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Welcome Setting the Scene… To Understanding Males Welcome Setting the Scene… To Understanding Males for Women Developed & Supported by Alpine Health Ovens.

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2 Welcome Setting the Scene… To Understanding Males Welcome Setting the Scene… To Understanding Males for Women Developed & Supported by Alpine Health Ovens & King Community Health Service Alpine Shire Bright Medical Centre Thank You to our ALL Sponsors … Presented by Bernard Denner … Men’s Health Educator Centre for Advancement of Men’s Health (CAMH) Mildura Vic. 0419 566 750 email

3 Bernard Denner Health Educator / Men’s Health Advocate Live In Mildura Vic This is my 14 th year developing Men’s Health & Early Intervention programs across Australia Presented in Washington DC/Canada/Nevada Published Papers in Health Journals in Aust / USA/ Europe Presented Paper & Worked in Canada in June 07 Regular contributor on Regional ABC Radio


5 What’s A Men’s Health Talk The Facts on Men’s Health Prostate Cancer Heart Disease / Diabetes Depression/Male Menopause Relationships Where to from here

6 ‘It’s a BOY’… Goes up the CRY To catch a FISH you need bait But most of all You need to Know the Fish Same with Blokes We NEED to KNOW Them

7 Promoting Men’s Health &Wellbeing… Men’s health is FAMILY HEALTH It’s ABOUT… Engaging & Providing sessions that support and ENGAGE MEN… To Change their… General Health to Reduce Risk General Lifestyle to Reduce Risk Wellbeing to Value Themselves

8 ‘Blokes are Different’ “Most people assume that men, by virtue of their economic advantages in society, must be correspondingly healthy.” Also We Assume All Men are the Same.

9 WHO ARE MEN? ARE MEN DIFFERENT? …to women …to other men Any Ideas on… DIFFERENCES/ WHO ARE MEN?

10 'Men are Different’ 'Men's Health comes in all shapes and sizes. Men have different needs, at different times in their life. They experience different outcomes even for the same problems whether that is their physical health or general wellbeing. As men we react differently to life issues such as separation, divorce, death, work pressure, unemployment, early retirement, sex, relationships with their partner and kids and as we know we don't all barrack for the same football team......... We Don’t all like blondes …so men are different Sometimes we need to understand how different men really are and do things a bit different.

11 Australian Males 40-year-old men starting a 2nd or 3rd career, playing in professional sports or even being first- time fathers. Recent studies have indicated that the number of men aged 35 to 54 who are fathering children is up 20% in the past 20 years.

12 Australian male population is ageing: 28% of men are over the age of 50 12% over the age of 65 years. It is projected that by 2021, 4 million Australians will be over the age of 65, an increase of 1.7 million from today’s estimate.

13 Factors that can impact on men  Future / Unemployment  Divorce / Separation  Workplace Stress  Sense of Achievement  Sexuality / Intimacy  Parenting  Health Issues

14 Other Factors Competitive Society… Expectations  Workplace Status  Income/Car you drive  Family Unit…Partner & Kid  The mortgage & SIZE of HOME This is can also be the case for Women in the Workplace


16 Life Expectancy of the average man Male Female Australia78.7 83.5 ACT 79.9 84 Vic 79.3 83.7 NSW 78.5 83.3 Queensland 78.3 83.2 SA 78.3 83.2 WA 78.8 83.8 Tassie 77.2 82.4 NT 72.5 72.7 Indigenous 60 65 Source: Victorian Burden of Disease Report

17 Life Expectancy of the average man born in.… MalesFemales Victoria 78.7 83.5 Loddon Mallee 77.5 82.3 Mildura 75.8 81.08 East Wimmera 76.5 82.2 Doncaster/Eltham 80 84.1 HUME District 78.5 83.7 Source: Victorian Burden of Disease Report

18 MALE CAUSES OF DEATH ABS 2003 … Mortality Atlas Australia Cause (1997-2000) Males Females deaths per 100,000 persons (comparison) Cancers 237.8 146.7 Heart Disease 190.0 119.9 Strokes 65.9 65.8 Lung Diseases 46.623.2 Accidents 35.617.7 Self Harm 21.9 5.5

19 Typical Community … MORTALITY RATES 2005 FEMALES 1Heart disease 2Stroke 3Dementia 4Breast Cancer 5Colon/Rectum Cancer 6Lung/Pulmonary 7Diabetes 8Lung cancer 9Stress (HBP) 10Vascular disease MALES 1Heart disease 2Lung cancer 3Stroke 4Lung/Pulmonary 5Prostate Cancer 6Colon/Rectum Cancer 7Diabetes 8Stress (HBP) 9Dementia 10Suicide

20 MORTALITY RATES Heart Disease Women 1 in 3 Women Die of Heart Disease 1 in 6 Women Die from Stroke 1 in 25 from Breast Cancer Source: Heart Foundation

21 Other Facts… Health for MEN & WOMEN That LIFESTYLE Changes Make a DIFFERENCE

22 HEART DISEASE …. has no boundaries It is not gender specific People can develop heart disease risk factors Because of their LIFESTYLE Family history (Genetics) is a HUGE factor People are commonly unaware of their risk factors Men especially IGNORE the risk factors & symptoms

23 Indigestion… Recognize Heart Attack Symptoms Central Chest Pains Tightness Radiation of pain to arms and/or neck Shortness of breath Nausea or Vomiting Signs Collapse Pulse ? Breathing ? Sweating/Clammy Cyanosis (blue lips and nail beds)

24 Facts…Stroke Facts…Stroke 48,000 cases a year 50% Die (Rural 15% higher) 25% Partial Recovery 25% Full Recovery


26 RECOGNIZE POSSIBLE STROKE Collapse /loss of consciousness Slurred speech Sudden weakness or loss of function of limbs Sudden numbness of limbs Drooping of one side of face Sudden Loss of bowel or bladder control Note… even very short term symptoms need to be assessed.

27 Blood Pressure Benchmark - < 130/85 High normal – 130/85 to 140/90 High - more than 140/90

28 Cholesterol Causes - usually saturated fats in our diet, cholesterol in foods, hereditary factors TC - 5.5. mmol/L or less HDL - 1.0 or above (.5 to.8) LDL - 3.5 or less (5plus) Triglycerides - 2.0 or less (5plus) Ratio - 4.5 or less over 6.5 BAD Based on RESULTS…FAMILY HISTORY & AGE should be the Deciding factor for MEDICATION

29 DIABETES AM I AT RISK?  Am I Inactive?  Am I Over Weight?  Am I Over 45 Years of Age?  Am I Related to a Person with DIABETES?  YES

30 Premature Death is Costly Inspector Paul Carr…43 yrs Adventurer & Police Special Operations Group Vin Waite…54 Carlton great John Scholes…54 Great Cricketer John Ritter … 54 Actor(8 Simple Rules) Robert Palmer…54 Singer John Spencer …57 Actor (West Wing) Richard Charlton…59 (60mins) BILLY THORPE JOHN ILHAD…42 (CRAZY JOHN) Family History

31 PROSTATE DISEASE 12,000 will be Diagnosed next 12 months 3,000 will die Australia 3 rd highest in world


33 The Engine Room for Blokes

34 PROSTATE DISEASE Two versions Prostate Cancer …Symptoms hard to Recognise DEADLY if not Diagnosed Enlarged Prostate …by 80yrs …80% men have one Wee is a Dribble/Slower Start/more trips to LOO at night FEEL Generally ORDINARY

35 BOWEL CANCER It’s ‘shitty’ to have it Men most at risk Men don’t get TESTED Bowel scan is so SIMPLE It’s TREATABLE...don’t get shitty ANY signs…see a GP



38 WARNING SIGNS High Cholesterol High Blood Pressure Diabetes Depression/Stress BIG GUT…’small dick’ Fatty Diet/Too much alcohol Lack of ‘REAL EXERCISE’ Smoking # Partner's of affected men; Attitudes relating to erectile dysfunction. Prof. Doug Lording, et al., Australian Society of Impotence Medicine.

39 CAUSE OF SEXUAL DIFFICULTIES Some of these are: Ignorance Unrealistic Expectations Anxiety - Am I Normal? Poor communication skills Relationship difficulties Focus on Intercourse Tiredness Workplace / General Stress



42 Suicide Suicide Comparison 1999 – 2003 (24%drop) 2003 to 2005…6% drop Nationally MalesFemales 15-24 years of age 1999 398 71 2003251 49 25-44 years of age 1999934220 2003 788213 45-54 years of age 1999312 97 2003 299 93

43 Suicide Suicide Comparison 1999 - 2003 Victoria MalesFemales 15-25 years of age 1999 60 16 2003 50 14 25-44 years of age 1999213 53 2003 172 55 45-54 years of age 1999 67 18 2003 79 30

44 We have to recognise that DEPRESSION is Normal But Prolonged & we can’t move on GRUMPY HOSTILE DETACHED from Family/Friends EXCESSIVE DRINKING/BEHAIOUR need support to cope

45 Reducing Stress KINDNESS to Your Body & Wellbeing Reduces Fat (Stress promotes ‘fatness’) Be more Alert Be less Grumpy More Energy Better Sex Exercise REDUCES Stress

46 Menopause (feeling NUTTY)Menopause (feeling NUTTY) Cervical cancer Breast cancer Depression Relationships/Family Heart Disease & Stroke OLD AGE…you live longer WOMENS HEALTH ISSUES

47 &


49 Defacto couples who marry have a 50% Higher divorce rate than those who just marry 46% of Australian marriages break down Women initiate divorce 4 in 5 cases Divorce Types Unhappy married women going back into Workplace increases prospects by 70% RELATIONSHIP CENTRES…place to start

50 Lowers Blood Pressure Sex is GOOD for Women…Mood Enhancing Sniffles will Go Away with GOOD SEX TWICE a week for men…increases LIFE …Reduces RISK of Prostate Cancer Makes you FEEL YOUNGER Reduces Weight… Simply… MAKES YOU Feel BETTER

51 Sample of answers…Workplace program What makes you feel… depressed or ordinary? Relationships…2004 Men Women Ex Partner 19% 12% Partner 14% 26% Themselves 11% 23% Workmates 11% NA Children 7% 14%

52 Sample of answers…Workplace program What makes you feel… depressed or ordinary? SEX…2004 Men Women Lack of Sex13% 9% Lack of Good Sex12%21% Intimacy/Love13%26% Lack of Opportunity15%12% Your inability to perform 2% 7% Happy with Sex/Intimacy 44%47% 25% men want sex Daily versus 8% women

53 TIPS FOR RELATIONSHIPS  Make Love…Good sex regularly  Kiss your partner with Passion  Romance your partner X 2ayear  Dinner with Family once a week  Timeout from work for SELF & Family  Ring Home…how’s the day  FIVE year plans not just Retirement  YES… means Relationships GROW

54 ENRICHING A RELATIONSHIP Kiss or touch when saying goodbye or returning. Bring surprise presents (and not just when you are in trouble). Ask about your partner’s day. Discuss what happened. Plan a night out in advance. Compliment your partner on his or her appearance. Cuddle and be affectionate without sex. Marguerite Lumsden (Psychologist)

55 Touch hands when talking or walking. Make your partner a cup of tea or drink. Ask your partner for advice. Look after your partner when they are unwell. Engage in joking and teasing. Do your fair share of the work around the house…both. Discuss personal feelings and problems. Turn off the TV, Computer & talk. Make time to do things together. Marguerite Lumsden (Psychologist)

56 TONIGHT ASK: “How are We?”

57 Males Play an Important Role

58 Parenting..... Is a Partnership Don’t undermine each other Set... Rules...Standards & Expectations Together

59 TIPS FOR PARENTING  Clear Rules  Clear Standards  Set Standards  Set Attitudes  Set Parenting Limits Helps to make Parenting Easier... even for Separated Parents Kids see Parenting as...LOVE (later in life…sucks now) Remember All Kids need Boundaries Positive Discipline

60 Everyone has a … NANNY AT HOME The Fridge... The best place for Rules & Deals Session at School…Yrs 9 & 10 students No ONE could tell me the Rules at HOME

61 The Good The Bad And... The Ugly

62 TIPS FROM … Bindi Irwin  My Daddy was my hero  He was Always there for me …When I needed him  He Listened to me  Taught me so many things  But most of All…he was Fun  Ring Home…just to tell your kids … how much you LOVE THEM & ask what’s fun for YOU YES… Steve was a very Busy & Successful man but Never too busy to be a Good DAD & PARTNER YES… Steve was a very Busy & Successful man but Never too busy to be a Good DAD & PARTNER


64 Across Vic & Queensland


66 Men’s Health Concerns Their Perspective What the Bloke’s say...

67 Executive Summary Based on Responses from CAMH Men’s Health Nights conducted between 2000 – 2007 Approximately 6,500 men have attended these nights Response rate to SURVEY... 68% Report prepared by: Joanne Neill/Bernard Denner Centre for Advancement of Men’s Health Affiliate Men’s Awareness Network PO Box CP1403 MILDURA VIC 3501 Phone: 0419 566 750 Email:

68 Attendees AGE Status 2.6 % 20-29 age 10% 30-39 age 21% 40-49 age 33% 50-59 age 31.7% 60+ age

69 Marital Status…79% Married

70 Top 10 Men’s Health Issues

71 Bright & District Men…Issues like to address General Health / Wellbeing Heart Disease / Diabetes Prostate Cancer Depression / Suicide Relationships/Family Issues Addictions…Alcohol / Drugs

72 Typical Men’s Health Night Response After tonight …’Will You’ reduce weight / exercise attend future sessions – Men’s Health eat less fat / cook better work on Relationships/Family relax more come to Health Screening change unhealthy habits see a Doctor reduce smoking reduce alcohol / drinking talk to someone if depressed visit Health Service

73 For Blokes For Blokes

74 Tell a Bloke the Problem Most Blokes want to Fix Problems Men’s health is about …Knowing the problem Value of Exercise

75 YOU DON’T have to be SICK to SEE a GP or Nurse It’s easy as a Phone call Speak Up & BE HONEST… ASK QUESTIONS MEDICARE HEALTH CHECK


77 The Message - Think about Your Health How to Balance Work & Family Your Health Think about…. Your Health How to Balance Work & Family Talk to your family Love your partner/kids Be Good to Yourself Survey… Helps us to help men and family better.

78 Do It for you and him… 1.“How are We?” 2.Health Checks? Avail at Bright Medical Centre ….Phone call away (Full Blood Lipids/Blood Pressure) Good response…20 attended today 3.Happier & Healthier Men MAKE Better Partners & Fathers


80 The Message - Think about Supporting YOUR Partner…to be Healthier/Happier ALSO Looking After YOUR Health & Wellbeing


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