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Building Powerful Coalitions Amanda Tattersall

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1 Building Powerful Coalitions Amanda Tattersall

2 New South Wales Public Education Coalition

3 Key features Leadership support Not alone = approached Parents Federation Mass based, participatory Formed local coalitions/groups Took actions that made a direct impact

4 Five principles of Strong Coalitions 1. Less is more 2. Individuals matter 5. Multi-scaled action 3. Set an agenda 4. Plan, plan, plan

5 Less is more Restricted membership Build relationships and develop issues together Be strategic about who is involved in the coalition

6 Build an agenda Wield self-interest with a sword of justice Mutual self-interest Positive agenda Who speaks? Broad narrative linked to specific, winnable demands 3…

7 Want More? Read the handout: Principles of strong coalitions Visit the website: Buy the book: Power in Coalition: strategies for strong unions and social change Find out more about the Sydney Alliance:

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