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1 The Role of an IMC Dr Barbara Schiff Injury Management Consultant.

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1 1 The Role of an IMC Dr Barbara Schiff Injury Management Consultant

2 2 Defining IMC The IMC is a registered medical practitioner Backgrounds –Rehabilitation medicine –Occupational medicine –General practice –Other

3 3 The IMC Assists with the rehabilitation process when differences arise Assists with the return to work process when differences arise Focus is on Rehabilitation, Occupational medicine, capacity to work and return to work within medical abilities

4 4 Liaise with the Nominated Treating Doctor

5 5 Employer The IMC may liaise with the employer to –Confirm appropriateness of duties. –Discuss modifications / adaptations

6 6 The IMC can play an important role in: IMPLEMENTING MEDIATING CO-ORDINATING Rehabilitation Recommendations / Work capacity assessments / IME findings / etc.

7 7 An IMC can assist with RTW plans that are medically appropriate Return to work time frames Mediating with difficult doctors Reinforcing rehabilitation plans Overcome barriers such as NTD being non compliant to recommendations Mediating and facilitating progress Appropriate suitable duties from employer

8 Timing of referral to an IMC 6 weekly guidelines 12 weeks ( red flags) Multiple injuries Stagnant RTW plans Prolonged unfit medical certificates Termination from employment 12 monthly reviews 8

9 9 The IMC does not Assess Permanent impairment Resolve medical disputes or disputes about permanent impairment Treat the claimant Refer the claimant to other doctors Write medical certificates

10 10 When to refer to an IMC ? IMC Consultations IMC File Reviews Pre-Employment Medicals Work Capacity Medicals

11 11 How to refer to an IMC ? Identify the Barriers Reason for the referral Claims history/ background

12 12 Info to give to IMC All Medical reports –Most current physiotherapy/ Osteopathy or other paramedical reports –Most current Rehabilitation Provider report –Functional capacity evaluations –Workplace assessments –Vocational assessments All Radiology Latest work Cover Medical certificate Any info you feel relevant (frustrations,barriers)

13 13 IMC IMC Dr Barbara Schiff Contact: 0412 615 668 Contact Page Link..

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