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ENERGY SYSTEMS Short Recap (pg 207 – 212). Energy Systems Two TypesAnaerobicAerobic.

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1 ENERGY SYSTEMS Short Recap (pg 207 – 212)

2 Energy Systems Two TypesAnaerobicAerobic

3 Anaerobic Creatine Phosphate System (ATP – PC; CP) Very High Intensity (95% - 100% Max HR) Short Duration (0- 10 seconds) Anaerobic Glycolysis (Lactic Acid) Relative Intensity (80% - 95% Max HR) Longer intense periods (30 secs – 2 minutes)

4 AerobicCardiorespiratory Low / Sub – maximal intensity (60% - 85% Max HR) Long / prolonged periods (over 2 minutes) Role is rapid restoration / rapid recovery of CP stores during Periods of rest Light activity between sprints

5 FITNESS COMPONENTS Short Recap (pg 229)

6 Components of Fitness – Good Health ComponentsDefinitionHow to test CardiovascularGetting air to the working muscles Beep Test Muscular EnduranceUsing muscles over and over again without becoming tired Push ups / sit ups Muscular StrengthPush or pull a weight Grip Test FlexibilityRange of movementSit and Reach Test

7 Components of Fitness – Sport ComponentsDefinitionHow to Test SpeedCover a distance or react quickly 50m Sprint PowerCombines strength and speed when strength is needed quickly Standing Broad Jump BalanceKeep your body from falling over Stork Test AgilityChange direction quicklyIllinois Agility Test CoordinationSmooth, controlled movements at the right time Catch and Throw Test


9 Most sports require a solid aerobic base on which to be able to function efficiently. Touch is no exception (example on page 212), however this system is not the main energy system required by touch players…………….

10 Predominant system used (80%) Creatine phosphate anaerobic energy system such as Sprints These systems relate to ALL touch players (pg216) Used in a supportive role (8%) Lactic acid anaerobic energy system such as repeated sprints

11 All touch players need to be able to do these. What are the fitness components that relate to each of these? Sprint Ball skills Change direction quickly Accelerate


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