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Information for SVUSD Sophomores

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1 Information for SVUSD Sophomores
Welcome Information for SVUSD Sophomores

2 SVUSD Graduation Requirements
Graduation Check List 220 Credits for Graduation (Each Semester Class = 5 credits) Minimum 1.75 GPA Must Pass the Writing Proficiency Must Pass the CAHSEE (California High School Exit Exam) Community Service – 8 hours

3 Detailed Graduation Requirements
English – 4 years Math – 3 years Social Science – 3 years Science – 3 years Fine Arts, or Applied Arts Tech, or Modern Language – 1 year Health – 1 semester Physical Education – 2 years 165 Credits in required courses 55 Credits in Electives

4 California High School Exit Exam
The exam is made up of 2 parts English (reading, writing, and vocabulary) Math (arithmetic and Algebra 1) Students take the CAHSEE in the spring of the 10th grade

Records semester grades, credits College prep courses = “P” Honors courses = “H” UC Approved Honors Classes = “E” UC/CSU GPA = 10th & 11th grade Community Service = 8 hours

2 years required “b” ENGLISH 4 years required “c” MATHEMATICS 3 years required, 4 years recommended “d” LABORATORY SCIENCE 2 years required, 3 years recommended

7 UC “a-g” Course List (cont.)
“e” LANGUAGE OTHER THAN ENGLISH 2 years required, 3 years recommended “f” VISUAL AND PERFORMING ARTS 1 year required “g” ELECTIVE COURSES

Both UC and CSU require one year VPA Students must complete a “single yearlong course from a single VPA discipline” May include art, choir, orchestra band, theatre, ceramics, photography College courses may meet the requirement (IGETC list, Area 3A) Course must include theory, not skill

9 Sample High School Curriculum Grade 9
GRADES/COURSES HONORS (H) COLLEGE PREP WORKSHOP IB ENGLISH English 1 H/IB English 1 Workshop pre-IB SOCIAL SCIENCE Cultural Geography H/IB or H/MUN MATH Geometry or H/IB, Algebra 2 or H/IB Algebra 1 or Algebra 1A Algebra 1A Biology Earth Science Intro to Earth Science PHYSICAL ED. P.E. N/A OTHER Foreign Language Foreign Lang. Fine Arts/Elec. Fine Arts/ Elective

10 Sample High School Curriculum Grade 10
GRADES/COURSES HONORS (H) COLLEGE PREP WORKSHOP IB ENGLISH English 2 H/IB English 2 Workshop pre-IB SOCIAL SCIENCE Euro Hist AP/IB or World H/IB/MUN World History World History Workshop MATH Algebra 2 or H/IB or Math Analysis Geometry or Algebra 1B Algebra 1B Chemistry or Chemistry H Biology Intro Life or Conceptual Biology PHYSICAL ED. Health or P.E. N/A OTHER Foreign Language Foreign Lang. Fine Arts/Elec. Fine Arts or Elective

11 Sample High School Curriculum Grade 11
GRADES/COURSES HONORS (H) COLLEGE PREP WORKSHOP IB ENGLISH English 3 Lit. AP English 3 English 3 I or Workshop Eng 3 Lit. AP SOCIAL SCIENCE U.S. Hist. AP or U.S. Hist. H/MUN U.S. History U.S. History Workshop U.S. Hist. AP or U.S. Hist./H/MUN MATH Math Analysis H/IB. Calculus AP/AB Geometry, Algebra 2, Stats, Math Analysis Business Math or Accounting or Geometry Math Analysis H , or Math Studies Physics/H or Bio AP or Phy/Ana/H Chemistry, Integrated Science, Physics Physical Science, Integrated Science or Concept. Bio Physics H, Physics B/AP, , or Biology SL OTHER Foreign Language Elective or P.E. Elective Foreign Language SL OTHER-VPA Elective (VPA) or P.E. Elective (VPA) Comp.Sci. SL or Psych SL

12 Sample High School Curriculum Grade 12
GRADES/COURSES HONORS (H) COLLEGE PREP WORKSHOP IB ENGLISH English 4 HL2 or Humanities Block English 4 English 4 I or Workshop English 4 HL 2 (Humanities Block) SOCIAL SCIENCE Econ & Civics (Econ Online) Econ & Civics Econ /Civics Workshop Hist.of the Amer. HL2 + TOK (Econ online) MATH Calculus AP/AB OR BC or Statistics or Math Studies SL Math Anal or Alg 2 or Alg 2 Int. or Statistics or Math Studies SL Elective Calculus AB/AP , or Math Studies SL Or Physics AP or Bio AP or Physio/Anat H or AP Com. Sci. Physics or Psychology or Cont. Issues Physics H or Physics B/AP OTHER-VPA Foreign Lang . Elective (VPA) For. Lang. HL or Psych HL

13 Top Three Factors For College Admission
G.P.A. (grades in college prep courses and rigor of course curriculum) Extracurricular involvement (athletics, music, theatre, leadership, clubs, etc.) Admission Test scores

14 University of California
10 campuses (9 undergraduate) Top 12.5 % of high school graduates Over 200,000 students Costs approximately $25,900/yr. (inclusive) Competitive Admission Most selective are UCLA and Berkeley Comprehensive Review (GPA, A.P. courses, Test scores, Extracurricular, Essay) SAT or ACT with Writing, plus two SAT Subject tests

PERSONAL INITIATIVE & MOTIVATION Did student take advantage of the school’s most rigorous course offerings What do the essays reveal or explain about the unique characteristics of the student Extracurricular activities Apply November, Senior Year

16 California State University (Pg. 21)
23 campuses Top 33 % of high school graduates Over 400,000 students Costs approximately $18,000/yr. (inclusive) GPA & Test scores only (no essay, no subject tests) SAT or ACT without Writing GPA of 3.0 “eligible” with ANY test score Cal State Fullerton guaranteed admission for local high schools in OC with 3.0 GPA

Impacted campuses are Cal Poly SLO, San Diego, Chico, Cal Poly Pomona, Sonoma, and Fullerton – varies each year Strong programs in Education and other degrees Apply October – November, Senior Year

18 Independent Universities www. aiccu. edu (California) www. naicu
Independent Universities (California) (National) Usually SAT or ACT SAT Subject tests for competitive schools See college websites for specific requirements Costs: Up to $55,000 per year 75 WASC accredited colleges in CA 233,000 students $936 Million annual financial aid awards Letters of recommendation usually required Personal interviews at some institutions

Top 100% of high school graduates 109 campuses Over 2.5 million students Open to all California residents, including those without a high school diploma A California resident may attend a CC anywhere in the state Tuition Cost: $20 per unit (separate fees for books) Written transfer guarantees and priority admission to UC and CSU!

SAT REASONING TEST Critical Reading Mathematics Writing 800 top score for each area Perfect Score = 2400

21 ACT ACT is linked to student achievement, not aptitude
Test has three sections (Highest score: 36) Reading Comprehension Mathematics (arithmetic through trigonometry) Science Reasoning Plus: Essay Writing (Optional)

22 SAT or ACT CSU will take the highest reading and highest math scores from separate sittings to make a new combined total score CSU does not factor in the Writing Score at this time UC will take the highest combined reading, math and writing score from one sitting CSU does not take SAT Subject test scores UC requires two SAT Subject tests from two different subject areas until 2012

23 SAT or ACT Recommend taking both the SAT and the ACT
Repeat Fall Senior Year the test on which the student scored the highest Use the ACT translation table to see test correlation

24 PSAT/NMSQT The Preliminary Scholastic Assessment Test/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test is used to determine preliminary eligibility for juniors in the National Merit Scholars competition. Students who become National Merit Finalists may win scholarships up to $2,500 (Top 1%) *Note: USC offers 50% scholarship to National Merit Scholars who note USC as their 1st choice

25 Kuder Career Planning
High School Planning Guide has information on access codes, passwords and assessments Career Search Skills Assessment Work Values Inventory Educational Planning, Job Planning Career, Occupation and College Searches

26 California’s Public Colleges
Showcases California’s independent and public colleges and universities College Planning Financial Aid Career Exploration “Ask an Expert” service Set up account to track coursework, admission requirements, career interests, and deadlines.

All undergraduates seeking financial aid must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) after January 1st of their senior year FAFSA is based on parent and student income during the tax year of the student’s junior year through December 31st of their senior year. The largest free scholarship search online

28 California Grants
Cal Grant Guarantee Every high school senior who graduates; meets the academic, financial and eligibility requirements and applies on time is guaranteed a Cal Grant award to attend college. Cal Grant A up to $8,322 at independent colleges (3.0 GPA required) March 2 deadline, senior year

29 Contact Information District Office – Lead Counselor Phone: Guidance Website

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