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INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS Analyst Meet March 26 th, 2007 Pune, India A CMMI Level 5 Company Zensar Technologies – Becoming the Innovation.

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1 INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS Analyst Meet March 26 th, 2007 Pune, India A CMMI Level 5 Company Zensar Technologies – Becoming the Innovation Leader

2 Agenda Market size- Opportunities Innovation @ Zensar Business Outlook Strategy to achieve Business Plan Organisation Structure

3 Innovative Technology Solutions Business Process Outsourcing Service Lines Application Development Application Support & Maintenance Infrastructure Management Independent Testing Services Consulting Application Portfolio Management Enterprise Application Services Service Lines HR Shared Services Knowledge Process Outsourcing Transaction Processing Voice Application Modernization Embedded Systems Product Engineering Services Legacy Migration Enterprise Resource Planning [Oracle/ SAP, PS Business Intelligence and Datawarehousing Telecom Utilities Retail Manufact uring Pharma Textile Dairy Financial Services Engineerin g Services

4 Global Market Share PracticeGlobal Market Share Embedded Software Embedded (Software +IC+ Boards) $ 3.5 Billion $ 88 Billion Global Software Product Market Indian Product Development Market Outsourced Product Development Market $ 180 Billion $ 8-10 Billion $ 11 Billion Financial Services Global IT Financial Services Spend $ 430 Billion $ 154 Billion ( 2007)

5 Signals of Change Customers satisfied on certain dimensions of outsourcing:-  Loss of control on applications  Reduction of role for core architects Dissatisfaction along other dimensions:-  Domain expertise in vendor community  Time to market  Pricing models  Vendor issues – cost, attrition, knowledge management

6 ITS Vision Mission/Vision: Transformation Partners by providing Innovative business & technology platforms Goal: Revenue 100 M$ by 2010

7 Innovation Journey of Zensar Survive Strategize Consolidation Practice Prevail 2001 – 03 2003 - 062006-082007-09 Value Progression Time Tools BPF SBP Communities Partners SMEs Problem solvingFrameworksSolution patterns Virtual global delivery VGDM SaaS 2008-10

8 SOLUTIONSOLUTION Standard Processes and Practices BUSINESS NEEDBUSINESS NEED Framework Guidelines Design Development Testing Repository Vertical Specific Solution Patterns Foundation Library Blueprints Deployment Set of Tools Testing Tools Documentation Tools Platform2 Platform1 Analysis Profilers Transformers Compilers Modeling Tools UML/BPMN The Model Driven Framework Program AnalyzerBlueprint Foundry 3.0Zensar IP

9 Silica – A case study Silica – an asset management product company Customers are HSBC, Investek Approached Zensar with the maintenance of three products : Fiscus, Silica and IME The product Fiscus had 8 million lines of code and no documentation The challenge was to reverse engineer, draw specifications, forward engineer, develop and support the product with no existing documentation

10 The SBP framework was formally established with the success at Silica The client was very satisfied with the outcome and has decided to move the other products into this framework with a view to quality software development Today Zensar is architecting an integrated product which combines all the three products for Silica using the innovative framework

11 The Innovation Touch.. Create a virtual global delivery model:- Integrate Global Talent including Customer capabilitiesIntegrate Global Talent including Customer capabilities Embed Frameworks for service deliveryEmbed Frameworks for service delivery Implement ERP for IT service provisioningImplement ERP for IT service provisioning Steal a few ideas from Manufacturing:- Rigorous Focus on Formal Requirements Specifications & Solution DesignRigorous Focus on Formal Requirements Specifications & Solution Design Automated & Distributed ManufacturingAutomated & Distributed Manufacturing Collaborative participation by CustomersCollaborative participation by Customers

12 Process Innovation- GDP Global Delivery Platform Delivery Hub Running ERP/SBP Order Complete Order Processing Allocate Track Monitor Design Distributed Solution Design Develop Design Transformation Test Distributed Testing Req. Analysis Requirement specs by Customer Reps & SMEs Order Entry Customer Approval of Order Customer Sign-Off on Order

13 Zensar Innovation Hub Gdansk, Poland Zensar HQ - Pune- LAN Web-Portal Server 1.Registered modelers: can update data can view allotted projects, deadlines and other relevant project metrics Publish their calendar 2.Project Managers: can publish project metrics Grant/Revoke privileges, restrictions Can query for resources 3.Customers: Transparently view progress Seek design Updates Initiate change requisition Seek automated reports 4.Manage BPF roles, model repository, model versioning, design templates and patterns. Collaboration Server Identity server Collaboration server SBP Server Code-generator Service Design Versioning Server Clustered Model repository Service BPF Interface server Manages Repository-Client interaction Proxies SBP and Collaboration services 4000+ Km (Geographically) BPF Client and Modeler Web-browser communication BPF Client -BPF Interface Server Communication over Internet Server-Server Communication LAN Communication Legend: GDM Datacenters Pune- Hyderabad Customer Innovation Hub @ Poland

14 Dashboard on Demand

15 Application Design

16 Benefits of the VGDM - SBP Approach Rapid, High Quality & Cost effective model-to-code software development paradigm Focus on the Business Process & Application Design coupled with automation Rich Solution Blueprints repository to leverage existing assets, providing significant improvements in ROI & turnaround time Lower maintenance cost as changes are implemented at the BluePrint level rather than the source code Blueprints are platform agnostic and can be targeted across diverse platforms, including future ones

17 Partner & Customer SME can collaborate using the VGDM & therefore ensure that we downplay the threats of outsourcing Penetrate Non- English countries using collaborative model for Successful implementation Enables a vibrant Community-Corporate partnership benefiting both entities Truly distributed engineering bringing in global talent pool using a community model to meet customer price points

18 What does VGDM mean to… Zensar: –Access to expertise and human resource across the globe. –Consistent and best practices in software development and maintenance –Reusable models and patterns to accelerate application development. –Access to Zensar expertise pool. Customers: –Expert consulting and opinions on best practices by consultants world over –Engineered Applications, not spaghetti software. –Hassle free enhancements to application by changing the process flow at model level and not interfering at code level Community: –Access to a world class distributed modeling tool and collaboration environment. –Early deployment and commercialization of Open Standards and Technologies –A trustworthy partner in Zensar - enabling community development

19 Achievements 8 out of Top 10 BFSI in SA are our customers Top Fortune 50 customers like Credit Suisse, UBS have grown significantly in BFSI space 8 yrs of successful Embedded Service for Fujitsu due to continuous Research in New –technologies Over 17 leading customers in Product Engg Space (Silica) A few companies have a leadership position in this area

20 Moving towards software as a service Business process management enabled by SOA: Business process management combining software capabilities and business expertise to accelerate process improvement and facilitate business innovation - Domain areas : Retail, Finance Service creation: Creating flexible, service-based business applications that expose business behavior as a service and also reuses business logic which is exposed as a service. - solution patterns Service connectivity: Link people, processes and information with a seamless flow of messages and information from virtually anywhere at anytime using anything by making assessable a set of core services available to a variety of applications - virtual global platform SOA design: Aligning the modeling of business design and IT solution design through a set of roles, methods and artifacts to render a set of explicit business processes. SOA governance: Define the policies, processes, and tools that oversee who owns a service, who can use it, how it can be used, and when it will be available to those needing it.

21 ITS offerings Product Engineering Services Extended Embedded Services Banking Financial Services Industry

22 Product Engineering Services Model Driven Re-Engineering Migration Re-Engineering Extensions Model Driven Release Management Traditional Support Fixes to Features Feature to Enhancement Version Management Internationalization

23 Extended Embedded systems Future VerticalsExisting Verticals EES Practice High Tech Manufacturing Telecom & Mobile Semiconductor & Embedded R&D & New Competencies Service Offerings Device & System Evaluation Tools, Firmware development R&D Service Offerings S/W, IVRS, Routing & Switching Network Storage Mobile Apps Service Offerings Embedded system development, Apps Engineering Automotive Retail & logistics, Gaming & Entertainment

24 Risk & Regulations –Financial Risk System – Credit & Market Risk –Operational Risk –Business Continuity Planning –Basel II FS COE Insurance –Claims administration –Pension Plans –Policy Administration –Annuities Banking –Private Banking & Customer Relationship Strategies –Payment –Check Clearing & Settlement –Trade Finance –Investment Banking Capital Markets –Trade Processing, Clearing & Settlement –Equities, Derivatives –Fixed Income Securities –Risk Management –Asset Management –Fund Administration –Regulatory ComplianceBFSI

25 SBP led services - An Outlook 2003-042004-052005-062006-072007-082008-09 Revenue (USDM) 3.07.014285075 Growth YoY% --100 7050

26 Business Channels Supply SM IT service Cos Academic Institutions Communities Demand Govt. DepartmentsFTO,SM Businesses Start-ups, IP Marketplace Leverage Distributed Capabilities!

27 ideas experience intellect Americas Asia Pacific Europe Communities Business Model Innovation Academic Inst. Small & Medium IT Cos. Communities Individuals SME ISV/OEM GDP Partners

28 Go to Market – in progress Supply side ramp-up: Generate a network of skills & niche capabilities Popularize business model and tools in customer community and users –To enable garnering of best resources across industry and geographies Internet based marketing Business Branding Create collaterals Liaison with user communities & small/mid size companies – build the network Sell to companies with potential for license fees

29 Strategy To Achieve Business Plan JV with EZA for Japan Market Penetration & China Delivery Center for penetration in Asia Pacific and Acquisition of telecom software company to grow in Embedded space Eastern Europe Near Shore Delivery Center at Poland to penetrate BFSI Europe and Latin American Markets BEE Company JV for leadership in SA in BFSI and Govt. Sales Focus on BFSI, Retail, Hi-tech, Telecom verticals Domain Specific platform and Frame work to enable provide Software as Service

30 Investments To Acquire Telecom software company in china and BFSI software company in EE and Australia To Build Embedded technology solutions for Specific domain To Research in SOA and create Solution patterns, Domain specific models and languages which would enable ITS to offer SaaS In Marketing & Brand Building to Promote GDP platform, Community creation and SaaS model

31 ITS -Structure Focus Incubate and disseminate innovation across Zensar Act as the future growth engine for Zensar via innovative offerings ITS SBU Head V Balasubramanian Extended Engineering Services C.P.Limaye GDP Services Vijay Gaikwad Financial Technology Solutions Vijay Saradhi Product Engineering Services Narendra Joshi Japan and Aus Sudhir Mathur SE Asia J Partha Eastern Europe &Nordic V. Shankar IMEA Yogesh Patgaonkar Marketing Sunil Mansharamani ADM Pushpal Kapadia

32 Thank You A CMMI Level 5 Company

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