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Chinese Immigration to the United States

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1 Chinese Immigration to the United States

2 Gold Mountain! Chinese prospectors began coming to the United States en mass during the California Gold Rush of the 1850’s. Thousands of young Chinese men sized the opportunity to earn a fortune in California. 60-Day journey to California from China Competition leads to violence. To avoid confrontation, Chinese miners operated the less desirable sites and worked in large groups for protection. Atrocities against the Chinese were common due to a tax on Chinese miners. Laws kept the Chinese from testifying against a white person in court.

3 The Transcontinental Railroad
Chinese Immigrants’ helped to build the transcontinental railroad. When the railroad was finished the Chinese turned to farming, mining, domestic service and business ownership.

4 Anti-Chinese Violence
In the 1870’s the U.S. slumped into a recession and as unemployment grew, workers began to blame the Chinese immigrants for taking jobs. This led to a wave of violence that swept though California. Legal Harassment State and Local governments passed numersous laws directed at the Chinese including segragated schooling.

5 Chinese Exclusion Act Act designed to stop nearly all immigration from China. First law in the U.S. that excluded immigration by a specific ethnic group. Allowed teachers, students, merchants, and relatives of American Citizens to immigrate. Was not lifted until 1943.

6 Angel Island

7 Angel Island Between Asians, primarily Chinese, arriving in America were processed through Angel Island. Chinese were seperated from other passangers, and taken to separate barraks for processing.At any one time, between 30 to 50 females and 200 to 300 males were detained on Angel Island. Immigrants endured harsh questioning and long detentions in filthy, ramshackle buildings while they waited to find out whether they would be admitted or rejected.


9 Angel Island Immigrants had to convince officials through documentation and interrogations that they were merchants or joining family members who were American citizens.

10 Angel Island Poetry We are going to learn about Chinese Immigrants experience at Angel Island by listening to and creating poetry. For each slide students will listen to information about some aspect of Angel Island then create their own poetry.

11 Angel Island Many of the Chinese felt angry, disappointed and even humilitated by their detainment at Angel Island. One way they vented their frustrations and anguish was by writing or carving Chinese poems on the detention center’s walls. During this activity, you will get to read many of the poems from the walls of Angel Island, as well as create your own poetry about the Chinese Immigrant experience.

12 Angel Island Poetry There are tens of thousands of poems composed on these walls. They are all cries of complaint and sadness. The day I am rid of this prison and attain success, I must remember that this chapter once existed.

13 Chinese Immigrants Headed for the U.S.

14 Poems on the Voyage to America
The Sea-scape resembles lichen twisting and turning for a thousand li. There is no shore to land and it is difficult to walk. With a gentle breeze I arrived a the city thinking all would be so.

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