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Reflection & Planning for Future Progress CVUHSD Academy Retreat 2011.

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1 Reflection & Planning for Future Progress CVUHSD Academy Retreat 2011

2 What is All Aspects of the Industry? All Aspects is an integral part of the 1998 Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Applied Technology Act (Perkins III) A provision of this act calls for students to have “strong experience in and an understanding of those aspects of industry the students are preparing to enter”



5 Education for All Aspects of the Industry AAI addresses educational reform that aims to: combine learning and experience integrate vocational and academic education develop more interdisciplinary instruction forge links between schools, businesses, and community institutions

6 Rationale for the AAI Approach Learning is more effective when vocational education is integrated with instruction about the context in which graduates will work Since long-term employment with one firm is increasingly unlikely, young people need broad skills that will prepare them to do a variety of jobs Employers continually demand higher-skilled workers


8 The AAI Worksheet All Aspects of the Industry serves as an organizer for curriculum rather than an end in itself.

9 AAI Academy Self-Reflection To what degree has your academy completed this document? To what degree did your academy use this document to inform curricular planning? Even if your academy did not complete this document last year, did your academy implement any of the activities generated by reflection upon the mandatory components? If so, how did it go? How challenging was it to integrate activities that addressed these components? Choose one activity that was implemented as a product of the AAI worksheet and debrief the following: How was the effectiveness of the activity assessed in terms of student mastery of the mandatory component? Were students explicitly aware of the industry skills/knowledge they acquired, in addition to specific career/technical skills and/or academic content, as a result of the activity?

10 Share Out Academies that have completed (or come close!) the AAI worksheet and utilized it for curriculum planning: Please share your experiences from last year. What was successful? Challenging? How was the AAI worksheet useful? Academies that have not completed the AAI worksheet or didn’t explicitly use it for curriculum planning: Describe the challenges to utilizing this document. What is needed for you to be able to complete and utilize this document this school year?

11 Some AAI Resources The following can be found through links on the CV website under the Academy Retreat 2011 All Aspects Web Diagram w/ Descriptors All Aspects: An Informational Source Book Includes sample instructional topics, analysis questions, and connections to workplace skills All Aspects of the Industry Resource Website

12 AAI Work Time As you work on beginning/revising/tweaking this document, consider where these aspects can integrate best into your cross-curricular projects

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