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A high level overview of the TeamUnify system.. The Website Professional Looking, easy to navigate Self Cleaning events. At midnight of the last day of.

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1 A high level overview of the TeamUnify system.

2 The Website Professional Looking, easy to navigate Self Cleaning events. At midnight of the last day of the event it automatically goes into the past and archive folder. You do not have to worry about an event being a second old on the site. There are both free flowing and templated pages on the site.

3 Edit, update and maintain the website. If you know how to point, click and type on a computer you will have no problem maintaining the website. You can with ease add pictures, links, text, documents, and news to the website from any internet connection in the world.

4 Event, Meet, Job Sign- up You can seamlessly create events, meets, job sign-ups on the platform. Members can sign up for events, jobs, and meets from the website. It really streamlines this process for you as a team.

5 Athlete Sign Up Tab This is the tab the members will see when they are signed in. They have the ability to declare if there attending or not. If it is a meet they can declare in one of two ways. What days and sessions they will be attending or they can declare which events they would like to swim and the coach always has the final say. The members only sees the Athlete Sign-up Tab. The coaches can see the committed and non-committed tabs.

6 Athlete Committed Tab Can see all your committed athletes Enter athletes by event, by athlete and build relay teams Generate Meet entry file that talks with Meet Manager, entry reports, split sheets, fees reports and more

7 Not Committed Athletes Tab You can see who has not yet committed to attend. You can also see who has and has not replied if there attending or not. You can in two clicks re-email the event invitation out to all the members.

8 Job Sign-Up Page Members can sign up for jobs online There are 25 jobs in the system for you. The typical jobs associated with running a meet. Also you can create your own jobs and copy and append from an existing events so you do not have to create the wheel every time you are hosting a meet. Members can view privately within there accounts view all there jobs they have worked and how many more hours they need to work throughout the year so they are no longer in the dark.

9 Meet Results Members can view there son and daughters times privately within their own accounts. Coaches can view results by meet, results by athletes. Coaches also have the ability to do top times reports, improvement reports, split sheets and more.

10 Managing your Membership It is an account driven system. The families are the accounts. The members are the swimmers under the accounts. Families can keep there personal information up to date and current. You can see when a family has last logged into the system. This truly helps with member retention!! Families can find contact information of other families on the team. Each family can only view there own private accounts to see invoices, sign up for jobs, sign up for meets, and have the ability to view there son and daughters times privately within there accounts.

11 Member Management You can view all your roster groups, billing groups, location groups, and filter on active and in-active members. Place swimmers in the appropriate billing groups, roster groups and locations. Print off attendance work sheets and roster sheets Move members from group to group with ease Register athlete electronically with the LSC for USA Swimming Registration

12 Email Center You can send emails to custom email groups, billing groups, an individual account, your entire membership and your swim groups. You can also see who has and has not opened there mail. This gives you a great sense of who is paying attention and who is not.

13 Billing system We generate all the invoices for you. You can either email the invoices or mail them. You can actually see when someone has viewed there invoice. This is like little big brother over looking the membership. You can view all account past and current invoices. We also have different reports within the system for you. You will receive less questions because members can log in and see where they stand at all times and people start paying you on time and sooner in the month because of the system.

14 Snap Shot of an Account Balance This is the snap the member sees within there account so they can see where they stand financially at all times.

15 In conclusion the TeamUnify system will make the operation of running your team more efficient, give your volunteers more free time and the ability to do there jobs more effectively and give your coaches more time to coach and less to administrate. You will see great improvements in how your team operates by using this platform. Team Unify does this by bringing all your information to one central location. In conclusion here is what our teams are saying on the next couple of slides…….

16 "The TeamUnify platform has made my coaching life so much easier! You'll increase your club’s exposure to outside members, communicate more effectively with your current membership and run your business operations far more efficiently. The Billing platform took only a few hours to learn and now saves me countless hours per month. I cannot say enough about how much time this service has saved me. And….they keep improving it and adding on more features. If you aren’t using it, or your Board is balking at it, you are losing valuable time and energy that can be best spent on other parts of your program. Like spending more time coaching your kids. It’s THAT good." Mike Ashmore, Head Coach, Santa Maria Swim Club "Team Unify has helped our staff communicate with more efficiency and effectiveness, it is mind boggling how much better this system makes our swim club. TeamUnify has completely revolutionized how we manage our team" Michael Cody, Head Coach,Trident Swim Club "I went looking for someone to host a website so that we could better communicate with our team, and ended up finding a complete business package. The TeamUnify platform is easy-to-use, and comes with a great support staff. Our swimmers find the online meet entry system simple, and we have seen a dramatic increase in meet attendance. Being able to handle meet entries and results on any computer is a big plus. Fundraising opportunities are set-up and ready to go on day one. On the coaching side, TeamUnify allows me to maintain rosters, attendance sheets, and training groups, away from my home computer. Gone are the days of having to update my different excel files every time someone joined our club, or changed training groups. Thank you Team Unify for helping our club to grow." Janice Lopez, Head Coach, Monrovia Aquatix

17 “I am running a team of 260 swimmers with 2 other coaches. TeamUnify is making it possible to run my team's business affairs far better than before. Communication with my families has never been this good, and I have more time than ever to focus on what matters most, my swimmers. Tom, you and your team are another reason I chose your product, you listen to my needs and provide prompt support if necessary. Thank you for helping me make my vision of how a team should be run, a reality." Marc Detraz, Head Coach, Pacific Coast Marlins "As one of the original teams to sign up with TeamUnify, we continue to be amazed at the efficiencies gained by using their platform and could not be more pleased. The billing module by itself is priceless, let alone Job Sign-up management and online meet entries and time tracking. I would strongly recommend this system to any team attempting to better manager their team. It's been the best decision we've ever made to help run our team better - it'll be the best decision you'll every make too." Steve Morsilli, Head Coach, Pleasanton Seahawks “We have been using the TeamUnify website for about five years. Our experience has been great. On the coaching side, all the families always get our handouts and participation in all our team events and meets has jumped. It was much better than using family folders or outlook to email and communicate with everyone. For billing and administration, the monthly billing is very easy. As soon as we started using TeamUnify we had a jump in income because there weren’t any more people who fell through the cracks. It is easy to bill for travel trips and one time charges because everything just rolls into each family’s monthly statement. It has also made USA-S registration much easier” Todd Krohn, Head Age Group Coach, Walnut Creek Aquabears

18 TeamUnify's software and on-line platform has brought our club into the 21st century! Being a coach of a fairly new team has its logistical challenges. However, TeamUnify has allowed me to streamline my efforts in several key areas: Meet entries and overall communication with my parents and swimmers. No more picking up soggy papers off the locker room floor that were handed out after practice, now I can say..."it's on our web site!" Lorlee Engler, Lebanon Swim Club Our website/ communication was a constant problem for our team before Team Unify. Now we get compliments from our members about how good our team communication is and how useful our website is! We are so pleased with Team Unify that we sing its praises to every coach, parent, and board member we meet from teams who do not have use it! Jody Braden, Portland Aquatic Club, Head Coach "Team unify has been just the tool we have been looking for. It has enabled us to tie together all aspects of our administration including billing, communication, advertisement and membership into one easy to use, professional website It was just the thing we needed to effectively charge credit cards as well. I can't say enough about the impact it has had on our organization. Thanks guys!" Jeff Pearson, Sierra Marlins Swim Team

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