, other review books are on the market. AP Statistics 13

14 AP Statistics 14 Note—TA Search Ms. Horvath is looking for a TA. If you know any of my former students or other students who are strong in mathematics and would like to become a TA, tell her/him to come by to talk about the possibility of becoming a TA for me. Thanks.

15 Begin 3 rd Part: Grading for AP Stats AP Statistics 15

16 AP Statistics 16 Semester Grades Composition Homework & Classwork 20% Quizzes, Tests & Projects 60% Midterm 10% Final 10%

17 Grading Scale 94 – 100%A 90 – 93%A- 87 – 89%B+ 84 – 86%B 80 – 83%B- 77 – 79%C+ 74 – 76%C 70 – 73%C- 67 – 69%D+ 64 – 66%D 60 – 63%D- Less than thatF AP Statistics 17

18 AP Statistics 18 The Rules Be respectful of teacher and fellow students No foul language of any kind—watch out for words that are on my ‘do not say’ list. I’ll tell you; don’t use them again. Be safe; be on time Be in your seat when the tardy bell rings Don’t talk out of turn Raise you hand to speak

19 AP Statistics 19 More Rules No personal grooming; grooming belongs in the bathroom in a classroom No gum. Get rid of it before I get upset. No electronic equipment of any kind, including cell phones & ipods, except for your calculator. I see you touch a phone in class, you will hand it over to me. No name calling physical contact or making fun of anyone in class No bathroom breaks; you have 6 min between classes for that Obey all normal rules outlined in the WHS Student Handbook I Expect Exemplary Behavior from an AP class

20 AP Statistics 20 Tardy Policy On the 3 rd tardy to class during a semester, I will give warning On the 4 th tardy to class, I will deduct 2 points from your next test score For all tardies after the 4 th, I will continue to deduct 2 points from your next test score. The option to send you to the SRC after the 3 rd tardy also exists. Do not take long lunches. Be here precisely when class begins.

21 AP Statistics 21 End of Introduction QED

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