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December 2009 Digital Radio Plus All you need to know it’s radio as you know it, plus…

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1 December 2009 Digital Radio Plus All you need to know it’s radio as you know it, plus…

2 Contents Tutorials Getting the most from the website Postcode searches Coverage Listen live News About Digital Radio What you need to know

3 Tutorials There is a “Tutorials section”, just follow the links across the top and it provides a plethora of information to assist in understanding this new type of There is base information for beginners and even technical information for those who are a little more advanced. A number of free downloads can also be used as great support material. Links from that section take you to other areas of relevance on the site. Whether you simply listen to, work in radio, sell radios or even build them, there is a tutorial to suit you and your team’s learning needs. Online tutorials suitable for Radio Station professionals, Retailers, Manufacturers, Car Manufacturers and Advertisers are available by simply clicking the Industry Tutorials link then select your area of expertise.Industry Tutorials If you require a dvd version of this section, contact

4 Getting the most from the website Everything you need to know about digital radio in Australia can be found at When launching a new technology like digital radio, it mustn’t be too complex or present barriers to consumer engagement. There is no better way for people to play with a new technology than through a smart website. Listeners are invited to go to this website to explore digital radio. The site is designed to offer consumers a seamless experience from when they first hear about it, to can I get it?, to which Stations, where, which receivers and how much are these new radios?

5 Postcode searches Listeners can search if digital radio is in their area and find retailers. Coverage Listeners can select a broadcasting area to see what stations provide digital coverage.

6 Listen Live Listeners will be able to sample all of their favourite Stations from across Australia online plus all of the new digital radio stations. News Stay abreast of the latest developments for digital radio in Australia.

7 About Digital Radio Digital radio is a new, exciting and involving way for listeners to tune into their favourite radio stations. Offering an exceptionally high sound and signal quality, digital radio offers a range of exciting features to enhance your listening experience. Clearer sound and improved reception Extra features such as extra channels, pause and rewind radio, downloadable music, more details about the advertised product, slideshows, scrolling text, Electronic Program Guides, updated news, sports and racing information. Just to name a few Extra channels potentially doubles the number of commercial stations Tuning by station name, not frequency, making it easy to find favourite stations A wider choice of shows and program highlights better meets the needs of niche audiences

8 What you need to know Digital Radio is free-to-air One of the biggest attractions is that listening to the radio will continue to be free. With digital radio all you need is a digital receiver and that’s it – no subscription fees, no messing about with signing up, just tune in. Australians listen to an average of two and a half hours of commercial radio a day and there are an estimated 50 million analogue radios throughout the country.

9 What you need to know Radio goes visual For the first time radio will have an added visual feature. The DAB+ system will allow radio broadcasters to deliver a much more dynamic, multi-media experience to the listener. The spectrum efficiency of DAB+ means broadcasters can provide on a small screen, scrolling news, sport and weather text and transmit a picture of a radio host or band, the cover of a CD or an animated logo, and create an Electronic Program Guide.

10 What you need to know Additional features DAB+ allows each broadcaster to produce extra audio channels. Many DAB+ receivers will have a pause and rewind option. Each station will be using the variety of new features to meet the needs of their target audience. Some may offer extra audio or text based channels, others may choose to offer a range of data services such as slideshows, graphics, product pictures and animation. News and sports stations may provide very different features and information to music stations.

11 What you need to know Digital Radio Switch-On The Australian commercial radio industry has officially launched digital broadcasting in five capital cities – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth in May 2009, creating a new wave of consumer interest and excitement about this well-loved medium. ABC and SBS commenced digital services throughout June 09. the website for regularly updated information

12 What you need to know Use It or Lose It 1 January had been the mandatory “use it or lose it” startup date, but the Government has now extended this to 1 July 2009 to allow for any unforeseen delays in the infrastructure build.

13 What you need to know Radio Receivers To listen to digital radio, consumers will need a new receiver. Digital radios will come in all shapes and sizes, including MP3 devices, hi fi, portable players and clock radios. PC radios, which plug into a computer and allow receiver functions to be controlled from the computer screen, will also be available. In car adaptors and upgrades are also expected to be available and there are likely to be adaptor kits for mobile phones. Major retailers are expected to stock a range of digital radios in the lead-up to switch on – and leading manufacturers will be introducing more products throughout 2009.

14 What you need to know Receiver Costs Like any product range, digital radio prices will vary greatly depending on their features and capabilities. Entry-level receivers (with scrolling text) are likely to start from around AUD$89. A receiver with all the digital capabilities will start at AUD$259. Like any new technology expect prices to fall as more and more people buy receivers.

15 What you need to know Simple to Tune Digital radios are incredibly easy to tune. There is no need to remember frequencies. They display the name of the station. Start listening by simply picking a station from the list, and your radio will lock in to the very best reception.

16 What you need to know AM & FM AM and FM radio services will continue to be broadcast to allow consumers adequate time to replace their radios with digital receivers. Over time, digital could eventually replace analogue radio (AM and FM) but older radios won’t become obsolete for some time.

17 What you need to know Overseas Receivers A receiver purchased from overseas may not be compatible with DAB+. The UK, for example, uses the more basic DAB format (as opposed to DAB+) and radio receivers from there are unlikely to work in Australia.

18 What you need to know Digital Radio Planning Extensive ongoing work is required to test and develop the best digital radio transmission network for Australia. Commercial radio broadcasters switched on the first DAB+ test channel in Sydney in July 2007. The industry is also working with the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) on spectrum planning Australian Government Policy on Digital Radio

19 What you need to know The Australian Government’s Broadcasting Legislation Amendment (Digital Radio) Bill 2007 was passed in Parliament on 10 May 2007. It enables existing commercial, national and wide-coverage community radio broadcasters to provide digital radio services. In recognition of the significant industry investment required to launch digital radio, it provides for a six-year moratorium on new entrants from the date of rollout, and the opportunity for broadcaster consortiums to control the multiplex licences.

20 What you need to know Other Countries No other country has approached the rollout of digital radio in a coordinated and staged manner, working together with advertising, retail, and manufacturer sectors to ensure a smooth launch and a unified message to listeners. The DAB+ format Australia is adopting has up to three times the capacity of the original DAB standard (used in the UK), and many other countries are watching with interest to see the impact of both the new technology and the success of a staged and coordinated approach. Jurisdictions such as Italy, Germany, Hungary, The Czech Republic Switzerland, Malta, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan and a number of Chinese provinces have either commenced or are planning trials of DAB+ or have indicated an intention to commence permanent services.

21 Stations available on Digital 2009 - Sydney

22 Stations available on Digital 2009 - Melbourne

23 Stations available on Digital 2009 - Brisbane

24 Stations available on Digital 2009 - Adelaide

25 Stations available on Digital 2009 - Perth

26 Stations available on Digital 2009 – Digital Radio only stations

27 More information Contact us Digital Radio Plus Level 5, 88 Foveaux Street Surry Hills NSW 2010 Australia Tel +61 2 9281 6577

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