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REGISTRAR By Denise Harvey, Catherine Carroll & Judy Robson

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1 REGISTRAR By Denise Harvey, Catherine Carroll & Judy Robson
Brisbane Second Division Rugby League (BSDRL) Greater Brisbane Juniors (Stingers) We are sharing our experiences from the leagues we are involved in and know that each club will have their own “position description” but hopefully we are all on a similar path

2 Knowledge & Skills required
Communicate effectively Well organised and delegate tasks Have a good working knowledge of your Club’s Rules and Regulations (and local leagues) Computer experience You will be contacted lots in the first few weeks from players, team officials wanting to know if/where/why a player can or cannot play Computer experience – access, internet access to NRL National Database and websites Knowledge & Skills required

3 From the beginning Play an active role with your committee in planning and managing sign-on days prior to the commencement of the season Plan club registration dates well before the start of the season Coordinate club registration dates and times with local league officials, schools and local paper Be organised – ensure your volunteers all know their roles and if you’re ever unsure ASK don’t GUESS Get your local league to help spread the word on your sign on and be involved

4 The role of the Club Registrar is to supervise and be responsible for the proper registration of all players within the club. This involves all elements of the registration process, including the conduct of sign-up days and the proper recording of individual details Obtain all relevant details of players wishing to play for the Club – including identification records & photos Clearances – international/interstate can take anywhere from 24 hours up to 6+ weeks As so many secretaries play the role of registrar, know that what I needed was to keep on top of transfers & numbers. We made a spreadsheet up with everyone's names then put them in different colours so we knew who couldn't play & who we had to chase up. It was also a good way of keeping an eye on team numbers. We knew if we needed to recruit for year levels that way. The spreadsheet also helped the treasurer out as they could make a note of registrations being paid & helped at the end of the year for team trophies. GBJRL - Identification record and photos to be uploaded to the players data card. Role & Responsibility

5 Role & Responsibility con’t
Assist players to complete ARL Clearance Certificate forms (International)as required and authorize the clearance on the Club’s behalf, Keep your Club committee & team management informed of the status of registrations and clearances (denied) Be aware of legal privacy regulations and ensure the requirements are implemented ARL Clearance Form for players U13 and up who played previously in England, Fiji, France, Cook Island. Identification record can uploaded to the players data card . Safe and secure way of communicating the record.

6 “the senior form” Identification record can uploaded to the players data card (if there are errors on the data base) Safe and secure way of communicating the record.

7 “the junior form” NRL New Player Registration Form

8 Understanding “the form”
The form is a legal binding “agreement” between the player and the club they have chosen to register with Always ensure each section is completed correctly and the player/parent/guardian understand the “terms and conditions” Respect “PRIVACY” of everyone in your club – we wouldn’t want information falling into the wrong hands This is more so with children in custody disputes/under care of various Govt Dept – sometimes we don’t know this – in these cases contact your Local League Manager – don’t be afraid to ask for Identification.

9 Teams Once you have lodged the form with your local league – you will begin to become inundated with s You can check your database for player “status” You can then give player names and registration numbers to team managers The s will be for players transferring, you will need to approve / deny these (if denying you must state a reason, if it is for defaulter un-financial you must include the dollar value) It is a good idea to keep an eye on the database for changes in player statuses and keep the latest copy nearby – you never know when the team manager or someone may need information for a player Clearances (International 13yrs & over) are required to fill in ARL Clearance Certificate which needs to be lodged with your player rego form NO PLAYER CAN PLAY until their name shows in your club player list

10 Teams Maintain an up to date register of all players
Again Respect “PRIVACY” of everyone in your club and their personal information At Season End - collect player information from team managers, store securely or destroy securely Documents with personal information recorded should be shredded.

11 Questions Now that we are all experts in the role of “Registrar” any final questions or sharing of experiences / lessons learnt from those doing the role

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