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www. mckeon. Getting the Most out of Life Mark McKeon.

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2 www. mckeon. Getting the Most out of Life Mark McKeon

3 Never underestimate the impact you are having over other people.

4 EXAMPLE _ Directing_ Influencing_ Steady_ Cautious _ Self certain_ Optimistic_ Deliberate_ Restrained _ Adventurous_ Enthusiastic_ Predictable_ Logical _ Decisive_ Open_ Patient_ Analytical _ Daring_ Impulsive_ Stabilising_ Precise _ Restless_ Emotional_ Protective_ Doubting _ Competitive_ Persuading_ Accommodating_ Curious _ Assertive_ Talkative_ Modest_ Tactful _ Experimenting_ Charming_ Easy going_ Consistent _ Forceful_ Sensitive_ Sincere_ Perfectionist _ Total In the space provided below, please select the behaviours, which most accurately describe how you perceive yourself. Working across the page from left to right, number each 4,3,2 or 1 according to which word describes you the most (4) through to which word describes you the least (1). 3 42 1 432 1

5 www. mckeon.

6 Behavioural Types DISC Dominant Interactive Steady Cautious Director Socialiser Relater Thinker

7 www. mckeon. Dominant Director ‘Lead, follow, or out the way’ Seek power and control Logical thinkers Task and results oriented Like to be noticed Conflict tendencies Show them how to win Use reasoned arguments Set a target and duck Compliment if appropriate Factual arguments. Don’t bluff

8 www. mckeon. Interacting Socialiser.. Hey look at me! Seek approval Enthusiastic Interact and participate May be disorganised Like change Show them that you like them Display optimism Support if possible Personal assistance Vary their routine

9 www. mckeon. Steady Relater ‘Appreciate Me and Respect Me’ Seek stability Logical thinkers Seek facts and proof Like personal involvement Demonstrate low risk Use reasoned arguments Provide data Keep informed

10 www. mckeon. Cautious Thinker ‘Failure is not an option’ Seek facts + sequences Logical thinkers Prefer to work alone Dislike change Show them in writing Use reasoned arguments Allow them to check Provide stability

11 www. mckeon. DISCDISC Challenge Results Control Driven Competitive Needs self awareness! Influence Relationship Sensitivity Friendly Verbal Talk to self in mirror! Structure Planning Procedure Deliberate Organised Hard to take initiative! Standards Rules Cautious Careful Perfectionist Go away and check it!

12 www. mckeon. DISCDISC Too Much Too Fast Too Soon I want control! Anything and Everything. What’s Next? Everything for Everybody. I’m happy the way things are. Paralysis by Analysis It’s too risky to change.

13 Survivor Won’t rock the boat but will resist change. Looking good, going nowhere. Must engage and motivate. Believer Lives and breeds values. Must use as change agents. can I help Prisoner At best a non contributor, at worst a saboteur. Make the company pay! Culture must be strong enough to endure or purge. Critic Vocal, demanding and hard to deal with but are critical to transformation management. Owed a living. ‘They should do this, they should do that’ Negative Positive OpenClosed

14 www. mckeon. How Teams Function My Way Solo efforts. No interruptions. No team pretence Individual accountability No empathy, cohesion, camaraderie or group pride.

15 www. mckeon. How Teams Function No Way Lipservice to team output. Group interruption to individual effort. No group culture. No group system. Ineffective negotiations. Chaos reigns.

16 www. mckeon. How Teams Function Our Way Genuine culture supporting group effort. Greater output than My Way or No Way. Positive workplace. Open debate. Some inefficiencies.

17 www. mckeon. How Teams Function The Way Open positive and supporting culture. Clearly defined system, logistics and boundaries. Good, clear communication. Effective and efficient negotiations.

18 www. mckeon. Which Way is Your Team Going? My Way Solo efforts. No interruptions. No team pretence No Way No group culture. No group system. Chaos reigns. Our Way Positive workplace. Open culture and debate. Some inefficiencies. The Way Open positive culture. Clearly defined system. logistics and boundaries. Clear communication.

19 www. mckeon. Clearly Defined Goals Everyone knows and supports exactly what we are here for.

20 www. mckeon. Communication Everyone knows exactly what they need to know to do their job

21 www. mckeon. Walking the Talk Everyone takes individual responsibility to actually do what they are supposed to do.

22 The GE Way Live the Values Make the Numbers Live the Values Don’t Make the Numbers Don’t Live the Values Make the Numbers Don’t live the Values Don’t make the Numbers

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