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Shift to better super  Shift to lower tax  Shift to a brighter future.

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1 Shift to better super  Shift to lower tax  Shift to a brighter future

2 Who are the 2020 Group? For those of you who don’t know us.. We are an affiliate partner of Starr Partners. We are an independent, free thinking, multi disciplinary firm, made up of self managed super fund specialists, accountants, solicitors, financial advisors and other specialists.

3 Seminar Purpose The purpose of this seminar is to educate you that you now have a choice to be able to create real wealth for your family using an SMSF/SuperShift. Surrounding ourselves with good advice and people who provide good advice is an important part of this process of achieving real choice and moving towards financial freedom.

4 Price Versus Cost Outside Super Price (Net income)$100.00 Tax (46.5%)$87.50 Cost (Gross Income)$187.50 Inside Super Price (Net income)$100.00 Tax (46.5%)$18.00 Cost (Gross Income)$118.00

5 Let’s start with actually understanding what super is: It’s a tax structure, not an asset class. Combine the best tax structure with your choice of asset class – property. The MythThe Truth

6 Key Issues Why purchasing investments inside of superannuation is often a better fit – due to the significant tax advantages that exist – than the traditional way of purchasing assets outside of super in your own name, a company, or a trust. I will demonstrate 3 significant advantages. Lower tax, better cash flow, more safely protected investments.

7 We will provide details on how Superfund's and more specifically how SMSF’s can borrow. We will show you how an Average Australian Family with potentially as little as $100K in Super can leverage into the property market and how this property(s) may be a self sustaining investment that you may never pay any lump sum tax on.

8 Aussie Love Affair with Property

9 We can have our cake and eat it too by owning property in our own family super fund. How many of you knew you could buy property in your SMSF and borrow against the security of that property?

10 How can I take advantage of these amendments and make the SuperShift? By taking control of your super and setting up an SMSF! Buying property through your SMSF not only enables you to leverage your current superannuation assets, it also provides the added benefits of both asset protection and tax efficiency.

11 Benefits of an SMSF An SMSF is your very own super fund in which you are in control of. You have the cheque book and with the help of your accountant or advisor run the fund and make decisions on suitable investments. CONTROL

12 Holding assets in a Superannuation fund can protect those assets from commercial and litigation risks that you may otherwise face. ASSET PROTECTION

13 So what’s so great about SMSF’s being able to invest in property? The simple answers are: Is that you now don’t need to have the available cash in your fund to obtain an interest in a long term investment asset class such as property. Up until the recent changes in SIS, many superannuation portfolios were devoid of the many potential benefits of direct property investment due to their inability to borrow property.

14 How Does It Work? The choice of property is purchased in name of the trustee of a bare trust that is setup with the client in control as trustee Directors. This trust is the legal owner of the property. The SMSF is of course the beneficial (or real) owner of the property.


16 Legal Issues The Lender who lends your SMSF the funds is granted a charge over the SMSF’s beneficial interest in the property, this is a limited recourse loan and does not subject other property or assets as security for the loan.

17 80% Leverage YOUR SUPER BALANCE $100,000 BANK MONEY $400,000 TOTAL INVESTMENT $500,000

18 James is 45 years old and earns $70K p/a and his Industry Super Fund balance is currently $50K. Jill, James’ wife, is also 45 and earns $30K pa. Her industry superfund balance is also at approximately $50K. They own a principal place of residence (PPOR) worth 600K, debt $300K = $300K in equity. Case Study

19 They wish to purchase an Investment Property (Cost $350K) Property Options Negative GearingSuperShift Scenario Property is sold in 10 years for $700,000 The Facts Negative Gearing Effect: Tax payable on sale: $100,000 SuperShift Effect: Tax payable on sale: NIL The Results $100,000 better off by choosing to SuperShift, if property sold after age 55.

20 Price Versus Cost Price vs. CostOutside SMSFInside SMSF Purchase Price (of Investment Property)$500,000 Deposit (Price)$140,000 Deposit (Cost)$261,682$164,706 Loan (30 Years)$360,000 Total Repayments (Price)$302,060 Total Repayments (Cost)$649,592$355,365 Total Cost$911,275$520,071 Advantage$391,203 Property Value$1,000,0001,000,000 CGT$116,2500 Overall Advantage$507,453

21 Shares Versus Property

22 Other Benefits to You Get more skin in the game! With the purchase of a long term growth asset of your choice, by taking control of your existing super. Increase the real rate of return on your super by leveraging. Super gearing rather than negative gearing is good debt. Take on good debt in super as opposed to negative gearing, where you fund a loss.

23 Let someone else pay off your loan. Use a combination of the rent on the property and your SGL (if a PAYG earner) to pay off the property. Salary Sacrifice for further benefits and to build a surplus of cash in the fund and continue to accumulate suitable assets in a SMSF. Leveraging with Property in your super fund can be substantially better than leveraging into equities, based on both asset classes achieving the same positive return. Banks will lend at a higher LVR for property. Pay a lower than 15% tax rate on super contributions, even nil.

24 Quarantine any capital gains on investment assets to nil. Purchase now and sell after age 55, no tax. There is a maximum of 10% capital gains tax on the sale of your property if it is held for over 12 months in the accumulation phase i.e. sell prior to age 55. Build up a portfolio of assets that will work for you in retirement – no tax on the earnings or growth of assets held in super after age 55.

25 BENEFITS OF AN SMSF By salary sacrificing into your SMSF, you effectively receive a 100% tax deduction at your full marginal rate of tax on contributions made up to your contributions cap (note: salary sacrifice contributions may be subject to up to 15% tax. The interest expense along with other property related expenses including any depreciation allowance become 100% tax deductible within the superannuation fund and may potentially reduce the amount of your 15% contribution tax to NIL. This is not possible in a non SMSF super structure.

26 You may potentially receive a more tax effective retirement income as compared to property investment held outside of superannuation as once you are over the age of 60, there is ZERO TAX on withdrawals and pension income from your superannuation; Your SMSF, as the beneficial owner of the property asset, enjoys the Land Tax Free Threshold in each Australian State.

27 New Draft Rule SMSF’s can renovate investment properties under limited recourse loans! What does this mean for You? All of this can be funded directly from the SMSF, with no out of pocket costs to you. Add VALUE to your investment property by renovating or adding extensions!

28 HOW IT WORKS 1 Preparation of a Statement of Advice 2 Set up a SMSF and trustee company 3 Set up the legal owner of the property, the Bare Trust 4 Find the right loan 5 Find a property that matches your selected criteria 6 Draft the LR Agreement 7 Vetting of commercial loan documents 8 Conveyancing team complete conveyancing and attend to settlement

29 Our Promise to You We will present to you within seven days of our initial meeting our expert analysis and opinion of your current situation and guide to the future ‘journey’ we believe you should take.

30 Is it time perhaps that you arranged a free, no obligation consultation with out strategic advisors? Have you ever thought: Is my current accountant providing me with a complete financial solution? Would you like a second opinion? Do you see the opportunities and want to take control? Do you want to build wealth through tax effective structures?Do you want to investigate all your retirement options?

31 Thank You We hope this seminar has been of some benefit to you and perhaps opened your mind to the possibilities that exist with strategic planning. The opportunity is yours for the taking! We further hope that you may consider forming a strategic alliance with our firm and that we may be of assistance to you in the future.

32 Disclaimer Although all care has been taken to provide the most up to date information, no guarantee is given as to the accuracy of this information. These examples shown herein do not constitute financial advice of any kind. They are provided solely for the purpose of illustrating and contrasting the effects of using super as a general strategic strategy.

33 Make the SuperShift today 1800 46 2020 For further information please contact our office

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