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Mrs. Hartman – 4th Per. Biology – Life Science.

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1 Mrs. Hartman – 4th Per. Biology – Life Science

2 Credits: Credits should be earned every 3 weeks
We will cover 1 chapter each week (2 to 3 chapters per credit) Assignments will be given daily Keep up, you should be OK Tests will be given at the end of each week: every Friday

3 Daily Assignments: Vocabulary (number of words varies by chapter)
Workbook Paragraph Questions are done with me as a class (either 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, etc.) Rest of Workbook: Vocabulary Review and Reinforcement & Word Wise will be done in small groups/teams. We may play the Workbook Game if time permits Work Sheets will be given on occasion Chapter Summaries for each chapter in credit Chapter Test – Must be passed - at least 70%

4 Rules: NO FOOD OR DRINKS NO CELL PHONES - PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bottled water OK NO CELL PHONES - PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If it’s out & I take it, it’s your fault, office gets it, you get a referral, parent must pick it up!!! In your seats when bell rings When the bell rings, it’s my time – You are Quiet Respect When I am speaking, you are quiet When another student is speaking be respectful to them, I take this very seriously!

5 Rules (cont…) Gum chewing Hats / Hoods / Beanies
NOT ALLOWED IN MY CLASSROOM!! PLEASE USE THE TRASH CAN BY THE DOOR ON YOUR WAY IN!! Hats / Hoods / Beanies Absolutely NO HATS, HOODS OR BEANIES may be worn in my classroom….I’m “old school!” Please take THEM off upon entering my classroom No Headphones!! No I Pods!! No Cell Phones!! This is a School Rule: They will be confiscated if I see OR hear them!

6 Classroom: Expectations Please clean up after yourselves
I’m not your parents, it’s not my job to clean up after you. Please do not leave trash on the floor Please put books away under desks once I tell you to clean up When I am absent all rules still apply! When I have a sub, you MUST be on your BEST BEHAVIOR, or face the consequences when you return!

7 How the Class Works: White Boards Right Board is Biology: Left Side of Right Board: Daily Agenda Middle: Learning Goal / Standard for current chapter Right Side of Left Board: Credit Assignments Please put your name on EVERYTHING!!! You will need to label and date each assignment MY DESK AND DESK AREA ARE OFF LIMITS to students (except my TA’s), DO NOT REMOVE ANYTHING FROM MY DESK WITHOUT ASKING!

8 How the Class Works: Class Period Boxes are kept on far cabinet
Your Class Box is 4th Period ONLY!!!!! All other Class Boxes are for my US History classes You MUST STAY OUT OF ALL OTHER CLASS BOXES!!!

9 How the Class Works (cont.):
You NEED to label your work so I know what is what when you turn in your packets! NAME ON PAPERS / ASSIGNMENTS No name, I will throw it away! THERE WILL BE NO SLEEPING IN MY CLASS! SLEEP IN MY CLASS = AUTOMATIC REFERRAL!!

10 Paper: We are very low on paper…DO NOT WASTE !
We will do all our assignments and tests on lined paper Sometimes: Work Sheets will be available All Chapter Summaries will be done on Summary Sheets, unless I choose for them to be done on lined paper as well Label EVERYTHING! Put your name, date, and assignment title on every assignment! This will benefit both of us!

11 Assignments: There will be a variety of assignments: Some Lecture
Textbook Work (for Vocabulary & Chapter Reading) Workbook Work Some Work Sheets Group work Group Games Chapter Summaries Chapter Tests

12 Tests: You need a 70% to pass
You can use your assignments, for that credit, on your tests! So if you are missing a lot of assignments, that means you have not been working in my class, which will lead to serious consequences (detention, phone calls or s home, possible administrative disciplinary actions The better you do on the assignments, the easier the tests will be for you You will take a test for every chapter I will rearrange desks on test day to create more elbow-room for you You will always know in advance when tests will be given You get 2 chances to pass the Tests for each chapter You will have 1 class period to take your test, if that is not enough time, you will come in at your lunchtime to finish, or I will make other arrangements for you

13 Tests (cont…) The second time you take your test, you will go back and fix the questions you missed If you do not pass after 2 times, you may have the following in place of test: Another test, Alternative Questions Test (A.Q) A.Q. test is VERY DIFFICULT!! Possible 3-5 Paragraph Essay, I DECIDE!! Study hard, keep up with me, and you WILL pass the tests on your first try for each chapter….IT’S UP TO YOU!

14 Grading: All students have opportunities to earn” A’s” and “B’s”, not just a “C” In this class, your on time assignments and your test scores will be averaged These averaged grades will be what you will earn 70% = C 80% = B 90% = A

15 Credit Packets: Credit Packets will be due on the day of the last test for that credit!!! What is a credit packet? It is all the work you have done for that credit, stapled with the cover page on top. Packet MUST BE IN ORDER, or you will get it back to arrange correctly. If the credit packet is not done when we take the test, you will still take the test. When you finish the assignments in your credit packet (and you have passed the test) you will receive your credit within 1 to 3 days

16 Credit Packets (cont…)
If you are missing work, we will go on to the next assignment…….AND…….. This means that the credit packet now becomes YOUR HOMEWORK! We will be moving on to the next credit New assignments will be given to you, that you will be responsible for You will have to come in on your lunchtime or after school (I am usually here daily until 3pm) to work or to take tests until you finish your credit.

17 Chapter Summaries: We will be using the “Jane Schaffer Writing Style” to complete your Chapter Summaries (you will be using this method in your English classes as well) Colored Pens / Colored Pencils will be used for your Chapter Summaries You will follow the steps and methods to complete each Summary You will write a 2 Paragraph Summary for each Chapter using proper English in your own words!!! Chapter Summaries will be done prior to Tests

Other Notes: You will follow daily step by step instructions and assignments You will keep up with the class pace You can borrow pencils from me, but I expect them back DO NOT TAKE MY PENCILS OUT OF MY CLASSROOM!!!!!

19 Seating: Obviously, I have assigned seating! It will be my choice to move you if you make me move you! Your first move will be to the “Isolation Seat” if you cannot handle being in the “General Population” of the class Here are some reasons for seating changes: Not working Talking too much Disruptive Teacher Discretion

20 Homework: There is no regular homework given in this class
Daily assignments, that are not complete, will be your responsibility to complete during detention, after school detention, or at home and therefore be considered YOUR HOMEWORK. It will be my decision if I give you a detention for not doing your classwork. Credit packets that are not finished, will be automatic homework

21 Taking home Life Science Text Books OR CDs:
You may check out books from me and only me! You MAY NOT check out a Biology book from another teacher, sub, or Gina! Do not have the proctor or an administrator open the room for a book, it will not be allowed! Books will be returned when I am in the classroom! You lose one, damage OR TAG a book YOU WILL BE BILLED $78.47

22 Discipline: “Classroom Rules” will be NO DIFFERENT than “School Rules and Expectations” as seen in the Ed Jones Educational Center’s Parent - Student Handbook Please follow all Class and School Rules The following steps will be taken if you are unable to follow and abide by the school rules:

23 Discipline continued:
Infraction # 1 – Documentation in Student Behavioral Record Infraction # 2 – Phone call or home to Parent or Guardian Infraction # 3 – Seating Change Infraction # 4 - Lunch Detention or After School Detention with me in Room 8 All Additional Infractions – Disciplinary Referral to Administration

24 Keep Up With Me!! Do your Daily Assignments!
When we go over the assignments, that is your time to make ACCURATE CORRECTIONS!!! Pass Chapter Tests You’ve got 2 chances to pass your tests! You will make it much more difficult on yourself if you do not keep up with me!! At the end of each 2 to 3 week period, you should earn one Biology Credit!

25 Listening: When the bell rings, you are to be quietly in your seat
Once the bell rings you are on my time This means: WHEN I SPEAK, YOU ARE QUIET AND YOU ARE LISTENING! If there is something you are having difficulty with, please ask me!! I am always here to help you!!

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