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Fuel Cell Extended Runtime Stationary Power Datacenter Angelo Monteleone Business Development Manager November 2013.

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1 Fuel Cell Extended Runtime Stationary Power Datacenter Angelo Monteleone Business Development Manager November 2013

2 SHIFT POWER | ENERGIZE YOUR WORLD There is a power shift happening worldwide From fossil fuels to a blend of renewable, accessible alternatives From volatility to user-controlled supply management From excess waste and emissions to sustainable energy inventories and zero-emissions From single-resource dependence to multi-purpose energy architectures From thinking backward to rebuilding energy confidence in the future 2 CoverTel Power exists to accelerate this power shift by engineering and building the technologies needed to make it happen.

3 Extended Run-time UPS with Fuel Cells

4 Data Centre UPS Ideal Requirements  Compact, high-density power generators in the racks next to the loads  Unlimited energy storage, moved out of the data room  Modular, plug-in power generation units, easy installation, interface and commissioning with standard UPS models  Easy future upgrade for increased power by adding modules and racks  No decay* due to operation  No decay* due to disuse (dormancy)  No decay* due to start/stop cycling  No periodic start-up requirement  Safety requirements easily met  Reduced or eliminated maintenance requirements  Lower overall costs than pure battery solution  Exactly predictable run-time  Run-time easily further extended while operating online * - performance as well as reliability!

5 Fuel Cell Extended Run UPS and Stand-by Power System Rack  Fuel Cells  DC/DC’s  Cooling HEX  Ventilation  System Controller  Local LCD display keypad user interface  19” Rack Standard UPS  APC Series Smart-UPS VT or Symmetra PX  Grid connection  Bridging power  User communication  Inverters and rectifiers Fuel Cell Extended Run UPS / Stand- by System  Rated 10, 20 or 30 kW  N+1 redundancy capable Fuel Cell Power Module(s)  Stack  Air management  H2 management  FC Module Control  CAN-Interface 10 kW net

6 Rack Arrangement System Controller (2U) DC/DC #1 (3U) DC/DC #2 (3U) DC/DC #3 (3U) FC #1 (7U) FC #2 (7U) FC #3 (7U) Cooling System Heat Exchanger Water Drain H2 Supply (10U) Total 42U = 1.87 m Upper Infrastructure interfaces Ventilation and exhaust duct, with integrated H2 supply quick-connect. Pre-installed power bus-bars, communications interfaces, cables Quick-connect cooling Heat exchanger, pump, manifolds, drain

7 Fuel Cells combine the advantages of batteries and gensets

8 Runtime Diagram: Fuel Cell with One H2 Bundle and APC Symmetra PX 96 kW 400 V (SY…96H-PD) > 30 kW is problematic with battery-only solution above 3 h runtime > 40 kW is problematic with battery-only solution above 2 h runtime > 70 kW is problematic with battery-only solution above 1 h runtime w/ (4) Battery Racks w/ (3) Battery Racks w/ (2) Battery Racks w/ (1) Battery Rack w/ Fuel Cell & (1) bundle

9 FC Interfaces Dry Cooler or Chiller Ventilation, Exhaust Exhaust Blower Water Drain Coolant Supply Coolant Return Hydrogen Storage H2 Feed Line Communications -192 V 0V +192 V dc Local Output 380/400 V 50 Hz 3-Ph AC Mains 380/400 V 50 Hz 3-Ph AC Fuel Cell-R10/20/30 Rack APC SMART-UPS VTP or Symmetra PX UPS Batteries for “Bridging ” power and Step- loads UPS Infra- structure (Local off-grid “island” Inverters) Controller DC-DC’s Fuel Cells 3x 10 kW Cooling Grid Synchronized Output 400V 50 Hz 3-Ph AC OPTIONAL

10 Data Center Application References

11 Reference Installations to 2009 End UserCountryNumber of Modules APC KoldingDK1 X 10 kW BankInvest CopenhagenDK1 x 10 kW UPS Systems HungerfordUK1 x 10 kW Winton Capital Management, Kensington UK3 x 10 kW Comtec Enterprises, SurreyUK3 x 10 kW MoDSLO3 x 10 kW Swisscom / U. of Appl. Sc. Lucerne CH1 x 10 kW Interlink TorontoCA2 x 10 kW NRCan VancouverCA3 x 10 kW APC West KingstonUS1 x 10 kW US Department of the ArmyUS3 x 10 kW US National Weather ServiceUS1 x 10 kW True View ChicagoUS2 x 10 kW Totals: 13 Systems6 Countries25 Modules, 250 kW  5 systems are fully populated with 3 modules  2 systems are with 2 modules  6 systems are with 1 module  By Country: UK: 7 modules, US: 7 modules CA: 5 modules SLO: 3 modules DK: 2 modules CH: 1 module  13 modules in Europe  12 modules in North America  25 Modules  250 kW net  13 Systems  6 Countries

12 APC HQ, West Kingston Rhode Island PDUFCXRUPS H2 Storage

13 Interlink Connectivity, Toronto  5 th floor of a 21-story building in downtown Toronto built in the 1920s Battery bank option was too bulky and heavy Diesel generation installation was too costly  30 kW system air conditioning load and server load  Fuel cell and UPS in the server room  Hydrogen storage located in an adjacent room

14 Swisscom, Lucerne  Swisscom mobile R&D Partner and host site: Lucerne University of Applied Science Connected to APC DP310E UPS in an outdoor container – up to 10 kW Super-capacitors for bridging power Up to 6 h of backup with antenna load of 2.4 kW, or 2 h at 10 kW 256 simulations of grid-failure up to 8.5 kW loads in the first 2 year project Project extended for a 2 nd 2-year term

15 Comtec Enterprises, Surrey  30 kW, 30 kVA  ICT Communications Company, Reigate, Surrey, UK  Datacentre, 24/7 Network Operations Centre  “Eco-Structure” Web-Hosting environment  Winner of Datacentre 2007 Award for Innovation in Micro-Datacentres 15

16 16  Nukissiorfiit: Energy Utility, End Client  H2Logic: System Integration & Project Management H 2 KT Project: Nuuk, Greenland Controller DC-DC’s Fuel Cells 2 x 10 kW Cooling Local Inverters Hybrid energy storage Grid Inverters Scope:

17 17 H2 Mini Grid System: Rotherham, Yorkshire  Hydrogen Mini-Grid System  Yorkshire Forward’s Advanced Manufacturing Park, Environmental Energy Technology Center Rotherham (Sheffield), Yorkshire  Environmentally-Efficient Building  UPS Systems PLC: FC Integration, Power Electronics and Control FC Rack Fuel Cell Modules (30 kW) Hydrogenics Scope: Scope:

18 (Herten, Germany) Scope of supply: Fuel Cell -R, 50kW Fuel Cell System Fuel Cell -30 Electrolyzer, Indoor Version Equipment delivered 2012-08 HySTAT™-30 electrolyzer HyPM ™-R, 50kW fuel cell system

19 Sir Samuel Griffith Center, Brisbane, Australia Controller DC-DC’s Fuel Cells 6 x 10 kW = 60 kW Cooling (2) Fuel Cells 30kW FC Racks Electrolyzer30 Delivery Scheduled 2Q 2013

20 Compact, high- density power generators in the racks next to the loads Modular plug-in power generation units, easily installed, interfaced and commissioned with standard UPS models Ideal Spatial/Efficiency Attributes Energy storage moved out of the data room Easy power capacity upgrade by adding modules and racks Valuable data center space is saved for revenue- generating equipment (servers!)

21 Ideal Performance Attributes No decay due to operation No decay due to dormancy No decay due to start/stop cycling Reliable. Impervious, Stable. Bankable. Safe. Safety requirements easily met No periodic start-up requirement Energy Certainty.

22 Runtime easily extended from Days to Weeks Extended-run Rack and Stand-by Generator All-in-one Runtime easily continued online by tank hot-swap Higher Efficiency than IC Engines Run time is predictable with total accuracy Extends UPS runtime from Minutes to Days Ideal System Merits

23 In Conclusion Combines the Advantages of Batteries and Gensets but without the disadvantages Less maintenance than batteries and gensets No energy storage decay as with batteries More reliable than IC engine + Genset + ATS combination 100% Clean and Sustainable with energy from renewable sources Especially well suited for pollution "non- attainment" zones

24 FC is more economical when: - Runtime > 2.5 h - Battery Racks > 3 Fuel Cell 30 kW Indoor SY32K48H-PD Indoor SYCFXR48-9 SY32K48H-PD 6 Batt Racks 2 UPS Racks 4 Batt Racks 1 UPS Rack 3 Batt Racks 1 UPS Rack 2 Batt Racks 1 UPS Rack 1 Batt Rack 1 UPS Rack 8 Batt Racks 2 UPS Racks 1 FC Rack 1 UPS Rack 1 H2 Bundle 1 FC Rack 1 UPS Rack 2 H2 Bundles … … Cost of Ownership vs Run-time: 30 kW 0 Batt Racks 1 UPS Rack Outdoor Total Cost of Ownership  Battery-only Solution Fuel Cell Solution

25 Fuel Cell Cabinet Hydrogen Cylinder Shroud Fuel Cell Cabinet Fuel Cell Cabinet Integrated with Storage Note: There is capacity for 8 cylinders (4 shown) Fuel Cell 5 or 8 kW each

26 Product Testing (Mississauga)


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