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By Katie Southers, Kate Thomas, Alison Hassett, CJ Sheppard, and Hunter.

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1 By Katie Southers, Kate Thomas, Alison Hassett, CJ Sheppard, and Hunter

2 Watergate Scandal –In the movie Forrest spots lights in a hotel across the street and complains to a hotel clerk that the lights are bothering him –It was the Nixon administration breaking into the Democratic Party's National Committee Offices on June 17, 1972 to gain insight on their upcoming campaign –The next scene shows Nixons resignation speech and makes it seem that Forrest was the reason the scandal became known –In reality it was the security guard Frank Willis that instigated an investigation (2008). Watergate: The scandal that Brought Down Richard Nixon. Retrieved May 22, 2008 from

3 Other History in Forrest Gump Elvis - Forrests mother ran a boarding house. One of the tenants was a young singer/guitar player. Forrest twisted his hips to the music. The next scene shows Elvis on TV using Forrests moves. This scenario is fictionalized. Elvis Presley Enterprises. (1996). Elvis Presley. Retrieved May 22, 2008 from Integration of the University of Alabama - In the movie, Forrest attends the University of Alabama on a football scholarship. During the Integration of the University in 1963, Forrest picked up a book of one of the African American students after they were allowed into the University. In the actual event Alabama Governor George Wallace blocked the doorway of a building and did not let Vivian Malone and James Hood enter the building. President John F. Kennedy sent troops to the University and the students were admitted.

4 Other History Vietnam –Forrest enlists in the army after college and soon is shipped to Vietnam after his basic training –Forrest writes to Jenny describing all the fighting in Vietnam –While Forrest is in Vietnam he gets in a battle and saves all of his platoon from Napalm and he gets shot in the buttock –In the actual war Napalm actual caused a lot of causalities and some died from there own Napalm bombs

5 Red Dawn Kate Thomas

6 The setting of Red Dawn occurred during the time of the Cold War and the Red Scare. The Cold War began after the US used nuclear war technology without worrying about the possible outcomes. The US then decided to write up a treaty that would prohibit the use of nuclear warfare, but the Soviets were worried about the intentions of the US and had major trust issues. One of the most prominent themes of the movie was the race for technological power. This is depicted in the movie through the alliance between the Soviet Union, Nicaragua, and Cuba, and their involvement in the Cuban Missile Crisis. Throughout the movie there is always a sense of a race occurring for overall power and advancement in nuclear technology. Kate Thomas

7 The Red Scare occurred when people began to believe that a communist form of government would begin to form in the US. This is associated with McCarthyism which was a movement led my John McCarthy to weed out all communist or sympathy communists and put them into jail. This was depicted in the majority of the movie because as the Soviets and the Cubans invaded the US, they were trying to slowly lead the US into a communist nation. This fear of communism is the main reason the high school teens ran into the forest in order to protect and build their own defenses. During the movie, one of their own turns them in, furthermore intensifying the trust issues that were present at the time. Kate Thomas

8 War Games Kate Thomas

9 The story line of War Games focuses on a nuclear power struggle between the United States and Russia which begins a countdown to World War 3.

10 The Psyche of Red Dawn Conformity- the ability for people to assimilate to the other behaviors, attitudes, and values of those in a group Instincts- The Wolverines struggle to survive in the wild, but trusting their preprogrammed tendencies, they end up successful Aggression- the building of their own guerrilla warfare that they release their own frustrations and harm to the communists. In-Group- the ability for the teenagers to identify themselves as Wolverines to form a unified pact Group polarization- the tendency for the members to attack the Soviets when pushed by the stranded US Air Force Captain Flight or Fight Response- the reason that the remaining men chose to fight the Soviets rather then run away because they were passionate about their cause.

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