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Personal introduction

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1 Personal introduction
I’m glad there are so many of you are interested in hearing about surveying today. I’ll run through some of the key points about Surveying and then we’ll have time for questions.

2 What is Surveying? Surveying is the measurement and mapping of our surrounding environment using specialised technology and equipment. Explain in 2 minutes what Surveying is… I was interested in getting into surveying because…

3 Surveyors measure just about anything on the land, in the sky or on the ocean bed. They get to work… (straight to next slide)

4 Indoors and Out (straight to next slide)

5 With Head and Hands (straight to next slide)

6 From suits to boots. One project I have been involved in… (provide 1 min eg)

7 Specialisations Land (Cadastral) Engineering Mining Hydrographic
Geodesy GIS I typically work in … I chose this field because…

8 Survey example

9 3D Laser scanning

10 Is Surveying important?
The work of Surveyors is all around you - it is required by law and underpins property ownership. From the foundations of our cities, to the buildings and the roads that shape them. Surveying sets the framework for all architecture, engineering and navigation. Used to create maps for GPS. Is integral to sustainable development. We depend on Surveying to ensure order in the physical world around us. Without Surveyors, we would not know where to lay roads, build homes or develop cities. Surveying defines and creates land boundaries. Surveying also frames the work of architecture and engineering. It is integral to sustainable land development. The work of Surveyors is used to create maps such as those used in GPS devices and Satellite mapping.

11 We need more surveyors • Demand for graduate surveyors at an all time high • 95% graduates get a job within 4 months • Average of $52,000 graduate starting salary As Surveying is required by law, demand for Surveying work is more stable than many other professions therefore providing added job security. Also, there are not enough graduate surveyors coming out of the various school paths to meet the increasing demand for surveyors.

12 There are many options to work in depending on how much study students undertake.
You can enter as a Surveying Assistant or Technician with a TAFE qualification. Or you can enter as a Graduate Surveyor with Undergraduate/Masters degrees. Graduate salary positions for an Undergraduate qualified surveyor receive onwards of $52k/year. If you want to become a Licensed (Land) Surveyor with the ability to sign off on plans and other legal documents, further study or approximately 2-3 years part time is required. This accreditation is similar to that of a CPA.

13 Study Options TAFE SA UniSA Flinders Uni
Course Name Certificate, Diploma & Advanced Diploma Undergraduate (3 years) + Masters (1.5 years) Undergraduate (3 years) - Prerequisite Satisfactory completion of SACE Stage 2 (or equivalent). Qualifies for the SACE or Recorded achievement is five SACE subjects taken at Stage 2 level or Included at least four Stage 2 subjects which are approved Higher Education Selection Subjects (HESS) ATAR score There are a variety of courses to take – whether at TAFE or University Level. The institutions offering courses in Surveying and Spatial Sciences in SA are UniSA, Flinders Uni and TAFESA. TAFESA offer TAFE courses. To be a fully fledged Surveyor you need to do an Undergraduate degree and a Masters degree. UniSA offer a 4.5 year course, made up of a 3 year undergraduate degree and a 1.5 year Masters. Flinders Uni offer an equivalent undergraduate degree, however students must undertake the Master of Surveying at UniSA to become a Surveyor.

14 Career Resources Work experience with local Surveyors – we help coordinate this for students Promotional materials - brochures, DVD, work experience posters Website – pathways and study information School presentations – minutes, similar format to this plus DVD Career expo participation – booth display & hands on equipment Student Surveying events – 2 hour event with Maths students Request at You can register on the website for more information on surveying events for students or work experience opportunities.

15 Student Surveying events
Hands-on activities ~2 hours + preparation exercises Year 10 Maths No cost We provide hands on activities for year 10 maths students. Undertaken on a schools own grounds, qualified Surveyors run students through a series of hands on Surveying activities using the latest Surveying equipment. These sessions allow students to experience the application of maths in a practical and fun way, helping to reinforce their class work and increase knowledge retention.

16 Questions? Questions. Thank you.
Brochures can be collected on the way out.

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