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The Impersonal “se” Realidades 3.

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1 The Impersonal “se” Realidades 3

2 The Impersonal “se” In English we often use they, you, one, or people in an impersonal or indefinite sense meaning “people in general.”

3 The Impersonal “se” In Spanish we use se + the Ud./él/ella or the Uds./ellos/ellas form of the verb.

4 The Impersonal “se” Se habla español. Spanish is spoken here.
Se venden computadoras baratas. Cheap computers are sold here.

5 The Impersonal “se” A menudo se sirve pan con paella.
Bread is often served with paella.

6 The Impersonal “se” Se permite sacar fotos? Can you take pictures?

7 The Impersonal “se” Note that you don´t know who performs the action.
The word that follows the verb determines whether the verb is singular or plural.

8 The Impersonal “se” Se creó una página web. Se crearon páginas web.

9 The Impersonal “se” When the word following the conjugated verb is an infinitive, the verb form is singular. Se necesita construir un nuevo edificio.

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