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My Animal Report Kobie Perryman

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1 My Animal Report Kobie Perryman
Cover Page Title of the report Author Picture of animal BY

2 Cows Animal Reports

3 Table of Contents What do cows they look like
What do cows cows they eat Where do cows live Who are their predators

4 Introduction What is that I hear in a dairy It has a loud moo.
And it make a lot of milk for us. It’s a cow I hear over there.

5 What Do Look Like? Cows Cows can be light brown and black
And white. They can also have thin tails

6 What Do Eat? Cows eat grass corn wheat, and hay and dry ingredients

7 Do cows Have Predators? Cows predators are animals such
as lions wild dogs black bears and rattle snakes.

8 Interesting Facts About
Cows sleep standing up.They also sleep for 3 hours.Cows have 32 teeth and female cows don’t have their first calf until they are the age of 2 years old.

9 Conclusion I chose cows because they are my favorite animal on the world.

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