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Red Bluff High School English Learner Strategies.

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1 Red Bluff High School English Learner Strategies

2 Word Squares 1. Take a white flashcard and have a seat. 2. Divide the square in four equal parts. 3. Write word, definition, illustration, and sentence on the top of each box. 4. Choose any word from your lessons this week. 5. Finally, complete each box by writing the word, writing it’s definition, drawing it, and using the term in a sentence that has at least 15 words.

3 Strategy #1: Vocabulary and Language Development Word Squares Word: COLLEGE Definition: A place for learning that offers more advanced education than high school. Illustration:Sentence: Red Bluff High School prepares students for college, careers, and life.

4 Mural of Terms

5 Strategy #2 Guided Interaction Graphic Organizers

6 Strategy #3 Metacognition and Authentic Assessment Cloze (Thinking and not just memorizing)/CFU

7 Strategy #4 Modeling, Graphic Organizers, and Visuals Image to word connections/Final Products

8 Poetry

9 Comic Books

10 Strategy #5 Explicit Instruction (Scaffolding, Step by step) Descriptive Presentations

11 Research/Technology

12 Writing Draft

13 Strategy #6 Meaning-Based Context and Universal Themes Personal Biographies

14 CELDT Graphs

15 Business Letters

16 English Learner Websites/Programs Accelerated Reader Read Naturally

17 Questions?

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