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This signals aryan blood.. These are the attacking signs.

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1 This signals aryan blood.

2 These are the attacking signs.

3 Aryan people Aryans migrated from Northern to Southern Iran. When Northern Iran fought southern Iran, Northern Iran Called their allies (Aryans) to help them in combat. Aryan migration was also very helpful to Northern India. India also became Aryans allies. ”They migrated between middle to late bronze age.” ( After the Aryans had many allies, they migrated on their own. These people were very smart because they knew they would fight for land territory. Their allies have great weapons so they will come in handy. Their allies were Northern India, Southern India, western India, Northern Iran, and Eastern Iran. Their foes were Western Iran, Southern Iran, and Eastern India. This is the sign Used for Migration.

4 Aryan invasion significance Aryan invasion’s significance is pretty cool. Some people say this how they attacked.“ When encountering a group much bigger and heavily armed than them, they always can count on their allies.”( But others say “ harappan cities were found abandoned because of the invasion. Every 7/13 horses were found dead. In 6500 B.C.E, India left there or at least the ones who survived. Then the Aryan people moved in," ( so how did the Aryans fight? First, they got allies. Second, they told them to attack from south and west and they would attack east and north. They move in. Right when the enemy thinks nothing will go wrong, they are attacked. “ I suggest that the weight of evidence is against it and should no longer be mentioned in the textbooks because of two statements. First, it’s controversial. Second, there are many theories to the Aryan invasion,” ( They used To carve this sign.

5 Aryan invasion theories This signals Aryan brotherh- hood.

6 Myth or fact??? They called this The magic Horse.

7 The Aryan invasion is truly an important part of history. Aryan people migration is a very important part of the Aryan invasion. The controversy of the Aryan invasion is very hectic. The theories of the Aryan invasion are so spectacular. Nobody can prove whether the Aryan invasion is a myth or a fact. All in all, the Aryan invasion is a wonderful subject to research. Conclusion This was the sign of the people who rebeled against the Invasion.

8 Works Cited Frawly, David. The myth of the Aryan invasion of India. November 25,2008. Http:// Aryan Invasion theory. November 25,2008. Frey,wendy; History Alive! The Ancient World. Laura, Auosulus, Palo Alto, Cal. 2004. T.C.I Http://

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