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RBHS Senior College Night Presentation.  Do you have all of the A-G requirements met?  No “D’s” allowed!  Opportunities at Shasta College to get back.

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1 RBHS Senior College Night Presentation

2  Do you have all of the A-G requirements met?  No “D’s” allowed!  Opportunities at Shasta College to get back on track ☺  Do you have a SAT or ACT test taken?  Have you released your scores to the specific campuses where you are applying?

3 SAT : Test Date Regular Reg. Late Reg.  Nov. 3Oct. 4 Oct. 19  Dec. 1 Nov. 1 Nov. 16 ACT:  Dec. 8 Nov. 2 Nov.16  November scores are usually the latest possible scores at most universities! Check your university's website!

4  Determine how long you want to be in college. Does you career require a AA/AS, BA/BS, Masters, PhD, M.D.?  Research required classes for a major @  Research job descriptions and wages, or

5  Apply online, take English & math placement tests, request final transcript from SHS be sent to Shasta College, attend orientation, and meet with a Shasta College counselor = You’re in!  IGETC plan @ SC prepares students for CSU transfer  SC has TAG programs with all UC campuses EXCEPT Berkeley & UCLA.  Reciprocity agreements with OIT & Southern Oregon Univ.

6  If you have already taken a class at Shasta during high school, do not re-apply. Call admissions and update your status.  Need to select an intended major or program of study(do not select undecided if you hope to receive financial aid)  Need to select an educational goal (AA, certificate, transfer)

7 If you are truly undecided and planning on attending Shasta:  For your intended major select CSU General Ed or IGETC  For your educational goal select associate degree and transfer to a 4 year (You may change your mind later and adjust as necessary)

8  Please make sure that your student is enrolled at RBHS under their legal name (name on the birth certificate).  Use your legal name on all college applications and FAFSA form.  If not, your student is in danger of jeopardizing their ability to access financial aid.

9  Do not proceed with the thought of enrolling for one year @ Shasta College then transfer to a UC or CSU. That is called a lower division transfer and no longer a possibility.  Transferring from Shasta requires 60 units which is two years of education! Once you are a transfer student your high school record is no longer reviewed. No SAT or ACT for transfer students!  If considering Shasta College for transfer follow the IGETC curriculum AND the AA-T or AS-T road map for your specific CSU campus and major! Students should also use to find Shasta College’s transferrable courses for their specific campus and major!

10  The AA-T or AS-T is a new joint transfer program and is the best route for students to transfer between CCC and CSU. Complete the prescribed 60 units at a CCC then complete the required 60 units at the CSU to earn the bachelor’s degree.  Two links for further information:

11  A 4-year degree is more like a 6 year degree at many California Universities.  It may be less expensive for our students to attend a university out of state. Some of them guarantee graduation in 4 years!  Private universities may not be more expensive than public universities!  Look into the WUE grant at out of state universities.

12  Does the college offer your major OR the 3 different majors you are considering?  Can you and your parents afford that college? Is attending that college worth taking out a student loan?  Are athletics important to you?  What types of housing does the college offer?  Location…. Big city, beach, snow boarding, culture  Distance from home (Believe it or not you will want to come home ☺ )  MAKE A COLLEGE VISIT… There is still time….

13  NCAA Web Site and Contacts  to research athletic programs, championships, and divisions  to register as a student athlete. This is crucial if you are remotely interested in playing at the Div. I level.  Shasta College- athletes are highly encouraged to register!

14  NAIA schools now have a clearinghouse just like NCAA. Schools like Simpson College are NAIA. Their SAT & ACT testing code is:9876 

15  CSU aims to admit the top 33% of all California high school graduates  23 Campuses  for application  Application period Oct. 1 – Nov. 30  NO ESSAY!  CSIS #: Upper left hand corner (State ID)  Check to see if your campus is impacted  Check to see what campuses have your major msmatrix.pdf msmatrix.pdf

16 Website for CSU Handbook: ments/admissionhandbook.pdf  CSU Chico is our local university so RBHS students are guaranteed admission if they meet minimum requirements.  Find out your EAP results and plan accordingly!

17  All CSU campuses have the same cost of tuition but have different campus fees as well as different costs for books housing and meals.  Following are examples of full time students living on campus for one school year:  Chico = $24,090  Cal Poly SLO = $24,380  Long Beach = $23,776  San Diego = $24,551

18  CSU only uses SAT CR & Math or the ACT composite score  CSU will split scores  CSU uses an eligibility index  Location, Location, Location!!!  Check out campus preview dates!  Apply broadly!

19  Eligibility factors are: 1st Generation college student, meet low-income guidelines, or are an underrepresented ethnic group.  Support services are: $1,000 grant, free tutoring, academic advising, and additional counseling, possible acceptance w/o meeting A-G requirements.  Timeline: Must apply by Nov. 30th and MUST check the box for EOP!  Requires additional paper work!

20  10 campuses however, UCSF is for graduate students.  90% of UC students are CA residents  Newly enrolling students are well-prepared  Average GPA: 3.86  Average SAT: 1782  Average ACT: 26  Remember: UC campuses admit students with a broad range of academic achievements  Apply Nov. 1 – Nov. 30 at  Apply Broadly!

21 Eligibility  A-G courses (Minimum of 15 A-G courses but 11 courses must have been completed by the start of senior year.)  3.0 GPA or above in A-G courses  Scores from all 3 tests on the SAT Reasoning or ACT plus writing. UC uses test scores from the highest single test day. They do not split scores!  Some specific majors at various campuses recommend SAT subject tests n/requirements/examination-requirement/SAT-subject- tests/index.html n/requirements/examination-requirement/SAT-subject- tests/index.html

22  Online application available the beginning of October  Student must write personal statement! (1000 word limit)  Student can work on the application during October  Can submit applications Nov 1st  Applications are due Nov 30th

23 Selection from Comprehensive Review  Comprehensive review allows campuses to fully assess all of an applicant’s qualifications through the two personal statement essays and extracurricular information.  Go online to see how your campus scores applications and who was admitted last year.

24 The Comprehensive Review Fourteen UC Selection Criteria  1. GPA  2. Test Scores (SAT or ACT)  3. Number of A-G courses  4. Number of honors, AP, and college courses completed  5. ELC (top 9% of graduating high school class)  6. Strength of senior year coursework  7. Utilization of educational opportunities available  8. Outstanding performance in an academic area  9. Outstanding work in an academic field  10. Recent, marked improvement in the last two years  11. Special talents and skills  12. Completion of special projects  13. Academic accomplishment in light of difficult life experiences  14. Location of high school and residence

25  Top 9% of students of California are considered to be eligible based on the Statewide Path. This distinction comes from the admission index which calculates the student’s A-G GPA and SAT or ACT test scores. These students are guaranteed admission to a UC campus but it may not be their first choice campus.  Top 9% of high school class is considered to be ELC which is Eligibility in the Local Context. This distinction comes from the A-G GPA and measured against the GPA of the graduating class. The ELC students also receive guaranteed admission to a UC campus.

26 Campus GPA ACT SAT Berkeley 4.20 29.4 2035 Davis 4.06 27.6 1893 UCLA 4.20 28.9 2008 UCSD 4.15 29 1988 Santa Cruz 3.79 24.9 1734

27  Eligibility: high academic ability, low family income, educationally disadvantaged background (first generation college student)  Services: Summer Bridge, personal counseling, academic advising, and academic skills development.  Timeline: Must apply by November 30th and MUST check the EOP box on the application and include information in the personal statement.

28  Fees $13,877  Books and Supplies $1,602  Health Insurance $1,380  Room and Board $13,503  Personal/Transportation $ 1,806  Total $32,168

29  Some require an essay some do not  Sometimes are more expensive but they offer more financial aid  Applications differ so be sure to go online and check deadlines  Common Application is available now at  DO NOT PROCRASTINATE ON THE COMMON APPLICATION. We will not check our e-mail over Winter Break!

30  (530) 224-5600   Academic courses prepare students for careers in ministry, business, missions, and education fields. Athletic teams compete in  NAIA/NCCAA conferences.  Student Budget:  Tuition & Fees = $22,400  Books for 1 year = $1,000  Housing and meals=$7,300  Total = $29,700

31  ED and EA both require earlier application deadlines and receive earlier notifications  The most selective colleges admit 25%-50% of their students from the early admissions pool. Ivy League at 40%!  ED = Binding & only one application  EA = Non Binding

32  Be sure to have a “safe” email as colleges will begin communicating with you via email. Their technology will omit “inappropriate” email addresses. Parents are encouraged to have access to this email.  RELEASE YOUR TEST SCORES!  Should receive a confirmation 3-4 weeks after submitting your application  Set up a portal account as per each college’s directions  DO NOT MISS A DEADLINE! California colleges need to reduce admissions… don’t let this be a reason for your denial… Check your portal regularly—meet deadlines!!  Apply for housing….Make the dorm deposit!  May 1st is the most common Intent to Register date…  Take notice of your student ID. Once you receive your acceptance all communication will require your college student ID…not your RBHS student ID.

33  National Scholarship Searches:  RBHS Counseling Webpage  Scholarship listing from College Options ources.html#freeinfosites McConnell Foundation  arships arships

34  The “Common Scholarship” Application is available on the RBHS Counseling Center webpage.  Please type your application and submit to the Counseling Center from Jan. 8-March 1.  Senior Awards Ceremony will be May 21, 2013 at 6:30pm.

35  Be sure to research scholarships at your proposed university or college. There is generally just one application that makes you eligible for all university scholarships!  Research opportunities for President’s Scholars Programs at Long Beach, Chico, Fullerton and more.  Be aware of scholarship scams !

36  Red Bluff High School Financial Aid Night: Wednesday, Dec. 5@ 7 p.m. in the Performing Arts Center.  Parents are strongly encouraged to get their taxes completed early before filing for FAFSA.  FAFSA: Free Application For Student Aid @  DO NOT BE FOOLED BY OTHER WEBSITES OR OFFERS TO COMPLETE YOUR FAFSA FOR YOU FOR A MINIMAL FEE! Use your student’s counselor and/or College Options for help!  Student and parent(s) can create a PIN now at The parent that will be signing the FAFSA will need a PIN.  GPA verification forms will be handed out to seniors in their Am.Govt. class and are required to qualify for Cal Grants. RBHS electronically submits these forms.  Profile form is an additional financial aid form that some private colleges require.

37  Thank you for attending.  The computers are now open for students to work on their college applications.  We will put this PowerPoint on the RBHS Counseling Webpage.

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