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RBHS Senior College Night Presentation

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1 RBHS Senior College Night Presentation

2 Are you university bound?
Do you have all of the A-G requirements met? No “D’s” allowed! Opportunities at Shasta College to get back on track ☺ Do you have a SAT or ACT test taken? Have you released your scores to the specific campuses where you are applying?

3 College Entrance Exams
SAT : Test Date Regular Reg Late Reg. Nov. 3 Oct Oct. 19 Dec. 1 Nov Nov. 16 ACT: Dec. 8 Nov. 2 Nov.16 November scores are usually the latest possible scores at most universities! Check your university's website!

4 What is your major? Determine how long you want to be in college. Does you career require a AA/AS, BA/BS, Masters, PhD, M.D.? Research required classes for a Research job descriptions and wages , or

5 Shasta College Admissions
Apply online, take English & math placement tests, request final transcript from SHS be sent to Shasta College, attend orientation, and meet with a Shasta College counselor = You’re in! IGETC SC prepares students for CSU transfer SC has TAG programs with all UC campuses EXCEPT Berkeley & UCLA. Reciprocity agreements with OIT & Southern Oregon Univ.

6 Shasta college If you have already taken a class at Shasta during high school, do not re-apply. Call admissions and update your status. Need to select an intended major or program of study(do not select undecided if you hope to receive financial aid) Need to select an educational goal (AA, certificate, transfer)

7 Shasta continued If you are truly undecided and planning on attending Shasta: For your intended major select CSU General Ed or IGETC For your educational goal select associate degree and transfer to a 4 year (You may change your mind later and adjust as necessary)

8 Legal Name Please make sure that your student is enrolled at RBHS under their legal name (name on the birth certificate). Use your legal name on all college applications and FAFSA form. If not, your student is in danger of jeopardizing their ability to access financial aid.

9 Myth Busters Do not proceed with the thought of enrolling for one Shasta College then transfer to a UC or CSU. That is called a lower division transfer and no longer a possibility. Transferring from Shasta requires 60 units which is two years of education! Once you are a transfer student your high school record is no longer reviewed. No SAT or ACT for transfer students! If considering Shasta College for transfer follow the IGETC curriculum AND the AA-T or AS-T road map for your specific CSU campus and major! Students should also use to find Shasta College’s transferrable courses for their specific campus and major!

10 Community College Transfers
The AA-T or AS-T is a new joint transfer program and is the best route for students to transfer between CCC and CSU. Complete the prescribed 60 units at a CCC then complete the required 60 units at the CSU to earn the bachelor’s degree. Two links for further information:

11 Do your research….. A 4-year degree is more like a 6 year degree at many California Universities. It may be less expensive for our students to attend a university out of state. Some of them guarantee graduation in 4 years! Private universities may not be more expensive than public universities! Look into the WUE grant at out of state universities.

12 Which college is right for me?
Does the college offer your major OR the 3 different majors you are considering? Can you and your parents afford that college? Is attending that college worth taking out a student loan? Are athletics important to you? What types of housing does the college offer? Location…. Big city, beach, snow boarding, culture Distance from home (Believe it or not you will want to come home ☺) MAKE A COLLEGE VISIT… There is still time….

13 NCAA CLEARING HOUSE NCAA Web Site and Contacts
to research athletic programs, championships, and divisions to register as a student athlete. This is crucial if you are remotely interested in playing at the Div. I level. Shasta College- athletes are highly encouraged to register!

14 NAIA Clearinghouse NAIA schools now have a clearinghouse just like NCAA. Schools like Simpson College are NAIA. Their SAT & ACT testing code is:9876

15 Apply to a CSU CSU aims to admit the top 33% of all California high school graduates 23 Campuses for application Application period Oct. 1 – Nov. 30 NO ESSAY! CSIS #: Upper left hand corner (State ID) Check to see if your campus is impacted Check to see what campuses have your major

16 Latest CSU Information
Website for CSU Handbook: CSU Chico is our local university so RBHS students are guaranteed admission if they meet minimum requirements. Find out your EAP results and plan accordingly!

17 CSU Student Budgets All CSU campuses have the same cost of
tuition but have different campus fees as well as different costs for books housing and meals. Following are examples of full time students living on campus for one school year: Chico = $24,090 Cal Poly SLO = $24,380 Long Beach = $23,776 San Diego = $24,551

18 CSU continued CSU only uses SAT CR & Math or the ACT composite score
CSU will split scores CSU uses an eligibility index Location, Location, Location!!! Check out campus preview dates! Apply broadly!

19 Educational Opportunity Program
Eligibility factors are: 1st Generation college student, meet low-income guidelines, or are an underrepresented ethnic group. Support services are: $1,000 grant, free tutoring, academic advising, and additional counseling, possible acceptance w/o meeting A-G requirements. Timeline: Must apply by Nov. 30th and MUST check the box for EOP! Requires additional paper work!

20 UC Facts Newly enrolling students are well-prepared
10 campuses however, UCSF is for graduate students. 90% of UC students are CA residents Newly enrolling students are well-prepared Average GPA: 3.86 Average SAT: 1782 Average ACT: 26 Remember: UC campuses admit students with a broad range of academic achievements Apply Nov. 1 – Nov. 30 at Apply Broadly!

21 Are you eligible to apply?
Eligibility A-G courses (Minimum of 15 A-G courses but 11 courses must have been completed by the start of senior year.) 3.0 GPA or above in A-G courses Scores from all 3 tests on the SAT Reasoning or ACT plus writing. UC uses test scores from the highest single test day. They do not split scores! Some specific majors at various campuses recommend SAT subject tests

22 Application Timeline Online application available the beginning of
October Student must write personal statement! (1000 word limit) Student can work on the application during October Can submit applications Nov 1st Applications are due Nov 30th

23 How will I be evaluated? Selection from Comprehensive Review
Comprehensive review allows campuses to fully assess all of an applicant’s qualifications through the two personal statement essays and extracurricular information. Go online to see how your campus scores applications and who was admitted last year.

24 The Comprehensive Review
The Comprehensive Review Fourteen UC Selection Criteria 1. GPA 2. Test Scores (SAT or ACT) 3. Number of A-G courses 4. Number of honors, AP, and college courses completed 5. ELC (top 9% of graduating high school class) 6. Strength of senior year coursework 7. Utilization of educational opportunities available 8. Outstanding performance in an academic area 9. Outstanding work in an academic field 10. Recent, marked improvement in the last two years 11. Special talents and skills 12. Completion of special projects 13. Academic accomplishment in light of difficult life experiences 14. Location of high school and residence

25 The UC Guarantee Top 9% of students of California are considered to be eligible based on the Statewide Path. This distinction comes from the admission index which calculates the student’s A-G GPA and SAT or ACT test scores. These students are guaranteed admission to a UC campus but it may not be their first choice campus. Top 9% of high school class is considered to be ELC which is Eligibility in the Local Context. This distinction comes from the A-G GPA and measured against the GPA of the graduating class. The ELC students also receive guaranteed admission to a UC campus.

26 UC Profiles Campus GPA ACT SAT Berkeley 4.20 29.4 2035
Davis UCLA UCSD Santa Cruz

27 UC EOP Eligibility: high academic ability, low family income, educationally disadvantaged background (first generation college student) Services: Summer Bridge, personal counseling, academic advising, and academic skills development. Timeline: Must apply by November 30th and MUST check the EOP box on the application and include information in the personal statement.

28 Cost of attending a UC 12/13 (living on campus)
•Fees $13,877 •Books and Supplies $1,602 •Health Insurance $1,380 •Room and Board $13,503 •Personal/Transportation $ 1,806 •Total $32,168

29 Independent and Private
Some require an essay some do not Sometimes are more expensive but they offer more financial aid Applications differ so be sure to go online and check deadlines Common Application is available now at DO NOT PROCRASTINATE ON THE COMMON APPLICATION. We will not check our over Winter Break!

30 Simpson University (530) 224-5600
Academic courses prepare students for careers in ministry, business, missions, and education fields. Athletic teams compete in NAIA/NCCAA conferences. Student Budget: Tuition & Fees = $22,400 Books for 1 year = $1,000 Housing and meals=$7,300 Total = $29,700

31 Early Decision vs. Early Action
ED and EA both require earlier application deadlines and receive earlier notifications The most selective colleges admit 25%-50% of their students from the early admissions pool. Ivy League at 40%! ED = Binding & only one application EA = Non Binding

32 After you’ve submitted your application…..
Be sure to have a “safe” as colleges will begin communicating with you via . Their technology will omit “inappropriate” addresses. Parents are encouraged to have access to this . RELEASE YOUR TEST SCORES! Should receive a confirmation 3-4 weeks after submitting your application Set up a portal account as per each college’s directions DO NOT MISS A DEADLINE! California colleges need to reduce admissions… don’t let this be a reason for your denial… Check your portal regularly—meet deadlines!! Apply for housing….Make the dorm deposit! May 1st is the most common Intent to Register date… Take notice of your student ID. Once you receive your acceptance all communication will require your college student ID…not your RBHS student ID.

33 Scholarships National Scholarship Searches:
RBHS Counseling Webpage Scholarship listing from College Options McConnell Foundation

34 RBHS Community Scholarships
The “Common Scholarship” Application is available on the RBHS Counseling Center webpage. Please type your application and submit to the Counseling Center from Jan. 8-March 1. Senior Awards Ceremony will be May 21, 2013 at 6:30pm.

35 Other Scholarship Opportunities
Be sure to research scholarships at your proposed university or college. There is generally just one application that makes you eligible for all university scholarships! Research opportunities for President’s Scholars Programs at Long Beach, Chico, Fullerton and more. Be aware of scholarship scams !

36 Financial Aid Red Bluff High School Financial Aid Night: Wednesday, Dec. 7 p.m. in the Performing Arts Center. Parents are strongly encouraged to get their taxes completed early before filing for FAFSA. FAFSA: Free Application For Student DO NOT BE FOOLED BY OTHER WEBSITES OR OFFERS TO COMPLETE YOUR FAFSA FOR YOU FOR A MINIMAL FEE! Use your student’s counselor and/or College Options for help! Student and parent(s) can create a PIN now at The parent that will be signing the FAFSA will need a PIN. GPA verification forms will be handed out to seniors in their Am.Govt. class and are required to qualify for Cal Grants. RBHS electronically submits these forms. Profile form is an additional financial aid form that some private colleges require.

37 Final Questions? Thank you for attending.
The computers are now open for students to work on their college applications. We will put this PowerPoint on the RBHS Counseling Webpage.

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