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X-Ray Vision X-Ray Vision : Copyright Myprofile 2005 How to size people up and build yourself a MILLION dollar business AssociateProfile is a unique system.

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1 X-Ray Vision X-Ray Vision : Copyright Myprofile 2005 How to size people up and build yourself a MILLION dollar business AssociateProfile is a unique system of decoding people that gives you a powerful advantage in communicating more successfully to accelerate your Mannatech business.

2 Network marketing is a people business and the better your people skills the more successful you will be!

3 How to build a million dollar business by being able to “ size people up and speak their language ”. X-Ray Vision skills

4 ► Sponsor smarter ► Sell products with greater success ► Retain associates longer ► Motivate & inspire more people ► Improve your leadership skills ► Qualify to your next level faster Use to,

5 TEAM work makes the DREAM work

6 D A Four Primary Behavioural Styles P S

7 ► There are four behavioural styles ► Each style has characteristic strengths and weaknesses not shared by other styles. ► Each person has a dominant style that influences the way they behave. ► People of every style can be successful Associates.

8 At least three of every four people you meet are going to be different than you. You need to know how to communicate with people who are different to you.

9 D A Closer look at each Style P S

10 D Drivers Want to get it done now Time sensitive Goal oriented & fast paced Assertive & competitive Like to win Task & results oriented Decisive & want control Like freedom to manage Good administrative skills

11 P Promoters Want to get noticed People oriented Direct & open Animated & emotional Fast paced spontaneous decisions Enthusiastic, creative, active Prefer to work with others Good persuasive skills

12 S Supporters Want to get along People oriented team player Want to help others & solve conflicts Relaxed & friendly Slower pace, cautious & modest Good counselling skills

13 A Analysers Want to get it right Accurate & meticulous Logical task focused Slower pace & deliberate Detail oriented & cautious Good problem solving skills


15 DP DS DA Secondary Styles PD PS PA SD SP SAAD AP AS

16 Driver “director” new opportunities Driver Promoter “adventurer” dominance & independence Driver Analyser “pioneer” direct tasks Driver Supporter “producer” bigger & better Analyser Driver “master-mind” personal accomplishment Analyser “thinker” desire to be correct Analyser Promoter “assessor” accomplishing goals with excellence Analyser Supporter “perfector” predicable results Promoter Driver “enthusiast” Influencing people Promoter “socialiser” social approval Promoter Analyser “impresser” win with flair Promoter Supporter “helper” friendship Supporter Analyser “specialist” to specialise Supporter Driver “go-getter” steady flow of more accomplishments Supporter Promoter “harmoniser” approval from helping others Supporter “relater” personal stability

17 DP AS Identifying Styles

18 D Faster pace & direct Action oriented & exert more pressure More assertive, decide quicker “Tell” rather than “ask” Less patient & more confrontational More competitive Express opinions readily More risk oriented Speak louder, more often, more rapidly Unstructured Above the line more assertive more open P

19 A Slower pace Ask more than direct Less assertive & less confrontational More patient & cooperative Reserved & private More formal & proper Speak slower, less often and softer Less risk oriented Decide slower Structured below the line less assertive guarded S

20 D A Task & information oriented Less emotional Less responsive More disciplined & controlled Prefer things in writing Use facts more Prefer working alone Don’t disclose feelings Thinkers left of line less responsive indirect

21 P S People related More emotive & responsive More intuitive Talkative Express feelings More friendly Concerned for others Prefer working with people Use stories & anecdotes Action right of line more responsive direct

22 DP AS Each style can be successful

23 25,000 profiles in Australia have resulted these percentages for each style. D = 22% P = 17% S = 31% A = 30% D & P = 39% A & S = 61%

24 D P A S DP AS Executive Director’s Profiles 26% 46% 14% 72% 28%

25 DP AS Four - a magic number

26 4 seasons Summer, Spring, Autumn, Winter 4 points of a compass North, South, East, West 4 major blood groups A, B, O, AB 4 elements Fire, Water, Earth, Air

27 D P A Luke Jesus Son of Man Genealogy back to Adam Man of prayer Lord’s humility Full account of virgin birth Matthew Jesus Son of David King of the Jews Sermon on the mount Wise men narrative Royal genealogy back to David Mark Jesus servant of God No genealogy Accounts of miracles Deeds of service John Jesus Son of God Divine relationship Lifts us above the earth High spirituality Four Gospels – a complete picture S

28 Tomorrowland Brave new world of science Technological wonders Star ships Monorails Interactive automobiles Hi tech water shows Futuristic displays D A Adventureland Fun Excitement Exploration Pirate dens Haunted houses Fantasyland World of dreams & make believe Snow White Cinderella King Arthur Disney cartoon characters Wish upon a star - idealists Main Street Nostalgic look at home town Spirit of USA a century ago Horseless carriages Family restaurants Gift shops Old fire & police stations Old fashioned ice cream parlour Disneyland Magic Kingdom P S

29 DRIVERPROMOTER SUPPORTER ADMINISTRATOR "Here you are in Slytherin where you'll make your real friends, Those cunning folk use any means to achieve their ends." "You belong in Gryffindor, where dwell the brave at heart, Their daring, nerve and chivalry set Gryffindors apart." "Here in wise old Ravenclaw, if you've a ready mind, Those of wit and learning will always find their kind." "You belong in Hufflepuff, where they are just and loyal, Those patient Hufflepuffs are true and unafraid to toil." Harry Potter – School of Witchcraft DP A S

30 D P AS The Simpsons Bart Homer Lisa Marge

31 DP AS Recognising Styles

32 When prospecting there are ways you can identify a persons style in advance of them doing their profile online. Guessing their style will allow you to present your opportunity in a way that will be more receptive to that person and will increase your sponsoring effectiveness. Identifiers are; 1.Verbal 2.Vocal 3.Visual 4.The job they have 5.Their office or working area

33 D Drivers Tells more than asks Talks more than listens Blunt to the point More forceful tone Communicates readily High volume faster speech Firm hand shake Steady eye contact Displays impatience Fast Moving verbal vocal visual

34 P Promoters verbal vocal visual Tells stories and anecdotes Shares personal feelings Informal speech Expresses opinions Flexible time perspective Digresses from conversation Lots of inflection and pitch Dramatic High volume Fast speech Animated facial expressions Hand & body movement Contact oriented Spontaneous actions

35 S Supporters Ask more than tells Listens more than talks Reserves opinions Steady, warm delivery Less forceful tone Lower volume Slower speech Intermittent eye contact Gentle handshake Exhibits patience Slower moving verbal vocal visual

36 A Analysers Fact and task oriented Limited sharing of feelings More formal and proper Focused conversation Little inflection with few pitch variations Steady, monotone Low volume, slow speech Few facial expressions Non eye contact Few gestures verbal vocal visual

37 D S WALLS Achievement awards No posters or slogans Charts DESK Work related Cluttered CONTACT Brisk WALLS Motivation posters Slogans DESK Cluttered Disorganised CONTACT Open Friendly WALLS Posters Family photos Personal items DESK Neat Functional CONTACT Open, Friendly A WALLS Diplomas Achievement awards DESK Organised Work oriented CONTACT Business like Styles at work P

38 DriversPromoters Actor Advertising Executive Art Director Athlete Auctioneer Barrister Building Inspector Business Consultants Buyer Chef Choreographer City Manager Composer Consultants Entrepreneur Fashion Designer Film Director Paramedic Pilots Police Officer Production Coordinator Radio Announcer Real Estate Restaurateur Sales Consultant Sculptor Security Guard Self Employed Show Business Solicitor Sports Announcer Stockbroker Surgeon Travel Agent Actors Advertising Beauty Therapist Canvassing Career Counsellor Child Care Civil Rights Coach Conference Organiser Consumer Protection Creative Writing Dancers Dietician Director Drama Coach Editor Environmentalist Exhibition Organiser Finance Hospitality Human Resources Journalist Lawyer Lecturer Life Coach Literature Management Marketing Mentors Minister of religion Motivational Speaker Motivators Nursing Personal Assistant Philosophy Politician Project Engineer Promoting Psychiatrist Psychologist Public Relations Publican Fire-fighter Fund Manager General Manager Graphic Designer Industrial Designer Interior Decorator Lawyer Marketing Mechanic Medical Administrator Mortgage Brokers Musician Negotiators News Broadcaster Novelist Painter Drivers tend to do well in subjects that don’t bore them. They hate sitting still and subjects such as science don’t hold their attention. They are doers so activity where they can express their freedom and individuality are best. They are make great tacticians and are always on the look for a good ideas. Not surprising that most entrepreneurs are Drivers. They are also artistic creators and developers excelling at jobs that require creativity. Publishing Real Estate Agent Recruitment Consultant Retail Assistant Sales & Marketing School Counsellor Self Employed Social Counsellor Sociology Solicitor Teacher Team Leader Technical Writing Theatrical Agent Theology Therapist Tour Guide Trainer TV Documentary Producer Veterinarian Welfare Workers Promoters have a gift for working with people and forming positive working relationships. They are optimistic and have excellent communication skills. They are influential, highly intuitive and sensitive to others. Any subject that allows them to express themselves in words is a natural fit. Having strong people skills Promoters often become leaders in their career fields where they manage people in their special way. Styles by Career

39 SupportersAnalysers Styles by Career Administrator Air Traffic Control Business Manager Charitable Organizations Child Care Company Secretary Counseling Credit Controller Customer Service Customs Officer Database Administrator Dentist Distribution Manager Doctor Draughtsman Engineering Manager Fire Chief Flight Attendant Florist Funeral Director Health Inspector Hospital Administrator Hospitality Hotel Manager Judge Landscape Gardener Lecturer Librarian Life Style Coach Museum Curator Nurse Office Manager Optometrist Painter Pharmacist Photographer Physiotherapist Plumber Police Chief Private Investigator Production Supervisor Project Engineer Accountant Administration Agriculture Analyst Architect Astronomer Automotive Banking Biologist Carpenter Chemist Computers Construction Dentist Design Doctor Economist Electrician Engineer Financial planner Florist Graphic artist Health & safety Librarian Marine biologist Mathematician Medical technologist Mining engineer Optician Photographer Physicist Pilot Planner Psychologist Quality controller Property Manager Psychologist Purchasing Quality Controller Real Estate Receptionist Research and Development Retailer School Principal School Teacher Secretary Security Agent Shipping Social Worker Statistician Student Services Telemarketing Therapist Transport Supervisor Travel Agent Vocational Education Warehouse Manager Supporters have a great talent for logistics, that is supplies, schedules, distribution and similar tasks. They keep the world running. They have a keen eye for everything in its place and accept rules and procedures. They are practical and enjoy business and commerce. Supporters enjoy working with people and managing operations. They have a talent for quality control and regulatory compliance. They excel at providing their company with goods and services and seeing to the health and welfare of employees and family. Supporters are interested in protecting people. Research Scientist Service technician Sociologist Software design Specialist sales Statistics Surgeon Technical writer Technologist Therapist Traffic control Trainer Typist Analysers tend to do well in subjects that are related to math's, engineering, science, computers and philosophy. They are best suited for positions of detailed information, maintaining high standards, accuracy and order. Careers that involve the collection of data, administration or figuring out the best way to make it work.

40 DP AS How to Sponsor each Style

41 D Drivers Results Winning Achievement Competitive Aggressive Show them how they can be successful Give them the big picture Achieving goals & financial success Independence very important Don’t over load with details stick to facts Tell them what they need to at each milestone

42 P Promoters Recognition Status Money Ideas Incentives Dream of financial success Attracted by showing off people skills Make great sponsors Ideas people Show them how to get started quickly Give them fast training Tell of others who have succeeded Tell them of rewards and recognition

43 S Supporters Relationships Supportive Helpful Personal Seeks security Want to be part of organisation Want recognition for contribution Family oriented values Caring & support, helping others Want friendly fun team environment

44 A Analysers Technical Planned Accurate Structured Risk averse Have all the facts on hand Slow down Be prepared for lots of training Answer lots of questions Don’t give them the big picture Be realistic and conservative Don’t over estimate earning potential

45 DP AS Motivating your Associates

46 D Drivers 1.Support their goals and objectives 2.Keep your relationship business like 3.If you disagree argue facts not personal feelings 4.Recognise their ideas not them personally 5.To influence decisions, provide alternative actions 6.Be precise, efficient and well organised Be clear efficient and brief Have supporting data Present logically

47 P Promoters 1.Support their ideas, opinions and dreams 2.Don’t hurry the discussion 3.Try not to argue – you’ll seldom win 4.Agree on the specifics of any agreement 5.Summarise in writing who will do what 6.Be entertaining and fast moving 7.Use testimonials and incentives Be interesting Be fun to be with Be social Ask questions

48 S Supporters 1.Support their feelings by showing personal interest 2.Assume they’ll take everything personally 3.When you disagree, discuss personal feelings 4.Allow them time to trust you 5.Move along in an informal slow manner 6.Minimise risk and change 7.Provide personal assurances Be warm Be sincere Provide specific solutions

49 A Analysers 1.Support their organised and thoughtful approach 2.Demonstrate through actions rather than words 3.Be systematic, exact, organised and prepared 4.List pros and cons of any plan or proposal 5.Provide solid, tangible, factual evidence Be thorough Be well prepared Avoid personal questions

50 Thank you To use Associateprofile, go to and click on Purchase Report Coupons. Enter your details. Reports cost $15 each and you pay by credit card. You will receive an email with instructions and your report coupon. Please complete the Evaluation Form, and thank you for your participation.

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