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Mr. Lewis Computers 7 Periods 1 –3 and 5 – 6

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1 Mr. Lewis Computers 7 Periods 1 –3 and 5 – 6
Kyle Carter Homes Pasadena Home in Madison Grove, Bakersfield, CA Plan P -1750 Mr. Lewis Computers 7 Periods 1 –3 and 5 – 6 Home photos taken by author

2 Plan P-1750 The Plan P-1750 by Kyle Carter Homes is truly a remarkable work of art. It is available in two elevations, Traditional French and Mission, both have the options of a three car garage or bonus room. By itself, the house has 1750 square feet of living space. Nonetheless, the added bonus room expands it to 1956 square feet of living comfort. Madison Grove image obtained from

3 Plan P Madison Grove is located in the newly developed North West in Bakersfield, California – just west of the stunning Riverlakes Golf Course. People are waiting in lines and submitting their names in lotteries just to own a plot of land in the area. If you purchase this home, you wont have to wait because it is fully built and ready to inhabit. Golf image came from

4 Plan P This home comes with an added bonus room, fireplace (in Old Chicago brick), upgraded carpet and vinyl, patio slab, two-tone paint, added wall space and window, 50 gallon water heater, landscaped front and back yard with sprinkler system, and a lot more.

5 Floor Plan Here is the floor plan of the P – Just look at the huge great room and spacious kitchen. Somebody will surely love living in this home. Floor plan image obtained from

6 Asking Price This beautiful home can be yours for only $214,990. Interested parties need to contact James Vaughn Realtors at the following number: (661) James Vaughn Realtors image obtain from

7 $214,990 Nearly 2000 sq. feet of comfortable living by a beautiful links golf course.

8 Financing There are many lenders who are willing handle new borrowers. My choice is Countrywide (visit Currently, the annual percentage rate with 20% down or $42,998 (with no PMI) is %. PMI is property mortgage insurance. It covers the mortgage if something goes wrong. One does not have to purchase PMI if 20% is put down on a home. Note: There are other loan options available that only require 5% down, but your interest rate will be higher if PMI is not acceptable. Also, PMI is not tax deductible.

9 Financing Closing costs vary from lender to lender. Countywide lowers closing costs if a person agrees to pay a higher fee. Nonetheless, for the lowest APR, one can expect to pay $5,279. When added to the 20%, you will need to provide the lender $49,077 to move in the home. Nonetheless, if you wanted to put down 5% or $10,749.50, plus the closing costs to equal $16, Keep in mind, if you chose not to pay the PMI, you will have a higher interest rate. Also, less down equals more payment each month.

10 Monthly Payment – 30 Year Loan
With 20% down, you can expect to pay about $1, per month. With 5% down, you can expect to pay about $1, per month. Other loans, such as 15-year, are available. Discuss your options with your lender. Prices will vary with tax rates, APRs, and the like.

11 This beautiful home could be yours.
Call (661) $214,990

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